Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 1st - New Year, BIG WEEK, breaking through, unexpected but not totally unexpected news, busting a move, GREEN light, GOLD star week, nothing half-assed will cut it, the world starts to catch up with us, did I say BIG WEEK

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This is a BIG forward leaning week!

Welcome 2018!

2017 - well, don't let the door hit ya'.

Yes, 2017 is in our rearview mirror, folks - do I hear a collective HALLELUJAH!

Ugh - the Pisces/Sagittarius, the Eris/Uranus - all the illusions and chaos. And that followed 2016's dream busting, reality shifting square between Saturn and Neptune. We are ready for more stability. We are ready for something new and reliable. Even if the something new requires us to dig through two feet of snow to find it. And, even if the building of it requires us to keep track of the canned corn in our cupboard for awhile. We'll dig! We'll count!

It took what it took to get us here, but here we are.

There are still problems - it's winter for pete's sake. But at least they will be NEW problems. And speaking of digging and counting ...

Last year - well, still this year - was the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster (which always reminds me of Trump and his hair and his tweeting) - a rooster set on fire does not sounds like a good symbol for a year - this energy is making way (in a few weeks) for the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog.

Doesn't that just sound better. Fire Rooster? Earth Dog? What do you think?

Earth Dog makes me think of Olive snuggled under a tree on a warm summer day swatting at a fly. Or digging a hole in the backyard to bury a sock she will drag out a year later all soggy and gross. Or, more likely, like she is right now, snuggled on the sofa, focused only on

1. how many pieces of cheese are left in the fridge? and
2. is that the clothes dryer buzzer she hears and am I going to get off my butt and fetch her a warm towel (yes, I do this kind of stuff in my drafty, old house in the winter - she has me well-trained) and
3. um, well, how many pieces of cheese are left in the fridge?

Earth Dog - I like the sound of that!

The week kicks off with MONDAY'S Full Moon in Cancer. I will do a post tomorrow.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this is a Supermoon (Moon perigee to the Earth and appearing larger), so it's a big way to launch a new calendar year.

The Moon is in a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune, opposing Pluto, Venus and Black Moon Lilith and we have Mars squaring the North and South Nodes at the same time.

We will be seeking emotional security and solid ground with this one.

Full Moons brings situations and emotions to a peak - stuff culminates and stuff 'comes to light'.

Cancer rules mothering, motherhood, mothers, vulnerability, nurturing, self-care, home, family, emotions, safety, security, patriotism, country. Also a specific theme in your natal chart (what house has Cancer on the cusp in your natal chart) where something is coming to fruition now.

During a Full Moon the Moon is opposite the Sun. So the polarity of the Cancer/Capricorn axis is in the spotlight. We will want to focus on home and family (Moon) AND at the same time on standing up in the world (Sun) and most people are standing on pretty shaky ground.

Remember one of the good things about winter - the ground is solid, yes, maybe frozen solid, but at least it's solid!

On TUESDAY the Sun (in Capricorn) is sextiling (opportunity) Neptune (in Pisces). Neptune has TWO sextiles this week so continues the focus on Neptunian activity from last week - healing, art, spirituality, imagination, philanthropy, merging with others, dissolving the ego. The Moon (still in Cancer) will trine Jupiter - good energy for people to get along and come together and, since the Moon represents the public, good energy for business.

The BIG news on TUESDAY is Uranus (change, the future, revolution, genius, chaos), after his long retrograde, finally stations direct (24 degrees Aries).

Something moves forward now and with Uranus we know to expect the unexpected!

If we are still holding onto a situation that is long past its expiration date - adjustments/changes and disruptions could intensify, until we are lined up where we need to be.

If you have planets or points in your natal chart from 24-29 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - Uranus is heading your way. Courage will be required since Uranus is in Aries, but this activity is focused on one of your cardinal houses where you have always needed to take the reins to make things happen anyway!

If your cardinal planets and points are less than 24 degrees, Uranus is finished with this part of your chart/life FOREVER. Adios Uranus!

We will talk about this in Tuesday's post. I will also put up the first batch of Uranus transits for May for our anonymous volunteers.

We have Mars (ruler of Aries) squaring the Nodes and the South Node is in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). Whatever Uranus's station is breaking open (Uranus rules breaks. Not brakes- that's Saturn's territory. Uranus rules the other kind of breaks - breakthroughs, break-downs, break-ups, lucky breaks, etc) will bring us to a crossroad.

Are we going to head toward our heart (Leo/North Node) - toward something that will bring us to our natural center stage, to something we can take pride in, something we can physically hold onto? Or are we going to stay in our seat in the audience (Aquarius/South Node)? detached? hiding out in the group? losing ourselves in technology?

Either way (and we always have free will) with Mars (action, initiative) in Scorpio (15 degrees) he will be making sure we COMMIT to any action we take now.

Nothing half-assed is going to cut it. We need to go ALL IN.

Something now could take us back to the time around Christmas Eve when Jupiter (in Scorpio) squared the Nodes. Uranus is direct now. So, what's it gonna be? The lights are GREEN. 

The Moon goes void at 5:46PM EST thru 2:22PM tomorrow - during the Void Moon don't start anything new or take action on anything you need 'something to come of'.

On WEDNESDAY the energies from earlier in the week continue. The Moon is void until 2:22PM EST when it moves into Leo focusing us on children, romance, recreation, our HEART - what is that thing your heart wants again? what is that thing that gets you away from technology and into the flesh and blood of life?

Venus (in bossy, all-business Capricorn) is sextiling (opportunity) Neptune (in dreamy Pisces). This energy makes us very intuitive, very receptive, more good energy for getting along with other people. Women artists, women healers - a connection to the collective creative consciousness.

Let's try some word-salads with this sextile - making money (Venus) with our imagination (Neptune). Giving money (Venus) to charity (Neptune). Money (Venus) slipping through our fingers (Neptune). Merging (Neptune) with what we love (Venus). Something we love (Venus) slipping through our fingers (Neptune). Healing (Neptune) through women (Venus). Healing (Neptune) through love (Venus). Unlimited (Neptune) love (Venus). Merging (Neptune) of resources (Venus). A female (woman) healer (Neptune). Spending money (Venus) on drugs (Neptune). In love (Venus) with something illusive (Neptune).

We could also do something like this with the signs the planets are in - Capricorn and Pisces. Your dream (Pisces) works when you do (Capricorn). But all this salad making is making me hungry and I am still hours from lunch! You get the idea.

This is a good day to meditate/pray/contemplate on whatever you were dealing with yesterday - or whatever this 'follow your heart', putting your heart out into the world, step out of the crowd, creative project thing is all about for you.

On THURSDAY the Leo Moon trines Mercury by mid-morning giving us good communications and trines Uranus later in the afternoon possibly bringing some change and excitement, but nothing that causes too much upset. Freak flags can fly, time to be yourself, give yourself (and other people) a bit more freedom, give other people (and yourself) a BREAK. The Moon goes void at 6:10PM EST - after that Void Moon don't start anything new or take action on anything you need 'something to come of'.

On FRIDAY - the Moon is in grounded and industrious Virgo and trines Saturn. Excellent for stabilizing a health routine that will be long-lasting or firming up our day-to-day schedule to be more practical. We get emotional satisfaction from doing the small, basic things now. Dot your I's and cross your T's. Get organized. Clean up the mess.

This would be a good day to take down the holiday decorations (if you didn't do this Monday) and keep them organized. You will not be tossing the Christmas tree balls into a box or rolling the lights into a gigantic knot if you do this work today. 

In the evening the Moon (in service-oriented Virgo) will oppose dreamy Neptune so we could be sharing/receiving advice or creating practical limits - whether anyone follows up on the suggestions/ideas offered up could be another matter. But the advice/actions offered would be practical and helpful.

SATURDAY is the start of a powerful weekend. There could be too much energy to contain. Get some exercise. The Virgo Moon is hard at work, we have good instincts and a real desire to digest as much information as possible. We are awake.

Mercury (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) for the 3rd and final time today. We had this aspect on November 25th and December 10th, but now Uranus (and Mercury!) are no longer retrograde! Whatever we have been going over here is ready to move forward - new ideas, new communications, new words, new beliefs.  

We find the words/information we need to move the situation forward.

Here is a link to my original post on THIS if it rings any bells. The difference now is the planets are both full steam ahead AND Saturn is no longer in Sagittarius so won't be slowing everything down.

Shocking news could come now. Our thinking/the conversation will move in a new direction. Stay open to your muses - the energies are ripe for NEW IDEAS to be picked like apples. Remember when you think about Uranus now think BREAK. This time think BREAK-THROUGH.

On SUNDAY - did I say give this week a GOLD STAR?? - Jupiter conjuncts Mars at 17 degrees Scorpio. This brings the energy of Christmas Eve and the energy of Tuesday's crossroad together and well - HERE IT IS. Our choice is made. Our path/decision/commitment is as clear as it is going to be. It won't be all tied up with a shiny red bow. Remember this is life on Planet Earth we can't see everything ahead because we haven't created it yet.

But here we are at a juncture, not the only juncture, but a juncture, and you have the benefit of astrology to see this juncture for what it is. An OPPORTUNITY.

Jupiter expands. Mars increases our stamina, initiative and confidence - also our ability to fight for something we believe in! We have the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Black Moon Lilith in stable Capricorn sextiling (opportunity) this whole thing through NEXT Friday - so another ENTIRE WEEK to take some kind of action here.

Could we go overboard? Could we take on too much?

Well, abso-freakin-lutely.

This is Jupiter, the planet of gases and hot air, we are talking about. But it is also the planet of faith. Keep this in mind.

There is always a fly in the ointment, but this week there is way more ointment than flies.

We have a stellium of planets in Capricorn already with more on the way! 

We do not need to go jumping off tall buildings (Capricorn climbs the stairs - one at a time). We did the jumping last year. And yes, even if your life looks pretty much the same as last year. I can abso-freakin-lutely

(I am starting to like this word - why is spellcheck trying to shush me

guarantee your life has changed because your beliefs have changed

You jumped. 

I know this because there is really only one of us here and the rest of us jumped. You might have been hanging on to your Aunt Tillie's bathrobe sleeve, but believe me - you are here with us. We all jumped.

You could not have survived life on Planet Earth the past two years without some major belief shifting. 

And because your beliefs have changed - you have changed. Your beliefs create your reality. Your very DNA has shifted. You see the world differently and the world you see will have to shift to catch up with you.

And all of this takes us into NEXT Monday's Mars sextile to Pluto which takes us to Jupiter and Mars sextile on the 16th at the same time Ceres is conjuncting the North Node and taking us into the 17th's New Moon in Capricorn.

Usually that Capricorn New Moon feels like a kick off point for me, but this year we do not have to wait.

After Monday's Full Moon focus on home and family it will be time to BUST A MOVE.

We'll sleep later.

Remember I write about aspects when they are exact but most of this (other than the Moons) are within orb for most of the week, so events could be triggered on different days. Let's just avoid the Void Moons for any important stuff and we'll do fine.

xo all


stregata said...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year - may it be one of health, happiness, peace and joy! Many, many thanks to you for your continuing inspirational guidance and advice. Big hugs! xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Warmest wishes to you and Pearl and your families Renate! Wishing all of you a happy, healthy, abundant 2018! Thank you for your kind words - there were days I might have stopped blogging without them! xox