The Astrology of September 2019 | part 1 - this is the way the patriarchy ends

I need to take a blog break for a bit, so let's take a good, long look at September, with a 3-part post this week, before I go!

September is a HUGE month.

We have alot of Virgo energy for the first two weeks.

SMALL PICTURE - Virgo! We are, and have been, focused on the details of something (maybe on a health or work issue, maybe that Cancer real estate/home, home business/family business, mothering issue from Eclipse season, maybe on the Virgo house theme from our natal chart) - working hard, fixing, editing, being practical, grinding away at something. 

BIG PICTURE - Saturn! Saturn has been retrograde in Capricorn since April 29th where he has been traveling near the South Node (what we are releasing, what's time has past, old commitments and responsibilities, old work, our ancestral inheritance) - slowing everything down. We talked about Saturn's retrograde this year HERE. He stationed at 20 degrees Capricorn and will have moved back to 13 degrees when he stations direct on September 18th (this is the space Pluto was traveling back in 2014, so there could be connections now to what was happening then, and in particular, what is culminating, showing a result or ENDING now).

We are being asked to RELEASE a commitment, a karmic obligation, a story from an ancestor's life or one of our own past lives.

AND we have to do this in a responsible way.

We are asked to take BACK the responsibility for our own energy.

A load is coming off our back, but some of us are so used to carrying a load that we are hanging onto it for dear life or we run right out and pile another load on to weigh ourselves down. Let's try not to commit to anything too quickly right now. Commitments made with Saturn on the South Node - because remember he is OPPOSING the North Node of our future - will be written in cement. There is right timing with this culmination point. Nothing could have happened any faster, any differently than it is happening/ending. This is HOW it was going to happen. No regrets. OK? Endings bring new beginnings, always.

Saturn on the South Node brings up this karma (you can't stay here any longer, you must come unstuck, you can't keep avoiding this) - focuses us HERE - says 'DIG!". The opposition to the North Node has meant we could not move forward until this hole was dug - this job done, this commitment lived up to, this responsibility seen through to the end, this sh*t ended.

This is the patriarchal crap we are all here to play a role in SHIFTING.

This is about us being in charge of our own lives! Old roles/responsibilities are ending.

Saturn is in his home sign of Capricorn. Once he stations direct in mid September (the 18th, but we will feel him slowing to station sooner than that), he will be full-steam-ahead on his journey to meet Pluto in January 2020. There won't be any stopping him.

So, any unfinished business in our life needs to be taken care of NOW.

The first two weeks of September.

When Saturn stations direct mid-month the chickens come home to roost. Responsibilities can get heavier. Limits are felt. Deals sealed. People put a ring on it. Karma. Cause and effect. This can as easily be reward as punishment. Respect for a job well done. The Capricorn situation shifts gears.

Until then there is alot of energy to move through.

By the time Saturn meets the South Node (for his third and FINAL time) on September 28th - this thing FINALLY WRAPS UP.

This is what we are working toward in September.

(Also a heads up we can look ahead to November 8th when we get Saturn's third and final trine to Neptune - this year's BEST repeating aspect. Making the dream real. The sacrifice to build something more solid and lasting. There is a final move to be made here. A hand still to be played ....)

This is all a step on the road through the ending of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius - this is the way the patriarchy ends, folks ...

BIGGER PICTURE - We are living through the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius - this is unlike any time in our history. We cannot sleep through these important times. We are awake and if it takes a smack in the face or a rock to our head to wake us up that is what we will get. As painful as it is, it is a privilege to be alive now.

We are the people who are living through the ending of the Abrahamic religions - the story of a male God - a messiah, a son of God/holy prophet that forms the idea that God is a man. This shifted the balance of power so that the female had no God. The religions separated us. The religions taught us to get to God we had to go through man, they told us who we were, they told us who we were "better than".

This story of separation is crumbling.

Slowly and rapidly. And it is reshaping our world. Everything is changing. The nature of the masculine and the feminine. Our relationships. Our nationalities. The planet. Everyone is participating in this transition from one form of life to another. We are entering a Galactic Community where the idea of an earth-centered God doesn't exist - where God is an organic force.

We are going to get there, but how we get there depends on what we do now. Some things that look/feel like they are stabilizing us are actually keeping us stuck/holding us back, so they are falling apart. We've built our house on sand simply by doing what generations of other people have done. By doing what we've done before (past lives/ancestral story). By buying into a hierarchical world that is dying. This is all shifting and it can be some scary sh*t because it is nothing we have experienced before and our bodies are made to crave what is familiar. Also because many of us have lived through cataclysm and those memories, stored deep in our cells and soul, are awakened now. This isn't easy. Life on planet Earth is not for sissies.

Here are the transits for September (and I have surely missed some!).

Look at the patterns.

The story of September is told through the patterns (and archetypes).

We'll unpack the rest of the month in Part II later in the week when we look at some of these:

SEPTEMBER 1st - Mercury trines Uranus, Venus trines Saturn
SEPTEMBER 2nd - Mars conjuncts the Sun, Venus squares Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 3rd - Mercury conjuncts the Sun and Mars, Venus sextiles North Node
SEPTEMBER 4th - Venus opposes Neptune
SEPTEMBER 5th - Mercury trines Saturn
 SEPTEMBER 6th - 1st Quarter Moon Sagittarius, Sun trines Saturn, Mercury squares Jupiter and sextiles the North Node, Venus trines Pluto
SEPTEMBER 7th - Mercury opposes Neptune
SEPTEMBER 8th - Sun squares Jupiter and sextiles the North Node, Mercury trines Pluto
SEPTEMBER 9th - Mars trines Saturn
SEPTEMBER 10th - Jupiter inconjunct the North Node, Sun opposes Neptune
SEPTEMBER 11th - Mars sextiles the North Node
SEPTEMBER 12th - Mars squares Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 13th - Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trines Pluto
SEPTEMBER 14th - Full Moon in Pisces, Mercury and Venus enter Libra, Mars opposes Neptune
SEPTEMBER 16th - Mercury opposes Chiron
SEPTEMBER 17th - Venus opposes Chiron, Mercury inconjunct Uranus
SEPTEMBER 18th - Saturn stations direct
SEPTEMBER 19th - Mars trines Pluto, Venus inconjunct Uranus
SEPTEMBER 21st - Jupiter squares Neptune
SEPTEMBER 22nd - Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, Mercury squares Saturn and the North Node & South Node
SEPTEMBER 23rd - Sun enters Libra
SEPTEMBER 24th  - Mercury inconjunct Neptune, Mercury sextiles Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 25th - Venus squares Saturn and the North Node & South Node
SEPTEMBER 26th - Mercury squares Pluto, Sun opposes Chiron
SEPTEMBER 27th - Venus inconjunct Neptune
SEPTEMBER 28th - New Moon in Libra, Saturn conjuncts the South Node, Venus sextiles Jupiter
SEPTEMBER 29th - Sun inconjunct Uranus

We looked at the first week in the weekly HERE. We'll look at some of the rest next post, later in the week. No dailies this week - need to rest my neck/shoulder/arm/hand AND somehow pack up thousands of pounds of metal which sounds like two things very much in disagreement with each other, but are actually both the untangling of some very old and very rusty knots. Yikes!

My job, as the world shifts this month - what is your job?

xo all

photo by the amazing Sea-of-Ice

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