weekly astrology forecast | May 29th to June 4th, 2023 - fated week ahead, big moves and financial situations, unexpected news, forgiving our families and reaping the bounty from the good that is behind us

THURSDAY - Jupiter conjunct North Node (opposes South Node)

FRIDAY - Venus trine Neptune

SATURDAY - Full Moon in Sagittarius 

SUNDAY - Mercury conjunct Uranus

With the holiday here, I was just going to write a post on the Jupiter/North Node conjunction and the Full Moon in Sagittarius this week, but thought I should get this up, because I know you would all be thinking WHERE'S THE WEEKLY?! :)

We begin the week dealing with the unwinding of the Sun/Saturn square REALITY CHECK. What chickens have come home to roost? With the Full Moon in bigger-is-better Sagittarius at the end of the week squaring (a bit widely) this same serious (although not quite sober) Saturn in Pisces, there is some energy around TEMPERING OUR EXPECTIONS now. 

Also, great benefit to come from SOME risk-taking. 

Life is tricky. Luckily we are, too.

On THURSDAY, Jupiter catches up with the North Node at 3 degrees Taurus - this is in play all week. 

This is about MORE money, resources, the opportunity to expand in a positive/simpler/more fruitful direction. 

Keep in mind, Jupiter is opposing the South Node in Scorpio - what is ripe for release. So the caveat here will be that something that is complicated/intense/compulsive/DEAD needs to be buried for us to get to those greener pastures. We have been talking about this for a long time. NOW is where leaning into something more stable/solid/simple can start to pay off and make us LUCKY. Also keep in mind, this is a conjunction, so starts a NEW cycle between Jupiter - expansion, optimism, hope, faith - and the North Node - our best future. This isn't a one day/week thing. This is good news and how good it is will depend on how well we have been able to put those old needs/obsessions/third party situations/entanglements/debts/limiting habits and drama-mama intensity TO BED. Nodal activations are fated. Whatever we have going on this week, well, it MATTERS in bigger ways than might be apparent right now. 

It has been nearly 100 years since Jupiter met the North Node in the sign of our money, possessions, resources, the planet Earth, our values and self-esteem. BE VERY CONSCIOUS of what you are deciding/doing/giving your precious time and attention to now. You are deciding for yourself, your children, your future self and all of us. 

The next day, on FRIDAY, Venus, at 27 degrees Cancer, trines Neptune. Forgiving your ancestors/mother/family. Benefiting by our past good actions and the actions of our ancestors. Benefiting by what is behind us. This ties in with the Jupiter/Nodes and is a calming, gentle influence - the brakes are off. Trust your intuition/instincts. Lean into compassion. Pray. Let go and let God. 

On SATURDAY, the Sagittarius Moon opposes the Gemini Sun at 13 degrees. The Moon is answering to that same Jupiter that is hanging out with the North Node. The Moon is in an exact trine with Pallas in Leo and conjunct the Great Attractor. Sounds big, because it is. We will unpack this in its own post!

On SUNDAY, Mercury catches up with Uranus at 20 degrees Taurus - this is unexpected information, news, conversations that can be chaotic, but ultimately LIBERATING. Expect the unexpected. Give yourself some extra time and wiggle room this week as this aspect applies and perfects. Our thinking is keyed into hive-mind, so we can connect to our genius now as our thinking CHANGES. Lightbulb moments. We could be talking/thinking about something that caught our attention when the Sun met up with Uranus back on May 9th. Happening in Taurus, this could be about us finding out the true value of something. Mercury has been back and forth through Taurus since the beginning of April preparing for this meeting with Uranus (the future). What have we been back and forth over - are we READY?

I hope something here is helpful. We will flesh all this out with the Jupiter/North Node and Full Moon posts next!

xo all

Long void Moon on Wednesday folks! Not the day to start something you need 'something to come of', Good for production/routine work and rest. 

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