the meaning of the astrology of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio | may 5th, 2023 - fated conclusions, delusional devotions end, money and resources on everyone's mind, changing opportunities ahead, stay flexible

On May 5th, 2023, at 1:34PM EST the Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Scorpio. Happening this close to the Moon's nodes makes this one a Lunar Eclipse. 

Full Moons bring things to light/to a culmination, but with Lunar Eclipse Full Moons some things remain hidden. With Scorpio, maybe - affairs stay under wraps/the covers, financial shenanigans get missed, secrets are taken to THE GRAVE.

The Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus. The Sun is sandwiched between Vesta/Mercury and Uranus. The Moon and Sun square Black Moon Lilith in Leo, forming an uncomfortable T-Square. Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio has just stationed retrograde in Aquarius. Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, at 21 degrees Cancer, is opposing 2020's "time runs out". The Sun is conjunct asteroids Albion and Diana. The Moon is conjunct asteroid Poseidon. Venus sextiles Jupiter. 

Let's unpack this one!

The Full Moon and Sun are forming a T-Square with Black Moon Lilith in Leo. The aspect is separating, but still very close. There is/was some kind of tension/frustration here between Full Moon events and BML in Leo's need for attention/appreciation. Black Moon Lilith is a kind of uncomfortable/un-comforting anti-Moon, the space in the Moon's orbit where she is furthest away from the Earth. I see her, among other things because she is certainly complicated, as connecting to a 'womb wound' we carry that leads to feeling shamed for wanting something we were perfectly entitled to be wanting. In Leo, she speaks of our connection to "royalty/the king", to the center stage that sits vacant if we run from our gifts/our heart/the limelight and hide out in the audience. BML in Leo speaks of our need to feel loved and special. 

Self-acceptance is always the key to healing our Black Moon Lilith wound. There is a CLARITY that comes when our Black Moon Lilith shame is confronted and allowed to be accepted/seen for what it is. Once we understand the shame as the seed of the wound/the anger, maybe we can begin to clear lifetimes of residual debris from our soul's path. In Leo, the wound is about being shamed for wanting attention/for wanting to feel special. It is a gift to us to have her here at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, but it won't be easy to work with her. When we step out/up/into the spotlight things may not go as we are expecting/wanting. The attention/appreciation may not be there in ways we are hoping for. An ego hit is possible here. 

This is kind of being echoed by the Sun playing the bologna in an uncomfortable Uranus/Mercury/Vesta sandwich. Maybe something we have devoted alot of resources to - time, money, energy - that has been keeping us up at night/that we have been devoted to (Vesta in Taurus), has somehow not been worth it. It's making me think of an episode of some old reality show where the host goes into a faltering business to "fix" it and tells the owners they have actually not been making any money for years/working for free for years. There might be something now the Eclipse forces us to SEE that we won't want to see. Uranus, the back end of the sandwich, and the Sun is applying to the Uranus conjunction (exact on the 9th, so the surprise that comes to light may or may not have already happened at the time of the Eclipse) and the Moon to the Uranus opposition says this is disruptive, but also somehow LIBERATING. And the Black Moon Lilith square is likely to BRING THE DRAMA. 

Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio has stationed retrograde in Aquarius just a few days ago, making him very still and very strong here. Pluto's retrograde postpones the Aquarian death/transformation, so it is notable and important he is moving backward now. We are drilling deep into our Aquarian detachment, genius, revolutionary ideas, tech/group-obsession, Aqua house theme. 

Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, is in Cancer. Normally an uncomfortable place for Mars, but with the Moon in Scorpio here - the Moon and Mars are in each other's signs/mutual reception. Mars can reach Scorpio - where he wants to be - by going through the Moon, ie our emotions, home, family. The Moon can reach Cancer - where she wants to be - by going through Mars, ie taking action, dealing with anger, being brave, being new. Mars is opposing the still-hot Saturn/Pluto Cappy "time runs out" degrees from January 2020, so something now is connecting with that, and, it's worth noting that Mars is going to oppose Pluto again on May 20th (while the Sun trines Pluto). With Scorpio's ancient and modern rulers opposing each other on that date, there could be Eclipse events coming to a head/conclusion then. 

It is interesting as this Eclipse (and its preceding almost two year cycle) speaks strongly of the death of Queen Elizabeth and the coronation of King Charles III in England - that the two asteroids most tightly conjunct the Sun now are Albion and Diana.

Albion is an ancient Greek name for the Island of Britain (maybe even the first name of Britain). In myth, Albion was a son of Poseidon - who is tightly conjunct the Moon now - father and son opposing each other. In some tellings he was identified as 'Aquarius' - son of Poseidon and the Goddess Brittania - which would have made him a full God, so even more powerful. He was on the Aries point at discovery in 1992, so obviously important, but not so obviously to me at least, for what. 

And, of course asteroid Diana, named for Diana, Goddess of the hunt, speaks of Princess Diana. I don't know how accurate the "Balmoral test" of Diana by Prince Phillip as shown in the tv series the Crown was - the stalking of the wounded stag - but I always think of it as part of her Goddess Diana connection (there are many) - and whether true or not, she certainly did "bag a stag" that weekend. 

Princess Diana was born with asteroid Diana at 15 degrees Scorpio - EXACTLY conjunct this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It is sad for me to think she would have been crowned Queen now. The Roman Goddess Diana was also a Moon Goddess and the Goddess of childbirth, and, of course, Diana is the mother of the new king's children and heirs to the throne. 

Something important and incredibly helpful/hopeful this Moon has going for it is Venus's EXACT sextile to Jupiter. Venus is ruling all the Taurus planets - the Sun, Mercury, Vesta, Uranus, the North Node - so very important here and is in an opportunistic aspect with beneficial Jupiter. AND, Venus in Gemini is in her own mutual reception. This one with that retrograde Mercury in Taurus. 

The sextile to Jupiter pulls in options/multiple ways to grow/expand/get lucky. 

This is part of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio story, too. The Venus/Jupiter at the same time of the Scorpio Full Moon's "fated ending/culmination" assures us there are greener pastures and good stuff ahead of us. Stay flexible. 

The Venus/Jupiter might also be providing some cover for the BML T-Square. So on the one hand we have this uncomfortable 'shame' thing going on over here, seeing what is real vs what we want to be real, maybe getting real about a devotion/obsession, AND on the other hand we have this good thing going on over there. Which, with Mercury in Taurus, is where our attention will naturally want to go.

Because this is a South Node Eclipse it is about separating ourselves from the comfortable spaces - comfortable because we are used to them - we have OUTGROWN. The square to Black Moon Lilith speaks of an ego death, maybe some kind of public "shame". This ego death/shame is designed to LIBERATE us, again, from what we have outgrown or maybe what we have been doing/being that is not in alignment with the greener pastures Venus/Jupiter is offering. 

Let's be gentle with each other now. In another couple weeks Jupiter will be in Taurus, having done his job in Aries and urging us to GROW WHAT WE HAVE or what we have STARTED. He will be in an obsessive square to Pluto for the rest of the month, so this should be interesting ...

For now, what has been brought uncomfortably to our attention and where do we go from here with this?

There is a wake-up call here that we will not want to avoid heeding. The Sun is now where Mercury stationed retrograde and where Jupiter will station retrograde in September. We are getting multiple shots at something. People with planets/points near 14-15 degrees Taurus (natal or progressed) and the other fixed signs will likely be feeling this energy strongest. This is also the degree the Sun met Uranus exactly a year ago today.

Next week the Sun will meet up with Uranus again, this might be when Full Moon events are really catalyzed - this is a light on a break-up, breakdown, breakthrough designed to break material ties/chains and liberate us from stuck spaces. These aren't changes we can resist, so possessiveness is not an option. With Venus, remember Uranus is answering to her, sextiling the North Node next week, and Mercury, remember Venus is answering to him/her, sextiling Saturn AND Venus - there are DEFINITELY opportunities, maybe even multiple, coming from any chaos/disruption/hits to our ego. 

Keep moving forward. 

The busted bubbles of the Venus/Neptune and this Eclipse are creating opportunities. The North Node is still in Taurus - what makes the most sense/cents? - and Venus, her ruler is in Gemini sextiling Jupiter in Aries - stay flexible, be brave, multiple options are out there!! 

Have faith. 

xo all

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