Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 29th - eclipse season! - making our lives rich with purpose, cosmic course correction, what are we nurturing, what needs greater cooperation, breaking repeating cycles, a famous break-up, needs vs wants, mama drama, change, disruption, needing room to breath, the heart of the lion, something is eclipsed out of our life or out of our way

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ECLIPSE WEEK - so get extra rest and stay hydrated! Some of the major aspects for the week ahead are:

January 28th - Mercury square Uranus, Mercury square Eris
January 30th - Venus conjunct South Node opposing North Node
January 31st - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius (11 degrees), Mercury into Aquarius
February 3rd - Sun conjunct South Node opposing North Node
February 4th - Venus square Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars

On MONDAY, the Moon is in sensitive Cancer - we could be feeling more emotional. Maybe focused on home and family or real estate/renovation/home business. With an early trine (brakes off) to dreamy Neptune (strong in Pisces) - this would be a good day to make art, be forgiving, be compassionate, meditate, heal or just drift off course with whatever we had planned to do.

Anything that is all left-brain work with little need for imagination is going to be hard going today. The night could bring some disruptions and power plays with the Moon opposing Pluto, but we should be able to put whatever is happening to bed on a good note, if we stay awake until at least 11:38PM EST when the Moon trines benevolent Jupiter.

Keep in mind we are still being influenced by the weekend's square between Mercury (in Sagittarius) and Uranus and Eris (in Aries). This could bring unexpected news/information - some of it could provoke a response. Conversations/communications can be difficult. With Eris involved situations that make us feel "less than" or "left out" will be especially prone to pushing our buttons.

The Sun is in Aquarius now - detach a bit from whatever is happening. Take a breath. This aspect could also bring - innovative ideas, mental distractions, all of us being more prone to blurting out stuff we wouldn't normally say/express. Avoid over-reactions. With Mercury changing signs tomorrow, the conversation is changing anyway - so is what we are saying actually helpful? Maybe it is. Maybe it needs to be said now. But maybe the words can wait to be seeded into more fertile grounds.

On TUESDAY, the Moon (still in Cancer) squares Uranus while we are sleeping - possible disruptions and changes to our normal routine in the a.m. The Moon goes void from 11:40AMEST to 1:53PM EST then moves into attention-seeking, big-hearted Leo. We will need to be noticed, loved and appreciated. We will feel the build-up to tomorrow's BIG Full Moon - if we aren't already feeling it! In the evening the Moon trines (brakes off) Mars. This is a good time to take action on creative projects, play with children, be romantic, take a gamble - have some fun.

Venus (love, money, values, self-esteem, women, beauty) conjuncts the South Node of what we are releasing and opposes our Leo North Node (path forward). Maybe something here about releasing any idealized vision of what something we want or something we think will make us happy should look like. Or letting go of something we used to want/love to free up our hands for something else that is calling to our heart now.

An old love could show up to liberate us. Maybe a woman is saying good-bye.

Something here (Venus/Nodes of Fate) could connect to Saturday, February 3rd, when the Sun lights up this same space.

Tuesday night might be the best night to get out and walk in the Full Moon! Don't miss it!

WEDNESDAY is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo/Aquarius. The Moon is a Blue Moon (second Full Moon of the month), a Super Moon (closer to the earth so appearing larger) AND a Lunar Eclipse (happening on the North/South nodal access). Did I say BIG?! And Mercury moves into Aquarius - making fast-paced Mercury very happy. Watch for a BIG post on Monday.

On THURSDAY, we start the day with a Void Moon - the Moon having finished its journey through Leo as we slept. Not a good morning to start something new or initiate anything we want "something to come of". A good example of this is Obama's second term in office, sworn in during a Void Moon, and now being steadily dismantled by Trump. A good morning for practiced, regular work. Expect a possible curve ball.

The Moon moves into organized and practical Virgo at 2:13PM EST. Good for well-defined work - dotting our i's and crossing our t's - a focus on our health, our pets or co-workers. For the next couple days we are better at dealing with the details of the situation. Our hands are more cooperative for physical projects.

In the evening the Moon squares Mars (traffic?) and then moves on to trine Saturn. Maybe strong emotions surface, maybe we have extra energy. A square from Virgo (Moon) to Sagittarius (Mars) could be tension between what we want/want to do and what we actually have/have to do or what is more practical. The later trine to Saturn (10:21PM EST) looks like responsibility/authority wins this round. We get satisfaction from doing what we have to do/doing a good job. Or maybe we are just worn out and fall asleep.

FRIDAY, may or may not be sunny enough to illuminate the groundhog's shadow (Groundhog Day/Candlemas) - wait, do we want him to see his shadow or don't we?! - but we could feel foggy with the Virgo Moon opposing Neptune in Pisces.

We are more sensitive and able to pick up energies from other people.

Our bad mood could belong to that guy on our left - yes, that guy, the one with those cool aviator sunglasses and the scowl.  

We could want to escape/sleep in/look for something we have lost, but we will most likely have to get to work.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter and trines Pluto in the late evening and Mercury makes some good aspects - making for a good date night or night to socialize with friends.

The weekend has some important aspects we will talk about in a later post.

Watch for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse post on Monday! Remember days are when aspects are most exact, but events can transpire as the planets move into aspect and separate, too.

xo all

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