Communicating What We Want | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 13th

I am headed into my 3rd week of jury duty (three days a week) - it is interesting and exhausting and has actually brought, what I now see as some needed structure to my days even though it is totally wearing me the hell out!

I am going to write about the transits this week a little differently. This may be more useful overall than a daily forecast anyway and it's definitely more fun for me to write!☺

First, on Saturday the 11th, Venus moved into Gemini where she will be hanging out until May 7th, so we will have this energy there for about four weeks.

What this means for our business and work is an increase in meetings and talks and agreements and paperwork. Since Venus rules our money house (the house of what we own and our attitudes about what we own - the valuable stuff money can buy and the valuable stuff it can't) and Gemini (ruled by Mercury) energy is fast moving so income energy will kick up a notch. Venus also rules women and Gemini rules our local activities, peeps, places - stuff with women kicks up, too - this will most likely be women we know locally, including sisters, and maybe not so much online peeps.

Mercury moves into Taurus on Tuesday. This will focus our ideas, thought processes and communications on tangible stuff and things we value. This is an excellent time to be thinking and talking about what we want. With Mercury in an earth sign it will also be about physically building something.

Decisions made over the next 2 weeks (Mercury is in Taurus until the end of the month) will be grounded in reality. 

We respect this energy by taking conversations and communications seriously. 

When we do this, we will be listened to and taken seriously also. 

It's a time to slow down and think things through. There is practicality here. Our dreams come true by putting one word in front of the other. It's good energy for serious paperwork and with taxes due this week that's probably a good thing for many people.

In a Tarot deck Mercury is the Magician card - an archetype many makers are familiar with even if they have never heard of him. The Magician is the alchemist - the great conjurer; the maker of something out of nothing - we channel this energy all the time. The shadow of the magician is manipulation, disorganization, depression, lack of focus and lack of motivation.

Now because Venus rules Taurus and Mercury rules Gemini and Venus is in Gemini and Mercury is in Taurus we say these planets are in "mutual reception". This is astrology speak for "more powerful" - it's like they are in their home signs - they can work together to make this stuff work out even better for us. The house Taurus is in for us (Taurus rising being house 1, Aries rising being house 2, Pisces being house 3, Aquarius being house 4, etc) will be the space our words can manifest solid and lasting results. I'll write more about this in the New Moon post later in the week!

Pluto stations to go retrograde on Thursday night. A stationing Pluto is a powerful Pluto.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. This year Pluto journeys forward to 15 degrees Capricorn, then turns retrograde and travels backwards to 12 degrees then turns direct and travels forward to 15 degrees Capricorn again. This means that if we have any planet 12 to 15 degrees Capricorn, we are having a Pluto transit to that planet this year. Pluto transits can be big deals. The space of Pluto in our chart always carries a self destructive undercurrent. There could be a creative rebirth or just a plain old meltdown during a transit. The only way through one is through it, letting go of whatever we are required to release. Trying to control things doesn't work with this one.

A Pluto transit can be caterpillar into butterfly time though.

(Pluto in Capricorn is a challenging aspect to the other cardinal signs, too - Aries, Cancer and Libra so if we have any planet 12 to 15 degrees of any of those signs, that planet is also having a Pluto transit!)

When Pluto stations to go retrograde this energy will be most intense (imagine your finger moving through a candle and then imagine your finger stopping within the flame to turn around - that stopping point is most intense!) so if you are having a Pluto transit this year know that when it is on your exact degree and also when it stations, could be particularly intense.

Mars squares Jupiter late in the week and this is a closing square and will wrap up some story from last summer when Mars was in Jupiter.

xo all - back in a couple days with that wonderful New Moon!


DancingMooney said...

3 weeks of jury duty, and all that waking up to an alarm clock! And the daily commute, and... Oy! I feel for you! :)

Catherine Ivins said...

I know! the alarm clock is nuts- I've been using a Kindle app. We are so spoiled! The commute's only 15 minutes so I'm pretty lucky. The judge just said today it might run 8 weeks - no idea how I'm going to make that work!! Need to file a tax extension tonight! xo

DancingMooney said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! All I can say is I hope something interesting comes of this, and you're able to walk away feeling like it was worth the time spent (considering we don't have much choice in the matter). Maybe you'll come up with some new genius idea while you're away. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, 8 weeks?!!!

Catherine Ivins said...

I know! there are already some good things that have come from it but I am getting really tired - at least it's not 5 days a week or I couldn't have done it. I can't even think about 8 weeks!! it's my entire spring - I hope I can walk away feeling like my participation mattered - at this point there are still 3 alternates and if there are still 15 of us at the trial's end - the computer will randomly spit 3 people out - so if I am one of them I will not even get to deliberate ....