Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 8th, Part II Mercury Into Capricorn | breaking free from whatever is dragging us under, the decision is made, just when you are ready for a knuckleball you get a curveball, the need to be flexible, but still the decision is made

filament of fate by oprisco

Before we finish up this week by talking about Mercury, let's take another look at TODAY from a different angle (Pluto's!).

Since Pluto has been in Capricorn (2008) we have had the Sun conjuncting (hooking up) with him at some point every January as the Sun moves through Capricorn. This year, and this is exact today, we have the Sun AND Venus conjuncting Saturn at the same time (19 degrees). The Moon, in Libra this morning, but going void at 11:13AM EST through 3:05PM EST, will then move into Pluto ruled Scorpio.

Things are very Plutonian right now.

This is good energy, with the aid of the waning Moon, to release what isn't working:

1. The people and groups who drain our resources - do you feel energized after being with/talking to someone, or depleted? Venus is the ruler of our 2nd house of self-esteem and Pluto rules power. Do these interactions make us feel more or less powerful (self-assured)? Relationships (Venus) can become vampiric (Pluto) when we give too much of our power away. We could also be the vampire draining another person/situation of its energy. Sometimes simply by staying too long at the party ...

2. The things and situations that drain our resources - all those bills that we mindlessly pay through some kind of autopay - let's have a look at them now. What are our goals? Remember we are not the same people we were last year or the year before that. What are our priorities now? The Moon is waning - what expenses can be cut? What are we spending money/time on that doesn't support our integrity/wholeness? How can more of our money/time be freed up?

All this Pluto answering to Saturn (Capricorn/winter) is about pushing us out of our chains (which we are strong enough to break anyway, but like elephants born in a circus we have been trained to think are stronger than we are) - the chains made of fear, procrastination, perfectionism, people-pleasing, clinging to our make-believe safety net, holding onto things that are dead (lifeless). If it feels stagnant - get it moving. If it feels suffocating - this is powerful energy to push that pillow away from our face and stand up.

It's not a time to keep adding more and more into our life and then we sit there with all this stuff all squished together and wonder why nothing is GROWING. Imagine a farmer doing this in her field. Just adding more and more with less and less time to tend to everything and no space for anything to flourish. Be choosy about what you take on now, because all this Capricorn creates a COMMITMENT.

If nothing feels like something you want to commit to - it's time to clear. Imagine your new life - the stuff you can't take with you, that's the stuff that needs to go. All this Pluto could make us a bit ruthless. But remember, the situations we need to separate from, need to separate from us, too. We are as much a strangler as the one being strangled in all 'strangley-type' situations.

Back to Mercury.

On Thursday, Mercury moves into Capricorn after his long (it's been months people!) back and forth journey through Sagittarius. We KNOW "what we believe/need to know" by now. Really you know it. Trust me on this one.

He/she moves over the Galactic Center (28-29 degrees Sagittarius) tomorrow.

(And speaking of the Galactic Center - black hole in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy that astrologically birthed our creative universe - well, after seeing Oprah's speech headlined yesterday in the news at such an important moment for the rising feminine, I pulled up her astrology chart. She has ... wait for it ... although maybe this shouldn't be any great surprise - her ascendant exactly ON the Galactic Center AND those Capricorn degrees that are going to be so uber important, especially for the United States, come 2020 when we have Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter sitting together and interacting with the U.S. chart of 1776, well those degrees are conjunct Oprah's North Node (fated future) and Chiron (wounded healer). Her Sun is also conjunct Venus (exactly - you can't get anymore attractive than this) in Aquarius. You might remember Obama has an Aquarian ascendant and Trump's Sun is conjunct Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), making him an unofficial Aquarian - could Oprah be the next leg of our journey into the Age of Aquarius?! I am not kidding people.)

Back to Mercury. Again.

She/he (Mercury is rather androgynous energy) moves into Capricorn on Thursday and then meets up with Saturn on Saturday. There has been a series of these Mercury/Saturn conjunctions and this is the last one. Thank goodness. Their final meet-up coming in 'serious as a heart attack' Capricorn tells us the idea/conversation - (whatever this is we have been reworking since mid-November) is CLEAR. The boundaries are drawn. The rules are defined. All the words that need to be said have been said.

I would say this is stable and long-lasting because Mercury in Capricorn is very stable and typically creates long-lasting results BUT there are some planetary interactions/disruptions through 'expect the unexpected' Uranus over the weekend that will require us to be flexible. 

The stuff we have been working through will DEFINITELY (see how certain my natal Mercury in Capricorn can be?) be on more steady ground.

The decision we have come to is the decision we have come to.

Just know there could be an unforeseen change or two before the cement is poured. Maybe something that has 'always been done this way' needs a blast of something else.

Mercury meeting Saturn can be Mercury reaching his limit. Something (an idea/communication/sibling issue/transportation issue) has been taken as far as it is going to go. This is the final wall. The last leg. This isn't going any further. It can be a finish line. It can be a "no" but at least now we know.  

It is winter (except where it isn't, but the advice is universal) and the cold (like Capricorn) can make us 'tense up and stiffen' but stay a little loose. If a contract/commitment,etc can wait until next week - work it through for just a couple days longer. Maybe some last minute info comes in. Some plans might have to deal with a curveball or two.

The changes/disruptions this weekend would also play a part in the Capricorn stuff, by sign, included in Part I and could be a totally different thing than this Mercury stuff if these are two different story-lines in your life - we'll talk about this more later in the week.

We've got this thing. Stay frosty.

xo all

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