Uranus Stations Direct in Aries | the planet of change changes direction

Glambat by skeev
Today, we have Uranus (still in Aries and now at 24 degrees) stationing direct after his lengthy retrograde (since early August).

The planet that changes our direction, changes his direction. 

His retrograde station (Uranus, with his whacky orbit and 'anything can happen' reputation, is even more powerful and more Uranian when retrograde) at the time of the August Solar Eclipse has certainly had a hand in all the unexpected climate disasters/fires, etc of the last five months.

When de-stabilizing Uranus moved from Pisces (water) into Aries (fire) on March 11, 2011 - we had the earthquake/tsunami in Japan that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

I am sure if we had inside information regarding the history of this disaster we could match up Uranus movements over the last seven years to the unfolding story there!

Even as recently as late November just as Mercury (news, information) moved into trine (brakes off) with Uranus (the post I linked to in the weekly because we have the same aspect again this week) - the news announced that a robot had finally reached the reactor's melted core.

Just a couple days ago (December 27, 2017) with Uranus pretty much stopped (remember the finger through the candle analogy) preparing for his direct motion today - the news announced Tokyo Electric Company receiving government approval to restart an even larger, and more controversial, power plant.

(I have never looked at Japan's natal chart, but think of this country, with its fast-moving, trendy, cutting-edge culture when I think of Uranus)

Uranus stationing direct could mean bottled up freedom urges suddenly explode (we have seen this within the collective in Iran in the last few days). Top buttons get unbuttoned. Any changes we have been ruminating about during the last few months can begin to take on physical form now. A direction changes. Because Uranus is more Uranus when retrograde maybe something steadies out now. Your Aries natal house (what is the theme of your Aries natal house) as well as your natal Uranus are impacted.

Some people have been more impacted than other people by this retrograde. If your cardinal planets and points are less than 24 degrees, Uranus (in Aries) is finished with this part of your chart/life FOREVER. Adios Uranus!

If you have planets or points in your natal chart from 24-29 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - Uranus will contact those planets or points before he ingresses into Taurus in mid-May ... again. Squares could bring road blocks and tension, oppositions could bring choices. Courage might be required depending on how comfortable you are with change since Uranus is in warrior Aries!

Often Uranus contacts attract people/things/situations that allow/force us to break out of stuck constructs. Or require us to see/act on things in a new way.

Uranus is the planet of genius and rebellion and 'anything can happen'. Now Uranus only cares about getting us from A to B via the fastest route, he doesn't care if we land on our ass or if the route (like my GPS when I get near a certain body of water and it urges me forward although there is no bridge) drowns us in the ocean.

We will most assuredly wash up at point B, but we might not wash up still breathing. 

So when Uranus whispers in your ear "this job sucks, you need to quit this job" remember he will be out of town when the rent comes due and your wallet is empty. On the other hand without his "quit this damn boring job already!" we might still be toiling at that job when our grandchildren head off to college.

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, our collective 11th house, technology, the future, electricity, social change, groups, equality, science, robotics, liberation, fast change, chaos, PTSD, trends, the genius, the rebel, the criminal, anything new and cutting-edge.

Uranus will always seek to overturn anything traditional or conventional that has outlived its usefulness.

Uranus is charged with disrupting the status quo. It rips apart our safety net. It tears up our contracts. It breaks up stagnant energy. It is electricity. It gets our *ss moving. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury - the way Aquarius is the higher octave of Gemini - Uranus is like Mercury on steroids ... and we have all seen how powerful Mercury is.

Since he has been in Aries he has been re-inventing Aries stuff. Aries rules the 1st house of ourselves. Think about the reinvention of this thing called "self" in the last few years to this thing called "brand". We have Facebook now. We have selfies. Aries rules war and that has been reinvented, too - and in a very Uranian/Aquarian (detached) way - think about drones and robotics and whatever the hell else the geniuses lunatics that play with their war-toys are coming up with to kill us that we don't even know about.

What changes did Uranus in Aries bring to your life ? What has been totally upended?

In mid-May Uranus will ingress into Taurus until November 6th, then because he is retrograde half the year, will move back into Aries until March 6, 2019 when he will return to Taurus to finish out his transit of Taurus (through July 2025).

For now, he is moving direct again. Taking us through the final few degrees in Aries.

The best way to work with Uranus (this would be kind of like working with Donald Trump, who with his natal Uranus sitting on his natal Sun, might cause the people who work with him to age in dog years, trying to keep up with him) is to loosen our grip on things. 

Stay open to changing our mind and direction. Expect the unexpected. 

Maybe what seems totally crazy, will make sense later on.

Check the WEEKLY because the Sun has an opportune contact with imaginative Neptune today - you could feel that one stronger than Uranus's change of direction. The Moon continues its monthly jog through the sign of Cancer - focusing us on home, family and security issues.


To finish up that 2018 series I am going  look at Trump's chart and the U.S. chart for the months ahead since we haven't looked at those in a while. I have said before that Trump IS Uranus (he is like one of the American Gods in the Neil Gaiman book/series and I know this will annoy many people to hear me say it! he isn't the ONLY Uranus though obviously) and Uranus is active the next couple weeks, so let's take a look at him - in a non-political way.

I noticed the February solar eclipse opposing his Mars (which interacts strongly with the U.S. Mars) doesn't look like fun for him ... or us.


I asked a few weeks ago for some guinea pigs volunteers for us to take a look ahead at the upcoming Uranus transit of Taurus (May 2018). I think I had 32 volunteers, so will put up a few charts every week until I get them all up. Thank you to everyone for your patience - most of the charts I've looked at so far have most of their Uranus activity in 2020-2022 which makes sense with the astrology of the times.

Here is the first batch (after the READ MORE, bottom of this post) ... keep in mind this is ONLY Uranus we are looking at and only one space in your chart. There are at least 11 and more likely 16 or more important players!

I have emailed the owners of the 5 charts that follow, so if you did not receive an email your chart is not being looked at just yet. I am doing them in the exact order of how the requests came in.

Remember these changes are mostly months and sometimes years away. It is good to prepare but sometimes we can't see anything clearly from this distance - we just don't know what we don't know yet. Read it. Meditate on it - it is a good time with Uranus station and the Sun sextiling Neptune - then please just file it away ...

I will get all the charts up in January - I wanted to wait until Saturn got into Capricorn so I could verbalize the energies more concisely and I think you guys could read the words more clearly.

xo all

OK let's jump right into this.

VOLUNTEER#1- Please keep in mind Uranus is only ONE planet in your chart out of many and this transit forecast is ONE person's point of view - mine, colored by my own beliefs and teachings - this is NOT a total forecast of your life for the period of time we are looking at. Read it. Meditate on it. Take what you need - toss what you don't. File it away for future reference. xo

Volunteer#1 is a Leo Sun with Cancer Rising and a Pisces Moon. The only fixed energy in her chart is that passionate Leo Sun. She is good at initiating new things and has the ability to be flexible. This will greatly help her navigate any tricky Uranus transits!

Her natal Uranus is in her 4th house in Libra squaring her Ascendant and Mercury. Mercury on her Ascendant tells us she is a communicator.

Uranus in the 4th would mean something pretty unusual/fluctuating about her childhood. Maybe she moved often. Maybe a parent was unpredictable (or even a genius/rebel). Since the 4th house represents our home and roots - it is likely her roots would be rather shaky.

That square to her Ascendant tells us she is very creative and also freedom-loving. She isn't going to want to be tied down. She would likely have a unique personal appearance that people would notice and remember and with the Leo Sun in her 1st house - maybe a great mane of hair (I am not kidding!) or some style that stands out.

Basically her natal Uranus would be most comfortable balancing a need for freedom, those chaotic/unstable (or maybe just ahead of their time) roots with her self-expression. Because Uranus transits are always impacting our natal Uranus, we will keep this in mind when we look at the transit.

Taurus rules her 11th house.

The 11th house is the house of friendships, groups, organizations, causes, the internet, business assets and assets/resources/skills accumulated through your career. It is the house of our goals and objectives in life - the big ones that concern our sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves.

This area of life will be subject to Uranian "breaks" - break-ups, break-downs, break-throughs, break-aways and lucky-breaks!

Uranus rules the 11th house so his energy will not be filtered through another house ruler - so strong, but also predictable - in a very unpredictable way of course! Your Aquarius house answers to Uranus so she should expect changes there, too (5th house - children, romance, creative projects, recreation).

The groups she is attached to and the goals she commits herself to will change dramatically over the next several years. This will be a good time for her to explore different groups and/or get involved with social issues she cares about. She will probably find her passion within her groups/friendships and her goals in these areas subject to change. Groups she is involved with at the beginning of this transit will not be the same groups/friendships she will be involved with at the end of this transit. Uranus brings disruption, so keep this in mind.

You might find yourself walking away from friendships that no longer work for you, but you could also toss the baby out with the bathwater here. For example leave a friend and lose the group or leave the group and lose a friend. Slow down. Take your time before making decisions/commitments/endings in this area of your life. Work at being reliable in the areas ruled by your 11th house. Try not to expect people to live up to your high ideals all the time. Expect to differ from other people. Embrace it.

Friends/groups could also be the catalysts for real change in your life. Changes to other parts of your life could have their roots here. Remember Uranus is a part of your very nature/your roots/your home. Uranian changes will have a way of working themselves into every part of your life.

You can somewhat mediate Uranian "breaks" by choosing to work with Uranian energy in the area of life Uranus is transiting - the 11th house rules astrology, the internet, technology, science, groups of people, humanitarian causes. Actively putting time and energy here will give Uranian chaos less energy to unleash!

You are a person who can embrace change and you have a strong Uranus (meaning it is incorporated into who you are!), so I think this should not be too difficult a transit for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although Uranus moves into Taurus on May 16, 2018 impacting your 11th house Uranus will not actually ingress into your 11th house until the end of 2023. So you will feel the stirrings of change this year, but the major changes to this area of your life are still a few years away.

For now Uranus will continue his transit through your 10th house, shaking things up with your career/public image/dealings with authority/stepping into your own authority for a while longer!

As I type this, transiting Uranus is exactly opposing your natal Uranus and sitting on your natal Chiron (what is the chance of this?!) - HELLO midlife crisis with a major pain/healing/GIFT attached! Saturn is also preparing to oppose your natal Saturn - another indicator of a mid-life cycle.

Ummm, this is not a coincidence so let's take a quick look at this.

The focus of this crisis is on your work/how you show up in the world and your home and roots.

This is the father/mother axis. This is the security, 'feeling safe in the world' axis we will all be dealing with starting the end of next year. By the time the masses are working through this you will have most of this in your rear-view mirror!

This is probably not an easy time for you. You are dealing with not only your Uranian opposition but Uranus sitting on tender Chiron! This stuff is not for sissies! But luckily you are not a sissy!

Basically the astrological mid-life crisis takes us apart and puts us back together again, but in a different way. The parts of your nature you have not integrated into your consciousness come knocking, demanding to be acknowledged and examined. Facing whatever conflicts and crisis this transit brings GREATLY increases the likelihood of a fulfilling 2nd half of life. Pushing stuff under the rug or into that crowded closet (you do have two planets in that 12th house) will just create trouble for you later on. Don't let yourself avoid the writing on the wall. Deal with it.

But not in a Uranian way - not through creating more chaos. Remember you have that chaotic Uranus in your roots so in some sense - likely unconscious - chaos is what you expect/crave because it feels normal. Saturn is in Capricorn in your 6th house of day-to-day activities and your health. Make sure this stuff is stable. Get up at the same time every day. Be productive. Be responsible. Saturn loves to be in the 6th house and the ruler of the 6th Mercury is strong in your chart - you've got this thing!

With Chiron (wounded healer) involved and at the top of your chart in your 10th house, your Chiron wound will be felt at this time, too - it is likely father related (that 12th house Saturn would make me wonder if he was mostly absent or made you feel absent from yourself somehow), work related, related to the public and/or visible to other people.

Whatever this wound is, it isn't something you can hide, it is out there for the world to see BUT this prominent placement also makes you a Chironic figure (healer) in your own right.

You could help people in a very public way, too!

I hope something here is helpful #1 xo

VOLUNTEER#2 Please keep in mind Uranus is only ONE planet in your chart out of many and this transit forecast is ONE person's point of view - mine, colored by my own beliefs and teachings - this is NOT a total forecast of your life for the period of time we are looking at. Read it. Meditate on it. Take what you need - toss what you don't. File it away for future reference. xo

Volunteer#2 is an Aries Sun with Libra Rising and a Leo Moon. She has a nice mix of fixed, cardinal and mutable energy in her chart with an emphasis on INITIATING ACTION (cardinal).

Her natal Uranus is in her 3rd house loosely trining her Sun and Moon and loosely squaring her Jupiter and Mercury. It is nestled between sober Saturn and imaginative Neptune.

Uranus in the 3rd house would likely give her something unusual or futuristic pertaining to 3rd house themes. She could have an unusual sibling or sibling relationship, unusual neighbors or an unusual relationship with them, an unusual way of speaking or writing, an unusual voice. Maybe she likes to own unusual cars (I am not kidding!). Serious Saturn in the same house might temper all or any of this a bit and make things more practical and down-to-earth though.

Basically her natal Uranus (rebel/genius) would be a bridge between Saturn (responsibility, boundaries) and Neptune (imagination, boundlessness) and her Sun and Moon - ego/emotions, father/mother. So Uranus is either pronounced for her and she is using it like a catwalk between these energies or maybe it is a character she is kind of hiding in there - like a crazy aunt the family has pushed into the trailer in the back yard and is only allowed out during Aquarius season (and to make her famous cherry cheesecake).

Taurus rules her 8th house of other people's resources, spouse's income, debts, taxes, inheritance, intimacy, sex, birth, reproduction, death. This is a tricky house for a Uranus transit because it is not an area of life most people want to have shaken up, but remember Uranus is currently moving through her 7th house of partnerships so it is a kind of continuation of that. This isn't totally unexpected stuff.

So what could happen during this transit? Maybe her partner's business takes off and he is making more money. Maybe he is downsized and suddenly making less. He could make money in unusual ways or through advanced technology. She could begin a new business partnership or changes could happen within an existing partnership. Her need for intimacy or an intimate partner could change. She could inherit money or some kind of other resources. There could be changes in the way she uses/works with other people's resources. She could pay off a debt. She could incur a debt. Sometimes there is the feeling of a 'betrayal' (real or imagined) when someone we are committed to goes through a major change of personality or direction. Uranus brings disruption, so keep this in mind.

The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio (and she is a Pluto in Scorpio person, her generation charged with transforming Scorpian energy for the collective). The 8th house holds the stuff we push down and don't want to look at/talk about. Uranus through this house doing his "break"dance - break-ups, break-downs, break-throughs, break-aways and lucky-breaks can stir up deep-seated complexes and previous life chapters (and past life/familial buried storylines) in unexpected ways. She could awaken (Uranus) to whatever everyone else has been sweeping under the rug (Pluto). Something could happen during this transit that awakens feelings about her own mortality.

She could use technology (Uranus) to aid in reproduction (8th house). There could be changes (Uranus) in power structures (Pluto). She could be suddenly/shockingly (Uranus) more sexual (Pluto). She could be suddenly (Uranus) more powerful (Pluto).

There are many ways to use this energy. And also many ways for unexpected things to happen!

Now, because she has Venus in that 8th house at some point we know Uranus is going to meet up with her Venus and because she has her Leo Moon squaring Venus, Uranus will be squaring her Moon, too, at about the same time.

Uranus will also oppose her 2rd house Pluto in Scorpio - this is a generational aspect that will impact everyone born with Pluto in Scorpio (November 1983 - November 1995) at some point over the next few years.

Let's take a look at this.

We'll start with her Pluto. Uranus will oppose her natal Pluto in mid-April 2020. This is when the transit is exact - it could be felt quite a while before and after. Because Pluto moves so slowly people born in the same year (or even a couple years before and after her) will also experience a Uranus/Pluto transit at approx the same time. If she has friends, siblings, etc around the same age she will find they are all going through similar kinds of issues and challenges within a couple years.

Uranus is a powerful planet and Pluto is, arguably, the most powerful planet - contact between these heavyweights means some kind of change is inevitable!

In Volunteer #2's chart this will be about the 2nd/8th house axis. Questions, choices and situations will come up within these areas. So our values vs other people's values. Our money vs other people's  money. Maybe old, family money. Maybe karma connected to family money or connected to past life money issues. There are very likely people in her current life connect to past life money/resource issues. Sometimes Pluto in the 2nd house creates a kind of obsession with money or inability to let go/outgrow things and Uranus is going to come through, square that Pluto and shake up/break up whatever complex is at the root of this.

Unconscious patterns involving money, values and self-esteem will change. Her values could totally shift.

Then around spring 2023 Uranus is going to conjunct her natal Venus and square her natal Moon.

Now you always have Venus square your Moon. This is a challenge you came in with - maybe when you get what you want (Venus) you don't get what you need (Moon) and vice versa - cue the Rolling Stones song.

But when Uranus starts hanging out with Venus they will gang up on that Leo Moon. You could feel restless and uneasy and anything that feels even slightly like a collar will start to feel way too TIGHT. If your normal mode of operation is to quickly act on an urge like this you will need to slow down and sit with this feeling, but if your evolution is actually blocked there won't be any way not to act.

Some of this will depend on how you are already working with that Moon in your 11th house - is this you being friends with your mother? being more of a friend than a mother to your children? your friends being like your family? mothering your friends? being mothered/nurtured by a group? nurturing a group/cause? However this Moon is normally working will change. Uranus will do his "break" dance. It won't be business as usual during this transit.

Maybe you have to move suddenly or a friendship ends suddenly or a mother/motherhood issue crops up suddenly and since Cancer, the Moon's ruler, rules your 10th house of career/public life something disruptive here might factor in as well as that Taurus 8th house stuff - other people's resources. Uranus events seem to come from out of the blue, but often squares are about an unacknowledged desire for change that gets projected outwardly and comes back to us through something external. Or it is life's way of getting us to develop certain qualities we wouldn't have developed if we had stayed on the same course .... so we get booted over there.

Before Uranus gets into Taurus though he (along with magnetic Venus) is going to pass over your North Node at 29 degrees Aries - around the beginning of May 2018. This is happening in your 7th house of partnership conjunct your Sun! The 29th degree of any sign is very powerful and often brings some kind of ending - it also gives this whole thing an extra keg of fire power. Arms wide open, go with the flow!

Keep in mind this is happening in your 7th house of 'other people' so changes for a partner (romantic, business, close friend, close sibling) could mean big direction changes for you.

This is about you moving into the future ... possibly in an instant.

New opportunities, new people - with Uranus ruling Aquarius and your 5th house there could be a connection to creativity, children, romance or recreation, too.

Whatever this is - (mark May 2018 on your calendar) breakdown or lucky break - with that conjunction to your North Node (your way forward) you can be assured you are being maneuvered toward your higher self's goals for this lifetime!

I hope something here is helpful #2! xo

VOLUNTEER#3 Please keep in mind Uranus is only ONE planet in your chart out of many and this transit forecast is ONE person's point of view - mine, colored by my own beliefs and teachings - this is NOT a total forecast of your life for the period of time we are looking at. Read it. Meditate on it. Take what you need - toss what you don't. File it away for future reference. xo

Volunteer #3 is a Scorpio Sun with Scorpio Rising and a Pisces Moon. She has quite a bit of fixed energy, so change and especially initiating change could be a challenge.

Her natal Uranus is in her 9th house in fiery Leo. Uranus has a nice steady trine to Saturn in her 1st house. Uranus in the 9th house is not going to conform to others' beliefs - she will believe what she wants to believe. I think she should study (9th house) astrology (Uranus)!

Unexpected situations and change comes to her through travel, foreigners, the media, legal issues. Her long term plans (9th house) are subject to change (Uranus).

Basically her natal Uranus is grounded by that trine to Saturn giving her a balanced blend of a need for change and a need for security. Uranus will probably never be able to totally throw her off balance!

Taurus rules her 7th house of partnership.

Now although Uranus moves into Taurus on May 16, 2018 and she will start to feel the changes then, her partnership house will not really be rocking and rolling until around the beginning of May 2021 when Uranus crosses her Descendant and opposes her Ascendant. She doesn't have any planets in Taurus, but as Uranus moves through Taurus he will be opposing her boatload of planets in Scorpio (mostly around 2023)!

Uranus through the 7th house doing his "break"dance - break-ups, break-downs, break-throughs, break-aways and lucky-breaks - could mean a change within any existing partnership.

This doesn't mean the partnership ends, although it might, but the relationship will certainly begin to change. The partner could be less reliable or she could be. A close friend could change or move. If one person has been more in control - the roles could switch around. She might need more space away from the relationship or events could conspire to encourage her to seek out more space. Her partner could change and seem like another person entirely. She could meet a new person who is very unlike the usual people she meets. This person could be a catalyst to bring about needed changes. Maybe more than one person - it is a long transit! Contracts and business partnerships could be up and down. She could attract unreliable, unsteady people. She could sabotage (maybe unconsciously) stable relationships that feel too confining. Her partner could become interested in a Uranian subject - technology, astrology, science, humanitarian cause, etc - and suddenly they are speaking a different language. Uranus is about disruption so keep this in mind. Sometimes Uranus through the 7th house brings changes to people around the person having the transit.

She could also act as a change agent for other people during these years stirring them toward new ways of thinking/doing - maybe through technology or having to do with liberation/freedom. As she liberates them - she will be liberated, too!

Let's look at what she might expect when Uranus opposes her natal Sun, Mercury and North Node.

The opposition to her natal Sun, and again this is all a few years down the road, will likely bring upheaval and change. Mostly oppositions with change-maker Uranus bring CHOICES. Because she has a lot of fixed energy the changes may not all be welcome, but it will be important not to expend a great deal of energy trying to maintain something she knows isn't working. She could feel restless. She could feel bored or caged in by outer circumstances. She has alot of fixed energy in her chart so these feelings may not be stuff she really wants to look at. Except now she will have to.

With an opposition she might want to blame someone else for what is happening, and even if there is some truth to this, we can only ever change ourselves. Keep this in mind.

We can make ourselves tired, sick or depressed if we try to fight Sun oppositions from outer planets.

I know Scorpios are not really fans of rolling with things, but roll with it! You could find yourself needing to take a stand against a father-figure or authority in your life or confront patriarchal conditioning.

This transit can make you rather "wired" so calming herbs, meditation, yoga, acupuncture would likely be a good thing. Take care of your health now the best you can so Uranus's opposition to your first house will have more ups than downs!

With Uranus opposing your Mercury at the same time you could have alot of mental energy and activity or nervous energy. You could even have twitches - hopefully just your nose like the witch in Bewitched while you are conjuring up your New Moon wishes! Your mind could be all over the place. Find a constructive outlet for this. You could have to exercise some restraint with what you say during this transit. Other people could challenge what you think/say. It could look like opposition is coming at you from the outside, but this is really your higher self shaking up areas that need growth and development. Keep this in mind.

You could have amazing, inventive ideas that are ahead of their time. Your muses will be working overtime to keep up with you.

If you have become too closely identified with a sibling or neighbor or local community (all Mercury ruled) at the expense of the development of your individuality and own way of thinking/learning/speaking Uranus could do his break-dance through that situation/relationship.

During this time you will need to be thinking about what you are thinking about. Keep a journal. Your 3rd house Chiron, also impacted by a square from Uranus in Taurus (April 2020), needs to be HEARD.

Your mind will need to be harnessed somewhat to be effective - if you can start a mindfulness practice or a meditation practice, tai chi, something like that NOW, if you are not already doing this, this transit will be much, much easier to manage.

I hope something here is helpful #3! xo

VOLUNTEER #4 Please keep in mind Uranus in only ONE planet in your chart out of many and this transit forecast is only ONE person's point of view - mine, colored by my own beliefs - this is NOT a total forecast of your life for the period of time we are looking at. Read it. Meditate on it. Take what you need - toss what you don't. File it away for future reference. xo

Volunteer #4 has a Virgo Sun with a Cancer Ascendant and a Virgo Moon. Mostly mutable energy will make change very comfortable/familiar to her!

Her natal Uranus is in her 4h house exactly on her IC and conjunct Pluto and opposing her natal Saturn. In her roots/DNA - she IS Uranus!

Uranus in the 4th would likely mean something pretty unusual about her childhood. Maybe she moved alot. Maybe a parent was unpredictable (or even a genius, but likely with that Pluto conjunction somehow dark and moody). The conjunction with Pluto puts the whole thing on steroids.  To say her roots are shaky would be like saying Tina Turner's booty is shaky. They (and Tina) are way more than shaky. There isn't anywhere Uranus can move in her chart that will really shake her up. She is kind of used to the shake!

Taurus is intercepted within her 11th house, but isn't the ruler of her 11th house.

The 11th house is the house of friendships, groups, organizations, causes, the internet, business assets and assets/resources/skills accumulated through your career. It is the house of our goals and objectives in life - the big ones that concern our sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves. This area of life will be subject to Uranian "breaks" - break-ups, break-downs, break-throughs, break-aways and lucky-breaks!

As Uranus moves through Taurus he will be opposing her Scorpio planets - Mercury, Neptune and Mars. Mostly oppositions with change-maker Uranus bring CHOICES.

First up will be Venus (I will have to email you the dates, astro.com is having problems today) and remember Taurus is ruled by Venus so Uranus will be answering to her! This transit will bring unexpected changes with love, money, your values and self-esteem. This is similar to having Uranus transitting a person's 2nd or 7th houses (both Venus ruled). She will be given the opportunity to break out of any stifling situations within these areas. Relationships could change. If she has been too independent she could find herself in a more committed (although possibly volatile) relationship. If she has been too dependent she could find herself seeking more autonomy. If a relationship has grown stale she could be looking for something else. Her partner could change and seem like a totally different person.

Personal finances could be up and down. Her personal values could totally shift. The things she thinks are beautiful (Venus rules beauty) will change. The women in her life could be less predictable. She could produce art (Venus) that is ahead of its time (Uranus). She could change (Uranus) the way she looks (Venus). She could be attracted (Venus) to Aquarian-type people - intellectuals, people who are detached, revolutionaries, unusual people or people who are different than people she is usually attracted to. She could elope. She could make money (Venus) through technology or strange or cutting edge pursuits (Uranus). She could blend art (Venus) and science (Uranus). Since this is an opposition probably none of this stuff will come easy. Challenges will appear to come from the outside, but it is really your Uranus shaking you up ... again!

Next up, (I will have to email you the dates, astro.com is having problems today) Uranus will oppose her natal Neptune. This is a generational aspect impacting people born with Neptune in Scorpio - born October 1956 through November 1970. Uranus is going to activate Neptune's need to be swept away by something. She will need to be careful with anything that takes her 'out of reality'. Stay grounded. Don't actually elope - ha! Be careful with anything that feels too good to be true. It probably will be. Have someone else take a look at it. I know you are a Virgo, but you might need another set of eyes now to see through any illusion - find a Capricorn.

You could lose yourself (Neptune) within a group (Uranus) or with technology (Uranus). You could experience/practice compassion (Neptune) for outsiders (Uranus). You could find your uniqueness (Uranus) through a spiritual practice (Neptune) or through healing work. You could be drawn to experiencing modern (Uranus) art, dance, cinema (Neptune). You could get addicted (Neptune) to change (Uranus). Since this is an opposition probably none of this stuff will come easy. Challenges will appear to come from the outside, but it is really your Uranus shaking you up ... again!

Pretty much at the same time of the Neptune transit, Uranus will be opposing your natal Mars. This could make you more energetic, restless, anxious and easy to anger. You will be more likely to stand up for yourself, but also to detect trouble when there isn't any. You will need something to be taking action with during this transit or Mars could bounce back on your body and make you sick, tired or depressed. You might even need something to fight! You will need a project that you can feel passionate about. Something will probably come out of the blue, but if it doesn't seek it out. Even a difficult Uranus/Mars transit can produce major progress in your life! Also with your Taurus house ruled by Mars these Mars issues could be more prominent so if people/situations appear to be coming at you with anger, etc - take action to work with this Mars energy yourself. Don't let it be reflected back at you in bigger ways than it needs to be.

You will need to be more careful than usual when driving, operating machinery, etc. Pretend you are always on a cold medicine and follow the label directions. Yes, for months. I know it sounds impossible. You can do it.

You could rush too fast and fall down - literally and figuratively. Don't wear those slip-on slippers with the useless smooth bottoms on the stairs (a pair just took me out this morning). Find an outlet for any anger that comes up or excessive energy that needs to be burned off - exercise, work up a sweat, buy some boxing gloves. If you find yourself feeling mostly angry or depressed you need to find something you are passion about pronto.

The good news is with Uranus you can change this stuff around very quickly. It will likely be something you hadn't considered trying before!

All of the above is happening in your 5th house - creativity, children, romance, recreation and 11 house axis - friends, groups, your big picture goals. Keep this in mind.

I hope something here is helpful #4! xo

VOLUNTEER#5 Please keep in mind Uranus is only ONE planet in your chart out of many and this transit forecast is ONE person's point of view - mine, colored by my own beliefs and teachings - this is NOT a total forecast of your life for the period of time we are looking at. Read it. Meditate on it. Take what you need - toss what you don't. File it away for future reference. xo

Volunteer #5 is a Leo Sun with Scorpio Rising and a Libra Moon. She has a nice mix of fixed, mutable and cardinal energy and is ready for anything!

Her natal Uranus is in her 7th house in Gemini with a tight conjunction to her North Node.

Basically her natal Uranus is invested in creating change through partnerships and other people, maybe within unconventional relationships. Her natal Uranus energy is instrumental (embracing unusual people, revolutionary relationships, genius, free-thinkers, marching to the beat of a different drummer or a partner who does) to her goals in this lifetime.

Taurus rules her 6th house of day-today activities, work, health, pets and co-workers. These areas of life will be subject to Uranus's "breakdance" - break-ups, break-downs, break-throughs, break-aways and lucky-breaks! They could become less stable and unpredictable. You will seek more freedom in these areas. You could change jobs. Working 9-5 or doing the same thing day in and day out is not going to be something you want to do! Routine work will likely leave you unmotivated. Freelance work could be good or at least the freedom to set your own schedule. Your work could move online. Changes here will be made willingly or unwillingly. New animals could come into your life or changes could come into the lives of your animals. You might change doctors or medical diagnoses. Get second opinions. Health situations could change. Using technology (Uranus) with your work/health/pets/daily activities will be helpful. The internet (Uranus) could become more and more a part of her daily life.

With Uranus's natural place right next to her North Node (her personal north star), whatever erratic change Uranus brings her, I think she can always be assured it is part of the divine plan for her life. Unique people will come into her life to shine a light on her own uniqueness.

During Uranus's transit through Taurus Uranus will square her Leo 9th house occupied by her Mercury, Sun and Pluto, what a powerful combination at the top of her chart! She could feel these changes by the time Uranus moves into Taurus (May, 2016), but probably strongest when he actually squares those 9th house planets exactly - around the summer of 2020.

With Uranus transiting all these 9th house planets it is likely that her worldview/beliefs/philosophy will shift. You will be sensing new possibilities, some of which will happen and some that will turn out to be too pie-in-the-sky and unrealistic. This house also rules foreigners, foreign travel, higher education, the media, legal issues, politics, weddings - all these themes could get a shot of Uranus's break-dance.

You could be very intellectually restless. You could need new challenges. You could run into limited beliefs in other people and see what is really holding you back. You could go too far or aim too high. It could be a good time to get the advice of trusted friends - not to change your beliefs, but just to get a bit more grounded. It would be a good time to undertake a new course of study - something that is different than anything you have studied before. Maybe multiple subjects. You might usually go deep, but Uranus may have you going a bit more wide. When traveling expect the unexpected. You could be pulled toward new and unusual travel places and maybe even come back a whole new person. Or maybe you never come back at all!

With Uranus squaring your natal Mercury your mind could be a bit more erratic than usual. You will likely need some kind of mindfulness practice, meditation, tai chi, herbs, etc to calm your nervous system and steady your breathing. Take care of your lungs. Sing!

You could have flashes of mental (Mercury) brilliance (Uranus). Ideas (Mercury) that are ahead of their time (Uranus). Unpredictable (Uranus) speech (Mercury). Shocking (Uranus) language (Mercury) - for you - I don't think you will suddenly turn into a potty mouth, but other people could be surprised by the things you say! Revolutionary (Uranus) ideas (Mercury). Scattered (Uranus) thinking (Mercury). Thinking outside the box or harebrained schemes - it's all possible!

At the same time Uranus will be squaring your Sun (yourself, your ego, life purpose, self-expression) so you won't want to be tied down/held back especially regarding your beliefs. And Uranus will be squaring your natal Pluto, too!

Now, for you because your Pluto, Sun and Mercury have been operating together your whole life - you probably can't tell where one begins and the other leaves off - they are just who you are - quite a dynamic presence I would imagine. This transit will almost certainly not be all these separate things like I am laying out here with these word salads but I think the word-salads can help you get a feel for where all of this could be heading, so you have some time to prepare.

You could face unexpected power struggles. Transformational changes. Fast transformation. The end of knowing what is next - the end of predictability. Power within groups. Awakening to something ... deeper. Pluto and Uranus is a big deal.

The square from Uranus to your natal Sun will bring upheaval. Even though we are talking about your fixed Leo house of your beliefs you have enough mutable/flexible energy to manage this. If you try to maintain a situation even though you are unhappy with it, you will just expend a whole lot of energy that you then won't have when you need it to sort things out later. Go with the flow. You could find yourself needing to take a stand against a father-figure or authority in your life or confront patriarchal conditioning. You could also - with that natal Uranus 7th house - do this through someone else. A man in your life could go through major changes or disruptions when Uranus transits YOUR Sun.

Since these are all squares none of this stuff will come without stress or tension - but nothing important ever does, right. Challenges will appear to come through road blocks, but it is really your Uranus waking and shaking up your fixed Leo energies! The best news for you is your North Node sitting with Uranus assures you that Uranus "breaks" will always land you where your higher self intends you to go. You can trust the process.

I hope something here is helpful #5! xo

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