an astrological look ahead to 2018 - the year reality bites back, part III of IV

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Both Mars AND Venus will station retrograde in 2018.

This is kind of unusual and tells us that our relationships and what we want/value and what we will do to get/keep (Mars) what we want/value (Venus)  - will be back under the microscope for much of the year.

This time we will have Mars in Aquarius (9 degrees) backing into Capricorn (through 28 degrees) from late June through the end of August.

If you have planets or points between approx 28 Capricorn through 9 Aquarius or any late degree cardinal energy into early degree fixed energy (approx 28 Aries, Cancer or Libra through approx 9 degrees Taurus, Leo or Scorpio) - you will be working through some story/chapter during this transit regrading the themes of your natal Aquarius/Capricorn houses or Mars themes - initiative, action, passion, anger, violence.

This will also be eclipse season, so anything can happen - expect fireworks, and I don't mean the 4th of July!

Venus at 10 degrees Scorpio will back through 25 degrees Libra from early October through mid November.

If you have planets or points in your natal chart within those degrees or any mid degree fixed energy through late degree cardinal energy (approx 10 degrees Taurus, Leo or Aquarius through approx 25 degrees Aries, Cancer or Capricorn) - you will be working through some story/chapter during this transit regarding the theme of your natal Scorpio and Libra houses and/or Venus themes - love, money, values, self-esteem.

Now, because Jupiter and Neptune are both in water signs in 2018 - they will be trining (brakes off) each other. This will be somewhat in play most of the year and exact in late May and late August (we had the first of these aspects on December 2nd). Water signs ensure whatever is happening we will feel it - our emotions will be fully engaged. Think about what these planets do - Neptune dissolves boundaries and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. What are the themes of your natal Scorpio and Pisces houses? This is where the BRAKES ARE DIS-ENGAGED. Is this great news or a slippery slope? This is excellent energy for deep healing, creativity and compassion - also for an obsession/addiction/illusion/lie to drift quietly out of control ....
Another big change brewing in 2018 happens toward the end of the year.

In early November 2018, the North Node (our collective way forward) moves from Leo (heart, ego, self) into Cancer (home, family, security) and the South Node (what we are leaving behind) moves from Aquarius into Capricorn.

Yes, the South Node (been there, done that) will be in Capricorn during a very Capricornian time!

This will push us to release unfavorable Capricorn tendencies, at just the right time (divine timing is magical) - hierarchy, tyranny, caution, pessimism, extreme ambition, conventionality, severity, materialism, isolation

and focus us (if we want to be working with the path of least resistance) on the sign of Cancer.

Think about the symbol for the sign of Cancer - the crab. The crab is a fragile sea creature who must somehow create a life where she is not a seagull's dinner. So what does she do? She grows a shell, a protective barrier between her tasty little body and the seagull's mouth.

This works for a while. But a girl has to eat and when she does she outgrows the shell that has worked so well for her. She needs to release that shell and grow a larger shell (this process of molting is fascinating, if you are interested read about it here) or she will not survive. 

So she can't survive without her shell, but she can't grow (and survive!) with it either. Sound familiar? No? Read some Brene Brown before next November!

A king crab may molt 20 times in its lifetime - that's a whole lot of change of households/barriers!

If we think about that shell - well, it needs to be strong, but not too strong. If her shell was solid as a rock she would never be able to shed the damn thing and as she grew ... well, whatever would happen inside that shell, it would not be pretty I can promise you that.

Her very life depends on her ability to construct the minimal, yet most effective, armor/security. So will ours.

This is kind of what we will be working toward - through the Cancerian issues of : mothering, motherhood, mothers, vulnerability (think about our defenseless crab during molting season), nurturing, self-care, home, family, emotions, safety, security, patriotism, country.

The Capricorn/Cancer polarity is really all about safety and security - our way forward will be through the emotional waters of CANCER. We will talk about this as we move through it.

For now though, our collective path of least resistance, is still all about that fiery Leo lion - being brave, standing tall, following our heart toward our natural limelight.

Speaking of Cancer, let's come back from the future, because we have the Cancer Full Moon on New Year's and we are waxing toward that energy now. Expect a big post on this 'Mama-Bear' Moon!

For today, the Moon is void pretty much all day - not a good day to start anything new if you want 'something to come of it'. Void Moons are not good times to launch things because the Moon needs to be aspecting something else to get results. With the Moon by itself we would just dream our life away.

Before her void the Moon is sextiling Chiron (healing), opposing Jupiter (biting off more than we can chew?) and trining Pluto. The trine to Pluto is her last move marking this day as AMBITIOUS - although I guess most people are in holiday weekend mode and will miss this.

Exalted in Taurus with the brakes off to transformational Pluto in industrious Capricorn makes this good energy for business.

The Moon moves into Gemini for the weekend bringing a sense of 'busy-ness'. Good for errands and communication. There are some stressful aspects with Saturn, Neptune and the Sun - so keep a clear head and your feet on the ground.

On New Year's Eve, the Moon is again void, this time her last aspect is a sextile (opportunity) to revolutionary, 'won't be caged in' Uranus so we will feel best doing our own thing. 

Freak flags will fly, people!

The Moon will move into Cancer in the later evening EST so my guess would be alot of people will be staying in, going home early or hiding out in that shell they are preparing to molt!

xo all

(we will talk about the eclipses - which start in JANUARY! - in the final 2018 post with links to the Uranus transits for our anonymous guinea pigs volunteers)

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