Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 15th - financial and business opportunities, stepping into new responsibilities and goals and stepping back from anything that feels a little too close for comfort, keep a cool head, no dark alley meanderings, intense situations

Winter Birds by Das-Lauralein

Here we go!

On MONDAY, the Moon and a bundle of other planets continue in ambitious Capricorn.

The Moon is in the final hours of its monthly Balsamic Phase of release and time-out (I wrote about this phase a couple years ago for Create and Thrive HERE).

We have Jupiter (in Scorpio) sextiling (opportunity) Pluto (in Capricorn) at 19 degrees (19 degrees Capricorn was also the degree of last week's Venus Star Point).

Jupiter increases Pluto's power. Bigger/deeper transformations are possible now.  

Our faith/confidence in ourselves - or what we are doing - or in someone else - increases.

Results now could come from balls that started rolling around January 6th-8th when Mars - our courage/action/initiative - sextiled Pluto.

This is a culmination aspect so if we took some kind of action then, something good/expansive could come of it now.

We will get this aspect two more times during Jupiter's stay in Scorpio - April 14th (21 degrees) and September 12th (18 degrees) - Scorpio and Capricorn sextiles are good energies for financial and business opportunities.

(also increased intimacy, the wedding of our resources with other people's, opportunity with partner's finances, mortgages, loans, investments, inheritance, reproduction, career, authority, goals and also transformation for Jupiter themes - travel, education,foreign issues, media, marketing, religion, legal issues)

A sextile doesn't get much more more powerful than when a sextile is between Pluto and Jupiter!

So something between now and mid-September is growing, deepening, adjusting - opening up for us in a BIGGER WAY.

There is just no comfortable way to play small this year!

We could be growing/thriving under tremendous pressure, releasing an attachment that is keeping us from moving forward, there could be behind-the-scenes forces working to our benefit - there are too many ways to list for this sextile (opportunity) to play itself out. What houses in your natal chart hold Scorpio and Capricorn - what are the themes of those houses?

Successes here (and we get multiple lucky chances here over the next 9 months to make use of this) bring added power/influence (and maybe more money, honey!).

We could also meet someone now - a mentor/guru type, maybe, although our relationship might not fall into this category - who has a profound impact on us.

With sextiles, action on our part is needed to get the 'whole enchilada', but good things can sometimes get started with minimal effort (work will certainly be required as we move along). Maybe we are in the right place at the right time. Maybe just the right person reads what we have written or sees what we have made. If some kind of opportunity comes up now, especially related to career or finances - I say GRAB IT.

(not in a pushy attack while screaming "It's MINE!", but definitely with BOTH HANDS)

On TUESDAY, we have the New Moon in Capricorn (26 degrees). Start thinking about your New Moon intentions for your Capricorn natal house (what is that house's theme?) and for your work in the world, career, business, ways to solidify any less than solid structures in your life - get things onto firmer ground.

If you are starting something new hold off until at least 5PM EST. You have two weeks to get something going here!

This is Capricorn and Capricorn IS what is happening (with ruler Saturn getting settled in now) over the next couple years, so please let's not miss setting New Moon intentions this month. We won't have another Capricorn New Moon for a year.

This is a really BIG New Moon.

The Moon will be conjunct Venus (what we want - love, money, values, self-esteem), but squaring unpredictable Uranus. So probably not everything will go as planned. Mercury and Black Moon Lilith will meet up in Capricorn at the same time AND Ceres will be conjunct the North Node (in Leo) so this New Moon is all about the ladies - the mother (Moon/Ceres), the woman who cannot be controlled (Lilith) and the lovely maiden (Venus, about to move on into Aquarius).

We'll talk about the New Moon tomorrow. I will write a post. Keep in mind the companion Moon to this New Moon, the Full Moon at the end of the month, will be an eclipse - yes, eclipse season starts in 2 weeks!

On WEDNESDAY, Mars (in Scorpio) inconjuncts (Uranus) in Aries. This is volatile energy - acting on impulse. We, and others, could be headstrong and ambitious now. This could stimulate a kind of restless desire to provoke something. If you have an urge to make a sudden change in your life right now - I would wait a few days!

Arguments could pop up quickly and so could acts of anger or violence. 

We had this same aspect at this exact same degree (Mars has traveled the entire zodiac and Uranus is sitting on the same degree!) on July 15, 2016 - if that date rings any bells for anyone personally.

In the collective we had the Bastille Day terrorist attack in France that killed 84 people, the attempted military coup in Turkey that killed 300 and resulted in 6000 arrests, tens of thousands of Iraqis demonstrated in the streets, classified information on the Saudis ties to 9/11 was released and Trump picked Mike Pence as his running mate.

Also Game of Thrones garnered 23 Emmy nominations - winter is coming here.

Don't wander down any dark alleys. You know the drill. 

Also on Wednesday, the Moon, and beautiful Venus say "hasta-la-vista baby" to buttoned-up Capricorn and shift into future leaning and love the one you're with Aquarius.

Aquarian and Aquarius rising people get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. All of our natal Aquarius houses get more attractive, too.

The unusual, the out of place, the "I've never seen that before!" will catch our eye. If you are marketing something, for the next month focus on what makes it different. Odd is the new black. Beauty is more than skin deep. Instead of being attracted to the sameness we find in others, we will find ourselves more drawn to those who are different from us

Unusual ways of making money and spending/investing money, could present themselves over the next 23 days.

In Aquarius, social Venus becomes more detached. She values her space and so is able to allow other people theirs, too. If we begin some kind of relationship now - business or personal - know this need for freedom and individuation will be one of the cornerstones it is built on.

Since Venus rules love, money, women, beauty and our values - all of these areas get a shot of something new and different now. Aquarius is a fixed sign and changes (especially changes that are future or humanitarian oriented) made now have a way of sticking. 

On THURSDAY, we are still dealing with the Mars/Uranus inconjunct and now have both the Moon and Venus in Uranus ruled Aquarius. This is alot of energy focused on liberation.

We could be taking a big step back from anything that feels smothering now.

The Moon (in Aquarius) will square Jupiter (in Scorpio) in the evening - watch for revealing too much within a public or group setting. You might have the urge to post something online more personal than what you would normally post. People could be moody - moods subject to change. Good energy for socializing just avoid anything too over-the-top.

On FRIDAY, the Moon moves into dreamy Pisces mid-day and we have Mercury (in Capricorn) sextiling (opportunity) Neptune (in Pisces). Since the Moon is void until 3:36PM EST anyway, it could be a good day for working with our imaginations, healing words, writing, creativity, meditation. Any part of our work that could benefit from working with fantasy and inspiration would be a good use of our time today. This wouldn't be the best day for a serious meeting because things will tend to drift off-course and not be followed up on. It could also be a time when something else, maybe that New Year's resolution?, jumps a rail.

On Friday night, the Sun moves into Aquarius, kicking off Aquarius season. The Aquarius Sun always offers us an opportunity to step back (detach/disentangle) and look at the big picture. It's energy pushes us to step outside the box and try something else. It allows us to put some space between us and that challenging, draining situation.

As always with Aquarius - detachment is helpful until it isn't anymore. 

Try not to over-think everything and waste the next few weeks of this innovative energy. The way it used to work, whatever "it" is, isn't going to work now. 

xo all

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