Astrology Forecast for Creatives | let's take a look at 2018 - reality bites back, part II

I Was Broken by Martin Stranka

OK, back to the future!

Chiron moves into Aries in April (until 2026).

Chiron is called the wounded healer. Read the centaur myths for background. Chiron comes from the opposite side of the Sun, from the "otherness/darkness" of outer space. Chiron's placement in our natal chart shows us our own space of "otherness/darkness"; our wounded heritage.

Sometimes when we work with Chironic energies we find we can do more to help other people than we can do to help ourselves.

Chironic happenings make us more healed and more whole AND at the same time they make us more fragile and more vulnerable - so the cure and the wounding are both experienced at the same time.

If you were born with Chiron in Aries, this would show a kind of hypersensitivity to the idea of self in whatever house Chiron shows up. This is a wounding to our self-worth. It can show up as an inability to assert our own needs. It can make us over-reactive and over-sensitive to criticism. Since Aries rules the first house of our physical self - it could even make us accident prone, particularly in regard to accidents involving our head. It can produce headaches or situations we speak of as "a headache".

A musician friend with Chiron in Aries in his 5th house (also North Node 5th house) worked in a music store. The owner of the store wanted him to take on some students and teach them to play the guitar, but he always said no. He just didn't think he could do it, although he told himself he didn't want to do it.

Over the years as his money and joints got tighter and his love of music grew less enthusiastic, he found himself pushed into a corner (Aries requires us to be brave and we often, unless we have strong Aries/Mars in our chart, must have our backs against the wall to act) and finally agreed to try teaching - just "a few" students.

Three years later his 'few' students has grown to 60 students. He is the most sought after music teacher in his city. He teaches the children music, but he also helps them with their self-esteem. They tell him things they don't tell anyone else. They never miss a lesson. Their parents are amazed at the changes in their most bashful children. My friend's joints aren't as achy. His money isn't quite so tight. He is more self-assured, too.

He still has some issues asserting himself outside that classroom though.

Maybe it is something we can never totally 'fix' because it is the fragility, vulnerability and authenticity it opens up in us that is needed (for us and for other people - there is only one of us here) and not the actual healing (for us).

OK, so what does Chiron's move into Aries in 2018 mean to us.

It will bring a focus on our personal accountability to self. It will push into our awareness, any way it can (remember Uranus has just been creating chaos in this space opening everything up), whatever aspect of our personal existence we have abandoned.

Collectively, maybe the Chiron archetype itself morphs as we move into a new cycle with Aries, the first sign, the starting point. Maybe we can move from the 'wounded healer' into more of our own wholeness over the next few years. Surely we will be working with the more Aries/masculine woundedness - the spaces wounded by war and competition.

Some things this could bring up for us since our Chironic wounding is very much an inherited wounding - 1. Patterns we need to release, especially the stuff we have done in the past to keep us safe that is now keeping us stuck. So stuff will happen to us and we will react in our usual ways and either our usual ways will not work or we will see what we are doing in time to be brave (Aries) and do what is most loving and healing for ourselves 2. The childhood pacts and compromises we signed in order to be loved and accepted by others that are not very loving and accepting to us. We are starting a new cycle with all of this stuff. Those contracts have expired. We may find we aren't sure who we are for a while without these types of commitments and that's OK. Again we are starting a new cycle. We might have more questions than answers.

The years between now and 2024 when Pluto moves into Aquarius are a crisis point - crisis meaning both danger and opportunity.

There is alot of energy in 2018 that will focus us on being self-supporting and self-sustaining.

Where is Aries in your natal chart - this will be the house Uranus has been rocketing through the past seven years - something here is ripe for healing. 

The North Node moves into Cancer and the South Node into Capricorn - coming home - in part III.

xo all

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