Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn, Mars sextiles both | getting serious, thoughts become things, confidence needed, yes - you need a strategy

***by Daizy-M

Today we have a retrograde Mercury (news, information, communication) meeting up with Saturn (limits, responsibilities, authority, time) while both planets sextile (opportunity) Mars (in Libra).

Whatever Mercury retrograde has us - re-working, re-visiting, re-doing, re-thinking, re-leasing - will be front and center now.

Mercury conjunct Saturn is a repeating aspect. We had this on November 28th and it repeats again next month when both planets have moved into Capricorn - that's when we get the final, final.

In the meantime, whatever is happening now will be re-looked at. Maybe some discussion is dragging on. Maybe a firm commitment isn't looking quite so firm or a finish-line has been moved.

Today's sextile (opportunity) with active Mars in diplomatic Libra tells us headway can be made now. If we must deal, yes, one more time, with another tough problem/decision some progress can be made here - you are a General, you need a strategy.

What are your priorities? What are your responsibilities? Where are your boundaries? What action can you take now - remember the Universe can use whatever action you take to get you where you need/want to be.

While Mercury and Saturn are still in optimistic Sagittarius, the way through this is a type of confident and expectant fearlessness. 

And taking action from that space.

Thinking - "of course things are going my way" and then, before we know it, they actually are. Our heads/words (Mercury) are creating the concrete/foundation (Saturn) the next few years are built with.

Realize any delays or slow-downs now are part of the process. Where have our limiting beliefs about what is possible for us kept us boxed in?

There is some connection between that and whatever is happening now.

Notice the way our thoughts become literal things we can touch today - there is magic afoot people!

xo all

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