Today's Astrology Forecast | September 11, 2019 - clearing our head, a monkey wrench, incorporating something else, smart moves we've made before, finishing up old responsibilities

The Aquarius Moon went void at 1:22 AM EDT off a sextile to Jupiter. She will be void (not talking to any other planets) until 5:52AM tomorrow when she moves into Pisces (we move from our head into our emotions, from detachment to connection).

In the meantime, we can use that closing Jupiter sextile to get alot done today - time gets stretchy - probably best to focus on what is finishing up, production, etc and NOT on starting anything brand new. Stay optimistic.

The unconnected Aquarius Moon - especially with the lack of air planets we have been experiencing - can be good energy to 'clear our head' or 'clear the air' - whatever this means to you.

The Moon will inconjunct (not an aspect considered with her Void status, but a powerful 'rock and a hard place' energy) the Virgo Sun at 18 degrees.

So, we have this practical AND powerful agenda going on (Virgo Sun), we are dotting our I's and crossing our T's, getting organized, fixing something up and NOW a monkey wrench (the Aquarius Moon) is thrown into the mix. Something new has to be taken into consideration. Maybe an Aquarius (or Uranian) person upsets the apple cart or a change needs to incorporated into our carefully orchestrated plans. Maybe we feel so detached from what we are doing we need to question why we are doing it.

At the same time Mars (following Mercury and Venus) now trines (brakes off) the South Node (past). Mars is in reasonable, one-step-at-a-time, quality over quantity Virgo - now he (as us) can be taking action in a Virgo manner maybe focused on finishing up old responsibilities and commitments (the South Node). 

Keep in mind we don't want to get too caught up in old stuff (stepping back into old commitments we have released, finished with) - hopefully the Aquarius Moon (although void, so not as powerful, but also uncorrupted) will give us just enough air (clear thinking) to be able to tell the difference.

We can also use Mars trine the South Node to take action based on what we have done before. Smart moves we have made in the past (not big leaps, but sensible behaviors/actions to get what we want) can benefit us now.

I hope something here is helpful - hopefully I can get the Full Moon (Friday) post up tonight. Keep in mind we want to be taking action now - we are beginning to move into Libra season at the end of this week - more challenging because we will start to move into squares with all the Capricorn energies over the next few weeks.

So, what we can get accomplished now - let's get on that.

xo all

photo by the amazing oprisco

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