Today's Astrology Forecast | September 9, 2019 - the gentle melancholy of autumn, confusion, stay practical, get organized, follow the next step, play by the rules, modernize the old stuff, no big leaps today

The Cappy Moon is void throughout the entire workday today (EDT) and will move into humanitarian Aquarius at 5:25PM EDT focusing us on group goals, our causes, our Aquarius natal houses, the internet - for the next couple days.

After today, it might be easier to detach our emotions a bit from all the Virgo pressure to get things done. That void Moon makes today best for practiced processes, so we aren't doing something and then having to do it all over again when the Moon is direct. The void Moon is not a good time to start something brand new. Expect some twists and turns.

We talked about this week in the Monthly part II HERE.

There is alot of Mars this week - so a time of action, initiative, passion and also the potential for ANGER.

The next post will be the Full Moon in Pisces which will include alot of this week's energetics. There is the potential for this week to brings GOOD news, etc, but also for things to be 'too good to be true' or hopes to be too inflated. So we have to stay realistic this week. Keep moving forward. Expect to be busy. Take breaks when needed.

Mercury (communication, out thinking, information) makes some complicated aspects this morning that could indicate hurtful conversations/blocks that make us want to give up/turn around - again, we'll just keep moving forward. Measured steps. A void Moon in cold Capricorn could feel like there is no soft space to fall.

Please no looking backward (yes, there was some good stuff back there, but some not so good stuff we have been glossing over for TOO long) - just do the next thing. 

The Sun is opposite Neptune so things won't be clear right now. 

This can be confusing/disappointing. Someone could be lying to us. Something could look better/easier than it actually is. If we have been working too hard, we could get sick, so we can take a break. If we have been escaping too much - situations will smack us down and bring what needs to get done to our attention.

It's not the day for a big, crazy move with Sun/Neptune and a Void Moon, so chill a bit AND get things done/organized. Does this make sense? Is there anything useful here? It's not clear to me either. This day looks kind of draining, maybe sad, let's give ourselves and other people a break.

Offer compassion. Keep moving forward. Avoid that rear-view mirror. Mars is trining Saturn - so play by the rules. Work toward long term goals. Focus on the details. Do the new thing the way grandpa/grandma would have done it. Or the old thing in a new way.

xo all

I came back from a walk yesterday at our local reservoir, to find my car's right side rearview mirror smashed up - that, plus my cranky neck/shoulder/arm (also right side), is a strong indication to me I need to stop looking behind me (my favorite view lately- ugh!) ... and maybe I need to park in a less crowded lot. Which means a longer walk - something I know I should be prioritizing (that 'finding the time' thing) ..

photo by the talented Natalia Drepina


Cynthia said...

I love reading your post's. Thank you so much!

Catherine Ivins said...

hugs back Cynthia! - Cat :)