Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 25th - Merry Christmas, committing to reality, avoiding addictions/escape, healing through helping, start meditating, making art, the third time is the charm, news about the future

merry christmas from sully
Merry Christmas Week!

On MONDAY, Venus leaves flirty Sagittarius and enters "I do give a damn about my reputation" (apologies to Joan Jett) "serious as a heart-attack" Capricorn (thru January 19th).

Capricorns and Capricorn Ascendants find themselves more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want.

Everyone's Capricorn natal houses become more attractive, too.

Venus immediately bumps into Saturn (both at zero degrees Cappy), ruler of Capricorn - so everything gets very sober, very quickly. Maybe we literally run into a serious, practical person or someone well-versed in whatever it is we need to have/learn/know to assimilate all this Capricorn (Saturn is in Capricorn for the next two and a half years, folks).

Someone/something to help us "get a grip" on life/winter.

This is us making a commitment to accepting reality. We get ahead with a realistic approach to what we want.

This could also be a time when partnerships (Venus) are tested (Saturn).

Maybe our insecurities are brought to our attention via other people and outer circumstances. We are re-structuring the way we relate to other people - and so is everyone else - so we may not be as available to each other as we would like. Saturn can make us feel lonely even in a crowded room. People will be attracted to whatever makes them feel most secure. Insecure people/situations will be pushed to the sidelines. And, yes, that sounds cold. It is cold. Winter is cold. Keep this in mind.

With Venus meeting Saturn at zero degrees Capricorn (a cardinal sign that initiates) things started now will either be long-lasting or grind to a halt (Saturn) right out of the gate.

I predict (where's that crystal ball?) an unprecedented number of wedding proposals (love-Venus, commitment-Saturn) this holiday season along with an unprecedented number of "um ... no" refusals. (love-Venus, no-Saturn). Venus in Saturn will be looking for quality and have one eye on your gene pool and the other eye on the top of that mountain (will the person doing the proposing be able to help us get there?) - that ring had better be a real diamond and at least two carats. That could leave a whole lot of people/situations not quite measuring up.

Our comfort-zone (Venus) becomes more confined and structured (Saturn). We are more conservative with our resources - love, money, time. I also predict (where IS that crystal ball?) an unprecedented number of returns after the holiday season, especially for items purchased in November, now that reality is kicking in.

The Moon is Void pretty much all day, so don't begin anything brand new. If you are single and meet a guy at your family Christmas dinner, not sure how this would be possible unless you are looking to date your cousin Bob (?) - but if you do manage this somehow, he will almost certainly be older than you, more serious than you and probably a better dresser.

On TUESDAY, the Moon is in Aries making us more energetic and probably head-strong for the next couple days. We could be 'fired-up' about something. We have the first quarter Moon bringing some tension/crisis point regarding whatever we started at the New Moon (December 17th). This happens every month - whatever is seeded NEEDS something to push against at this point in its life cycle. The Aries Moon trines (brakes off) Mercury (in Sagittarius) in the P.M. - good energy for get-togethers and conversations/communications focused on Sagittarius themes - travel, foreign issues, high education, our beliefs, the media, publicity, legal, religion, politics.

The Sun conjuncts Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn (5 degrees). This could shine a light on abuse of power or the pissed off/will not be controlled woman.

On WEDNESDAY, we could wake up drained and stressed from a Moon square Pluto that we mostly slept through, bringing the energy for possible power struggles/compulsions/manipulations into our morning. Let's pace ourselves today and give people a break. The Moon moves into Taurus in the evening focusing us on material things and comfort - get a massage, take a long bath, cook a healthy meal.

The big news now, and this is in play all week, exact on THURSDAY, is Mars (in Scorpio) trining (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces). This is wonderful energy for deep compassion and healing. We heal (ourselves and others) by helping and taking action. Excellent energy for making art or initiating a meditation practice. Or taking action with someone who is confined/hospitalized(?). Or even seeing some good movies.

This energy will kind of mellow-out the entire week.

The fly in the ointment - it will be too easy to slip into addictive/escapist actions. We don't want to drink/eat/internet our way through the holidays.

We have the urge to merge now. Let's just make sure we are merging with something healthy. 

On FRIDAY, we have the FINAL (of three due to Mercury's recent retrograde) Mercury (in Sagittarius) trine to the North Node (in Leo).

So, now we have had time to go back over the information/conversation/idea that came to our attention around November 19th. We have the information we need to make a decision/come to a conclusion/move something forward, etc. Progress can be made. Think (Mercury) about the future (North Node). We can hear just what we need to hear. The right words can ease things into place. The right book can fall off the shelf and into our lap. News comes in that sets us on our path.

If we need to ask again or take a third look at something, let's do that. Mercury won't be covering totally new ground for a while longer, but after today we really do know all we need to know about this thing.

By the weekend the Moon is in multi-tasking Gemini - prepare to be BUSY.

xo all

I will finish the look ahead at 2018 this week and, fingers crossed, the Uranus transits! Merry Christmas everyone.


lynn bowes said...

Ed's back surgery is Wednesday and he comes home Thursday sometime. How did you know . . . ?

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Lynn- Mars trine Neptune is perfect for healing from surgery, also confinement after surgery leading to healing. There is an Aries Moon making his surgeon sharp as a tack leading into that comforting Taurus Moon so he's best able to handle changes to his physical body. The Moon goes void Wed afternoon (is the surgery Wed a.m?) - good for routine surgery (something the surgeon has done many times) with minimal complications. The Moon is waxing better for adding something to his body than removing something - I would assume with his back that's not the case, but Mars in Scorpio literally sounds like cutting something out and that trine (brakes off) to a very strong Neptune in Pisces which is all about healing! I can't see his natal chart but it sounds like perfect timing. I hope all goes well for both of you and he heals super fast! hugs!!! xo