weekly astrology forecast | may 22nd to may 28th, 2023 - big moves, power plays, painful moments, reality checks, karmic pivot points, last week's battle of the gods continues ...

This week, we have the Grand Fixed Cross we talked about last week continuing to be in play as Mars squares Jupiter and the Nodes of Fate. 

From an evolutionary astrology perspective, squares to the Nodes are 'skipped steps' that require resolution. 

The South Node - Scorpio - is where we are RELEASING. The North Node - Taurus - is where we are GAINING. Pluto in Aquarius, ruler of that South Node right now, is squaring the Nodes. This is kind of doubling down on the South Node - what we are releasing. Plutonian obsessions. Manipulations, Control. Power struggles. Death. Debt. Inheritances owed. Complicated third party situations. The stuff we are clinging to that is beyond its expiration date. The old stuff that is comfortable because it is familiar, but now it is keeping us stuck. Pluto is a slow moving outer planet and this is a slow collective transformation. 

Then Mars came into Leo, like a stick of dynamite. 

Mars is a personal planet, brings this energy into our hearts and livingrooms. Mars in Leo's square isn't resolved through what we are releasing. Mars in Leo's resolution (skipped step activation) has to do with the North Node in Taurus. The fertile soil. The patience. The sowing. The 'knowing our real value/worth'. The resources we own. The money we make. Our values. The simplicity that is uncomfortable, not because it isn't good for us, but because it isn't familiar. 

The Mars square pushes us to CHOOSE. 

For example if you are an AQUARIUS RISING, the South Node is in your 10th house of public life and career and reputation and Taurus/North Node/Jupiter is in your 4th house of home and family. Your longer-term transit - the North and South Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio - is about the polarity between home and family. This gets activated now, probably by another person/what another person does - that Leo in the 7th house of other people, coming in like a stick of dynamite. You will face a situation where you are choosing between the 'dissolving/transforming' career and your home/family and you want to be leaning into the home/family.

Another example would be LEO RISING. Your longer-term transit - the North and South Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio - is about the polarity between home and family, too, but is pretty much the opposite of the Aqua rising folks. Now we have the South Node (Scorpio) in the 4th house 'dissolving/transforming' home and family - this is deep stuff about your roots and what you need to feel safe and the Taurus new/abundant (but uncomfortable because it needs to be more simple/less chaotic) 10th house of public life and career. Mars comes into Leo - into you! - and fires you up. Maybe a new career opportunity comes up or something that is going to make you 'stand out'. You want to be leaning into THIS, and you want to be releasing/transforming the Scorpio stuff at your roots - familial ideas about power and resources and ownership - in order for that public fresh start/new career/new ambition to really thrive and grow. 

Let's dive into the week! Just keep in mind, none of these aspects are actually happening in isolation the way I am listing them here. They are all impacting each other. 

MONDAY - Sun sextile Mars

TUESDAY - Mars square Jupiter

WEDNESDAY - Venus square Chiron

FRIDAY - Venus sextile Uranus, Mars square North Node/South Node

SATURDAY - First Quarter Moon (6 Virgo)

SUNDAY - Sun square Saturn

MONDAY - the Sun in Gemini having just trined Pluto now perfects an opportunistic sextile with Mars in Leo. This speeds things up. We are doing multiple things or even some things twice. This is about commerce, communication, information. The Sun in Gemini is bringing the air, helping to lighten things up. Keep conversations light. Add some humor. We are taking action, maybe even having some fun.

TUESDAY - Mars in Leo perfects his square to Jupiter in Taurus. This is big/optimistic action. If we are going to take something too far this week, this aspect will be why! Indulgences that are TOO BIG might be regretted when Mars squares the Nodes later in the week. BUT, BIG is good/the stretch is good/having faith is good, just exercise some practicality and caution. We will all be wanting MORE with this one. Follow your heart. Time to SHINE.

WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY - Venus squares Chiron and then sextiles Uranus. An old wound is activated. We are triggered. Sensitive. Hurt. Don't feel safe. The way through this one will be that sextile to future-focused hive-mind Uranus, but we will have to feel this wounding first. There is an opportunity here to respond in a new way. Not take things too personally. Give yourself a break. Do something new. Since the square perfects a couple days before the sextile - the gift of the painful hurt will be greater freedom/liberation or maybe this is about a new attraction. What have we learned?

FRIDAY - Mars squares the Nodes of Fate. With his square to Jupiter still in play and his opposition to Pluto from last week unwinding, but still influential, Mars moves into a fated square with the North and South Nodes. A fated and challenging crossroad as we move away from the Scorpio obsessions, power plays, debts, third party situations, complicated drama, dependencies, your Scorpio house theme and move toward those slower growing but long-term more fruitful, practical, solid, self-sufficient, Taurus house themes. This brings tension/frustration and requires ACTION. 

SATURDAY - the Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Gemini giving us our First Quarter Moon. This is a point of tension/frustration after last's week New Moon in Taurus and speaks of the half-way point before next week's Full Moon in Sagittarius. Both planets are answering to Mercury in Taurus. Virgo/Gemini squares bring anxiety. The Sun in Gemini wants to do all these things and the Moon in Virgo comes in like "let's fix this thing first. let's focus". We want to be paying attention now, because this problem needs to be addressed. The numbers don't add up. The facts are wrong. Something isn't working. Whatever this is, this is mutable energy and can be changed, so CHANGE IT. 

SUNDAY - the Sun squares Saturn bringing us a stressful REALITY CHECK. This is echoing yesterday's Moon. This is Gemini/Pisces, so maybe information/facts/a conversation BUSTS OUR BUBBLE. Or maybe all this running here and there/multitasking comes to NOTHING/dissolves. Or we run up against authority. Or communication/information is blocked. Sun/Saturn is always a wake up call as our responsibilities need to be faced. With Saturn in Pisces, the past (what is behind us) is pulled into the present and the Sun comes in and shines a light on it. Big girl/boy pants on. 

I hope something here is helpful. 

The Moon in Cancer looks good for Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week, the Moon is a mixed bag with challenging closing aspects, so take care of yourself. Eat well. Breathe. There is lots of potential this week as last week's powerful and positive New Moon in Taurus energies continue to unfold. 

It's definitely a time of action as challenging events push us to make needed changes. Here we go.

xo all

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