weekly astrology forecast | may 15th - 21st, 2023 - fixed grand square pressure, danger will robinson energy, power struggles, karmic entanglements, explosions, plus a new moon in taurus, our luck is changing folks!

This is a very powerful week and we will all be feeling the pressure of a Fixed Grand Cross that will be in play for most of it. 

With Pluto involved, crisis situations can feel very INTENSE and non-crisis situations can feel like a crisis. Keep this in mind. 

Once the Sun gets into Gemini at the very end of the week and into next week and starts trining Pluto - the conversation changes, new ideas and information comes in and the situation shifts/lightens. 

Until then, we are IN IT. It's not a bad idea to let some things sit, Pluto "don't play" and head-to-head confrontations are unlikely to go our way. 

It is possible for some very intense situations to be happening in the collective this week and into next week involving either Aqua or Pluto themes - finances, death, secrets, tech, artificial intelligence, groups, etc. 

Take care of yourself. No dark alleys. No unnecessary disagreements/entanglements. Avoid "over" doings and unwise risks. Imagine a "caution" sign flashing at you this week. Keep in mind, Pluto is retrograde, so whatever is creating the tension/frustration/oppositions now is not something we couldn't have seen coming. It's new, yes, maybe, because Pluto is in Aquarius, but it's also old, too, because we've been here before. It is also something we are unlikely to be able to totally avoid dealing with, but we can avoid adding fuel to the fire. Hands off those gas cans folks. Take the high road. 

The good news, Mercury is direct now and covering these early Taurus degrees for the third time. We are older/wiser and should have a better idea of what we are doing by now. 

Let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Mars trine Neptune


WEDNESDAY - Jupiter squares Pluto

THURSDAY - Sun sextiles Neptune

FRIDAY - New Moon in Taurus - 28 degrees, Mercury sextiles Saturn

SATURDAY - Mars enters Leo, Mars opposes Pluto

SUNDAY - Sun enters Gemini, Sun trines Pluto

On MONDAY - Mars, nearing the end of his days in Cancer (YAY!) trines Neptune in Pisces. This brings us back to last week's Grand Water Trine. We are going with the flow of things. Our intuition is helpful/on-target. Lots of old family baggage is being released with these water trines. Compassion. Forgiveness. This is good energy to take a break if you are tired. The Moon will be in Aries, making everyone want to do things on their own. Luna's aspects in Aries are a mixed bag, so keep a cool head. 

On TUESDAY - Jupiter enters Taurus for the first time in 12 years, bringing his special brand of luck and optimism to our Taurus spaces. YES, OUR LUCK IS CHANGING. We will talk about this in its own post by sign. Jupiter will be in Taurus until May 2024 expanding our collective resources, values and self-esteem. Here is where those seeds going into the ground (I hope you took some new action during the double Aries New Moons we had over the last few weeks, and really, over the last year with Jupiter in Aries) - and this will be especially true during the two weeks that follows Friday's New Moon - take root and GROW. Jupiter in Taurus is about EXPANDING WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE. What makes the most sense/cents. What we really value grows. Jupiter's move into Taurus is VERY good news - we will probably have to give his square to Pluto some time to unwind to really start to feel this one, although, for some people with Pluto powering this up, we will feel this right out of the gate in big and bodacious ways. 

On WEDNESDAY - Jupiter's move into Taurus has put him - as us - on a collision course with Pluto in Aquarius. And the Moon is in Taurus now. She meets up with Jupiter and squares Pluto, too. Big financial situations - good and challenging. Things that feel like 'life and death' - good and challenging. Opportunities to step into our power. Opportunities to overdo it. Avoid power plays. Avoid taking things, even good things - too far right now. We don't have to rush. If something feels like an exaggerated/obsessive "must" right now - maybe take a breath. If we can, let's wait a bit for that New Moon at the end of the week and for the Sun to get into Gemini and bring more options/information. 

On THURSDAY - the Sun, nearing the end of Taurus, sextiles Neptune in Pisces. This is the energy of the dream and reality working together. Our dreams have legs. I am unsure how strongly we will feel this unless our personal planets are involved, due to all the big energies this week, but the sextile is here if we need it. W will need to take some action with this. Pray. Make art. Listen to music. Take the high road. 

On FRIDAY - the Moon meets the Sun at 28 degrees Taurus - this is the second New Moon in a row at the end of the sign. So, we get all the way to the end of Taurus before we get to START Taurus - and this is good news for us because now we have Jupiter here for this start - just as we had Jupiter in Aries for the last two New Moons in Aries. Three New Moons in a row with expansive Jupiter - what magic is this! What we are starting WILL grow, so let's make sure the right seeds are going into the ground. Let's not grow a garden full of brussel sprouts unless you really, really want to smell like the Great Depression. This Moon has its challenges, too and we will talk about this in its own post.

On SATURDAY - Mars finally leaves Cancer for the fiery energy of Leo, and opposes Pluto. Our energy/confidence/ambition can increase. Like Jupiter, before him, and this could all be part of the same thing for us - he runs right into Pluto in Aquarius. This time through an opposition. Our actions are opposed. Our ego is opposed. Maybe we aren't feeling appreciated. Our fire is met with detachment and it doesn't feel good. This is explosive energy. We can feel pretty stuck because we have Jupiter in the mix, too, through a square, and the Nodes at the early degrees of Scorpio and Taurus. This whole thing is forming a Grand Fixed Cross - a T-Square with the empty leg filled in. This is fixed energy, so no one wants to budge. If you must proceed and can proceed, proceed with caution. Mars cannot beat Pluto and we don't want to get ourselves into a battle we cannot win. On the other hand, this can be a powerful release and cannot be stopped/blocked. Mars in Leo brings the fire, which, yes, might burn bridges we could regret later, but, on the other hand, some bridges - this idea we can backtrack when we can't - need to go. 

Again, take a breath, this will start to unwind as Mars and Jupiter move on from Pluto after a week or so. And even tomorrow we get some help as the Sun gets into Gemini and starts trining Pluto (brakes off) - bringing fresh air/information/conversation/choices. The Sun will be answering to a direct Mercury and sextiling Mars - Mars in Leo is answering to the Sun, too.

With Mars' stress, exercise is helpful. Move your body. W don't want to stuff our emotions and we don't want to spew them all over other people either. Be creative. Go for a hike. Make something. Play. 

Next week Mars is going to square Jupiter exactly, so this energized FIRE is going to stick around for a bit. Mars in Leo, is uber excellent energy to be creative, to work with our heart, to NOT hide our light under a bushel (is that right? sounds wrong?). Just realize the oppositions and squares of the Fixed Grand Cross at the start of Mars journey through Leo might require us to change course/rethink things/sit with ourselves and our feelings. On a mundane level, take care of the health of your actual heart ... 

On SUNDAY - the Sun enters Gemini and trines Pluto. The conversation changes. It won't be all sunshine and unicorns because in Gemini, we know the Sun will square, first Saturn, and then Neptune, but at least the Fixed Grand Cardinal Cross "stuck at the crossroad energy" will get some help. The Sun in mutable air can lighten things. His trine to powerful Pluto tells us conversations, ideas, information will be IMPORTANT. Pay attention. 

We are here because we have agreed to be here to evolve and grow through these challenging energies and accelerated change. This week's aspects are forming incredibly powerful portals/opportunities. Take care of yourself. Be kind to other people. We are truly all in this together. All of us charged with taking care of our tiny little piece of the whole. Stay strong. Stay present. Breathe. 

Back with the Jupiter into Taurus post next!

xo all

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