Weekend Forecast for Creatives | a weekend to relax, heal, dream and create - burning Aquarius fuel now, digging our heels in

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On Friday, we have Mercury (thinking, communication, ideas, siblings, local environment) sextile (opportunity) Neptune (dreams, imagination, art, healing, escape).

The Moon is void most of the workday. We could dream this day away and it wouldn't be a bad thing. This is not a good time to make an important decision because our thinking could be cloudy or rose-tinted. If all the Capricorn weight has had us a bit depressed, this weekend's energy could act as a balm for that. It could also make us more sentimental and sensitive, even more vulnerable, so keep that in mind, too.

This is excellent energy for creative writing, working on a website's verbiage, researching healing information, meditating or making art or music. Words heal. Words create. Opportunities come through artists, healers and Piscean people now (strong Pisces or Neptune).  

Affirmations are very powerful now.

After the void - 3:25PM EST - the Moon moves into dreamy Pisces for the weekend. The same themes continue. This is excellent energy to relax. I can't overstate this because this month has been challenging already and eclipse season is approaching. RELAX. Addictions tend to worsen under Piscean Moons, so watch for that.

The Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius today and even though Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, too, with both Venus and the Sun in Aquarius now, something should feel less pressing. Maybe it isn't actually less pressing, but events will conspire to give us a little space.

The Sun's move into Aquarius means we are all burning Uranian fuel now.

Our groups, our causes, what we do with technology, what we do on the internet, being ourselves, working with things/people/situations that are different could be more of a focus.

Our ancestors came out of hibernation now (Capricorn), and sick to death of green beans, made their way into the community to trade their extra beans for somebody else's extra cans of peaches. They traded stories and remedies, too. In modern times, in modern ways, these rituals continue.

We are going to talk alot about Aquarius this month once eclipse season gets started.

We also have Pallas Athena (warrior, strategies - considered the strongest Goddess to the ancients, who surely understood her better than we do) moving from Aries into Taurus today.

Her move at the kick off to Aquarius season flavors the next few weeks.

In Taurus, our best strategies will be focused on something solid - things we can touch, taste and smell. Plans are grounded and focused on the here and now. This could clash with Aquarius's focus on the future, so maybe there is some tension between what we have to do to stay safe and secure and comfortable and what we want to do to move into the future. With both the Sun and Pallas in fixed signs - we could be digging one heel in the NOW and one heel in the FUTURE.

We'll talk about this as we move through it, too.

For now, for the weekend - meditate, go to the movies, read, relax, create. If something needs healing - create a solid plan/strategy (Pallas) for it that is both practical (Taurus) in terms of what can be done with our actual resources on hand AND future-leaning (Aquarius) - somehow innovative in our approach.

xo all


lynn bowes said...

"sick to death of green beans" made me laugh out loud. Believe me, I get it.

More later :: xo

Catherine Ivins said...

xo back Lynn!