Full Moon in Cancer | the Super Wolf Moon, home to our pack, howling into the night, the bridge pilings go in, call your mother, family vs. work in the world, forgiving our ancestors

WOLF by BlackIce-Wolf

On January 1st - we welcome in 2018 with a Full Moon in the sign of security, home and family focused Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this is a Supermoon (and the 2nd of 3 - this is rare - Moon perigee to the Earth and appearing larger) and it is bookend-ed at the very end of the month by a Lunar Eclipse - so it's a BIG way to launch a new calendar year.

(Supermoons were viewed by the ancients as predicting seismic shifts - earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal surges.)

The astrology of the next two years (2018-2019) - the bridge years that bring us to the 2020 meet-up of Saturn, Ceres, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn (patriarchy, government, inequality, banking, business, authority, hierarchy, competition, power) is about us creating/surviving/thriving through the collapse of the structures/limits that are standing in the way of equality (Age of Aquarius).

This isn't going to be something neat and easy.

This is kind of like when we clean out the bedroom closet. 

First, we drag everything into the middle of the room. If someone came into the room at that time, they would be like, "What the hell are you doing? You are messing up your room!". 

Planet Earth is like that de-constructed bedroom right now. 

Things look like a mess and are more likely to reflect something that isn't really happening (a mess is being made) than what is really happening (a messy closet is being cleaned out).

2020-2022 is also the time of the United States Pluto return when Pluto will be back in the same degrees in Capricorn he was in when the Declaration of Independence was signed (the country's natal chart) for the first time in United States history.

A lot of stuff is going to have to fall apart in order to come together in new, and better (with more integrity - one-ness, wholeness), ways. 

What we do/think/feel over the next two years will determine, to a degree, what all of this will look like. And, to a greater degree, what this will look like for us personally. And, then the years of 2020-2022 become a bridge to the next level - the year of 2023 when Pluto enters Aquarius. Dystopia? Utopia? Both? Something else entirely? What's it gonna be? The only thing we know for sure is it won't be the world we are living in today.

Construction of that bridge starts NOW.

The Moon is in a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune, opposing Pluto, Venus and Black Moon Lilith, Mars and Neptune sextile the Sun forming a Kite and we have Mars squaring the North and South Nodes at the same time.

If that all sounds like quite the mouthful - it is. And it packs quite the wallop. My head hurts even thinking about trying to untangle it. So, I'm not going to. I will get some of that de-tangler hairspray and let it all sit a bit. I would suggest the same for all of you.

Full Moons brings situations and emotions to a peak - stuff culminates and stuff 'comes to light'.

So although we are moving into the New Year we will probably have one eye nostalgically (sniffle) looking backward. Maybe not back to 2017, although I guess some people will, but maybe even back to simpler (less complicated) days.

Traditionally this Full Moon - the Cancer Moon, in some ways the strongest of the year since Cancer's ruler IS the Moon - is known as the Wolf Moon.

This is a good day and night and even into tomorrow - to be with "our pack". Catch up with family members. Give out those gifts to the people we didn't get to see during the holidays. Cook hearty food. Be with family.

This very emotional Moon coming on the 1st day of the calendar year is a wake-up call to not lose track of what really matters as we move into this very cold and duty-filled Capricorn season.

Cancer rules mothering, motherhood, mothers, vulnerability, nurturing, self-care, home, family, emotions, safety, security, our ancestors, patriotism, country - and with the Moon opposing not only the Sun (like every Full Moon), but also Pluto, Venus and Black Moon Lilith (all in Capricorn) and with that Kite pointing toward the Sun in structured, rule oriented and icy cold Capricorn - it looks like the ways the world values work and ambition could be a bit more than our Mama Bear can handle right now.

Maybe something about our safety, our security, our home, our family, our livelihood - feels threatened.

The ground is unstable for pretty much everyone, but the reality of the situation is that for, half the world maybe?, the ground is frozen solid. Maybe frozen solid (ultra-stable) is actually no more comforting than wobbly!

As we move into a year focused on security and work and limits - it is a good idea to keep our emotional/nurturing self ALIVE.

With Uranus strong and still and preparing to move direct tomorrow - this is a good time to free ourselves a bit from ancestral bindings by thanking our ancestors, whose stories we carry forward, for the gifts they have given us and release them, through forgiveness, for the loads we carry/have carried for them. Light a candle.

If today's Full Moon (point of fullness, like the moment in our breath when our lungs are full) feels heavy - it is a good time to GIVE SOMETHING AWAY. Clean/clear a space. The new stuff is right outside your door, but if your house is too full to welcome it in, there it will sit!

No matter how cold it is outside tonight - be sure to get out and walk in this one even if it is cloud covered - it is still there. If that isn't possible - soak in a hot bath while you release 2017 then imagine all your cares literally flowing down the drain with the water when you are finished!

Welcome 2018 - the year we start to build the bridge!

xo all


lynn bowes said...

All true, I can feel it. I am so looking forward to 2018 and especially the first quarter or so. I sense a beginning and clean space for everything I made room for in the last few months and I don't mean that in a New Year's Day or New Year's Resolution kind of way. Too easy. This is bigger space than that. For me, this old 2017 has been a tough year for cleaning and letting go. However, once I gave in and started in earnest to clear out, a fullness came over me. Acceptance, maybe. How can 'empty' turn into 'full' when what is filling up the emptiness is not something seen?

I want to be very careful that the things and people and ideas brought into the new space deserve to be there. I want to have an easier time saying 'no'. Maybe our flock has changed but I know for sure that our needs have changed. Letting burdens slide off is so liberating! I can breathe!

Still wish I could see around corners but I know that whatever comes will be what we need. Patience, faith, reward, amen?

Xenotees said...

I was already going to take a bath! Maybe I will try to get a walk in first. Wow, and I really do need to clear out my house- no time like today! As always, I love and treasure your posts Cat!

Catherine Ivins said...

I have to keep reminding myself, too, Lynn that those corners are there for a reason! I still want a pair of those Superman xray specs! I read that book you recommended to me years ago about clearing space all the time. A happy, healthy and abundant 2018 to you and Ed! xox

Hey No- that picture of you brings back memories of early Etsy - that kind of fits today, too! xox back to you and Neil, going for a walk now, too!

considermepositive said...

Pls share the title or link to the above referenced book, Thanks!

Catherine Ivins said...

The book is called Sweeping Changes by Gary Thorp - the joy of zen in everyday tasks - kind of Martha Stewart meets Pema Chodron. xo