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afternoon ritual by suckcess

Saturn solidifies his stranglehold on January as Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Black Moon Lilith and Pluto in "serious-as-a-heart-attack" Capricorn.

Mercury has been on a long two month journey (which is normally about a three week journey) through big-picture Sagittarius. Now he/she is finally ready to cover fresh ground!

Think about what Mercury does.

Mercury enables us to align ourselves with information. The ruler of Gemini (and Virgo) he/she has been in her detriment (not able to function at his best) in Sagittarius (Gemini's polarity sign). Mercury likes details. He likes to see the trees and Sagittarius only cares about the forest. We have been moving back and forth with some information/ideas/beliefs over the last two months.

Now Mercury moves into stable and ambitious Capricorn where things are more clearly defined (it is no coincidence U.S. politicians are talking about the wall again). Up is up and down is down. So what is real for us, now, after this Sagittarius journey? What is necessary? What do we keep? And what do we eliminate as distraction, gossip, an old story that no longer needs to be re-told/re-lived or just pie-in-the-sky foolishness?

And remember on Saturday, Mercury is going to meet up with Saturn 

(yes, again, this has been a three-peat also, because of Mercury's retrograde, but this time they are both in Capricorn - a more deep-rooted, but also brick-walled space and a space that Saturn rules). 

and we are close enough to feel this now. 

This is the final page of this chapter. Something ends. Something is given physical form. Something/someone gets a boundary. Someone steps into a responsibility. Someone gets a report card handed to them. Someone has to hear/or say NO. 

What we commit to now we will have to stick with. 

News gets delivered regarding an agreement, contract, responsibility, project AND even though this chapter is ending - next autumn when Saturn goes retrograde the themes of this chapter will be re-visited.

So now we are all dealing with the nuts and bolts of whatever situation we are working through.

If it isn't logical. If it isn't something we can physically touch. If it doesn't really matter. If it doesn't make us/something more effective. If it doesn't make good financial sense. If it doesn't pay the rent. It is on the back burner now.

We are solidly fixated on whatever thing we need to be solidly fixated on ... to survive.

Part of us (yes, the part that wants to be in Disneyworld having breakfast with Mickey) might wish we could look the other way - but we can't do that now.

There is something that must be tended to. Heavy issues could be dealt with over the next week or so. We have a mighty army lined up in the heavens to help us with this, but down here on Planet Earth we could be doing most of the heavy lifting in a very Saturnian way, ie ... all alone.

That's OK. Let's be realistic. What can we do by ourselves with what we have on hand. And how can we wrangle support for the stuff we need help with - hopefully we still have some kind of flock and they haven't all flown south for the winter. Winters can be lonely.

Watch for power struggles.

Watch for any tendency to over-think everything (Aquarius South Node!). Don't try to control everything/everyone. Don't look for guarantees. Don't make yourself crazy, and everyone else crazy, trying to rationalize something.

Just use common sense. You don't have to think to yourself - "what would a left-brained, logical, serious person do?" because YOU are a left-brained, logical, serious person right NOW.

With all this energy in tightly controlled Saturn it is important to

1. not shirk responsibilities
2. meet deadlines
3. live up to our commitments
4. be as productive and effective as we can be - that's it

You don't have to move a mountain or lift a car off an injured kitten - although it might feel like you do.

Watch out for guilt trips.

Meow! Wait, poor kitty - are you just going to leave her there pinned under your BFGoodrich?!

Watch for depressing thoughts. Saturn rules depression because the energy is literally depressing (pressing on) us. How can we re-position ourselves to avoid being crushed?

We need to be smarter than that kitty.

And don't let any Debby-downers into your kitchen for a quick cup of coffee. It won't be quick. Saturn rules boundaries. Lock the door.

The Moon is void almost all day Thursday (9:54AM EST to midnight). The Moon goes void off an opportunistic sextile to lovely Venus, so lots of good stuff can be accomplished today just don't start anything new or do anything you want 'something to come of'.

We can push through any inertia and we can make some real progress. This is also good energy to finish something.

xo all

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