MARS Action | getting past that roadblock, moving toward our heart's desire, cray-cray drama, stand-offs, we won't see this weekend's energy again for hundreds of years, drag your tired a** to the station, get this stuff into the DNA of SOMETHING

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While we slept last night, or didn't sleep (as the blizzard winds blew here) the Moon slipped from bombastic Leo into efficient and organized Virgo.

Having the Moon in a mutable (flexible) sign should help us with this weekend's BIG energies. People don't think of Virgos as flexible, because the sign is mutable earth - and earth is solid, yes, but think about what the skilled hands of a potter can do with clay - so often making something both beautiful and practical.

Virgo is able to adapt and change direction when it is realistically required (logical, useful).

The Moon makes a trine (brakes off) to Saturn (in Capricorn) early in the day - we are able to be resourceful and get things done.

Interactions with authority or stepping into our own authority moves smoother. We get emotional satisfaction (Moon) from doing our Saturn - our job, the work, shoveling the snow. If you do not have any snow - there is surely something else that needs shoveling - another mess to clean up!

We have Mars (in Scorpio) squaring the North (Leo) and South (Aquarius) Nodes at 15 degrees. We could find ourselves fighting a battle we've fought before or hitting one more roadblock (did i say snow-pocalypse already?) between the place we are planted and the place our heart wants to be.

This was strongly in play yesterday during the heart of the storm here but I lost power and couldn't write about it - speaking of blocked!

Think about what this North Node (collective way forward) in Leo and the South Node (collective release point) in Aquarius is all about. Leo is ruled by the Sun. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Both are active now, too. Leo follows Cancer. We step away from the home, the family, our safe space. We get on a train, waving good-bye to our crying mother at the station and head to the big city to find our fortune. Aquarius follows Capricorn. We have arrived at the top of that mountain and now we reach our hand back to pull up the next girl.

These are two sides of the same coin - (Leo) the energetic, fiery girl following her heart toward her natural spotlight and (Aquarius) the mature, thinking woman having worked her way to the top reaching back to help someone else up that mountain.

Our collective way forward now is Leo (yes, even if you are a mature woman - channel that girl!) - following our heart, living generously because we are brave and can trust there is enough for all of us, offering the world the stuff we are most proud of. Where is Leo in your natal chart? Where is your Sun? Give the world some of that. 

Remember the South Node is in Aquarius until next autumn allowing us to release negative Aquarian energy in preparation of Pluto's long journey here starting in 2023.

We could feel abandoned. We could get annoyed when people don't fall into line behind us - when our plans are not their plans.

With any tension/crisis now - Lean Into LEO - follow our heart.

Oxygen mask on our own face first (not giving what we don't have to give). Being generous (giving what we do have knowing there is plenty more for us out there). Not getting lost in the future. Not getting lost in the crowd. Not overthinking.

If we are wasting our time involved in other people’s dramas, lost in the enticingly anonymous web of the internet and avoiding our responsibilities/not hearing the beat of the hearts right in front of us, if we are stingy and selfish or playing "king of the hill", if we are staying detached and un-involved and don't move toward the things that move us, if we find ourselves pissed off when other people get the spotlight/the promotion/the big sale or if we are shocking other people just to shock them -

we are out of balance here.

Any crisis points this week could be the wake-up call we need!

All the planets are full steam ahead now and we won't see this forward-ho energy for the rest of year. 

I know we are tired and the snow is piling up and the winds are blowing, but we really DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS TRAIN. Yes, there will be other trains, but this is absolutely the most direct route. Drag yourself to the station, people!

Mars is also squaring Ceres tonight (retrograde in Leo) so this could all be playing out within a parent/child relationship or whatever is happening could be re-enacting childhood patterns. If someone is sounding just like mommy or daddy or we are - maybe it is time we re-parented ourselves! Stop. Take a breath. What do we really want here?

This weekend's energy is BIG. And we have access to it right now. We have Mars (after his tangle over, around or through the Nodes) conjunct Jupiter (expansion) at 17 degrees Scorpio - exact tomorrow. We won't see Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio again for hundreds of years!

If you have planets or points near this degree it is an especially helpful time to GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT.

This is energy for things to be over-the-top and we can see this in the collective news.

The same energy will play out in our own lives to varying degrees. Cray-cray drama and standoffs are possible. As fiery Mars conjuncts expansive Jupiter (in Scorpio) we want to be working with this power surge in the best, most positive ways we can! Early next week Venus and Pluto are joining the party, too.

Remember that North Node in Leo - it is time to bring our most heartfelt desires into real life (Saturn in Capricorn!) - don't look back, don't over-think it (Aquarius!) - just take a step forward. Be brave. Lions are brave, right?

Stuff started now will have the energy of these days in its DNA - next week is an excellent time to start/do something, too!

We will look at this by sign this weekend.

Then we head into the Capricorn-pocalypse. Your Capricorn house is about to be your ONLY house and babies born in a couple weeks will be TITANS. Seriously. We will talk about that over the weekend!

For more info please check the WEEKLY.

xo all

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