Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 16th - daddy's home, the delays are over, courage and ambition, not a week to bet the farm, challenging conversations and news

Another BIG week - we have a major repeating aspect and Saturn stationing direct!

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY - Mercury and then Venus (both in Libra now) oppose Chiron in Aries
WEDNESDAY - Saturn stations direct at 14 degrees Capricorn
SATURDAY - Jupiter squares Neptune (third of three times this year)
SUNDAY - Mercury squares Saturn (and the North and South Nodes)

On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY - Mercury and then Venus will oppose Chiron in Aries. Relationship are challenging as old and deep wounds are triggered by words and information. Diplomacy/cooperation will be difficult. Conversations painful. No matter how hard we try we almost can't say the right thing. And keep in mind as other people's words trigger old wounds buried deep inside us, they can't say the right thing either! Surrender. Apologize. We are moving to HIGHER ground, folks.

On WEDNESDAY - Saturn stations direct at 14 degrees Capricorn.

Daddy's home. What have we done with the time (since April) he has been gone? We are held accountable now. Have we been responsible? Did we cut the grass and take out the trash? Rewards can come in for hard work. There can also be discipline for slacking off OR a bigger kick in the ass that points us (or our work) in a new direction.

Karmic endings could be triggered.

Old stories that have played themselves out and need to end, will.

Goals/career situations that have been in a kind of suspended animation will start to move FORWARD.

Unstable situations can stabilize. Saturn will be full steam ahead for the rest of his journey through his home sign. The delays are over.

For some, this will begin the most powerful career (or Cappy house theme) momentum in our LIFETIME. By mid-January ALL of our Saturn/Cappy story-lines will have experienced BIG changes.

At the same time we have Mars (in Virgo) trining a retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.

Courage. Confidence. Ambition. A strong will to succeed. Excellent energy to power our way through challenging tasks - one step at a time - still Mars in practical Virgo!

On SATURDAY - Jupiter (in Sagittarius) squares Neptune (in Pisces) for the third and final time.

We had this aspect in January and then again in June.

We talked about this in last week's Full Moon post HERE.

Neptune says let go, relax, have another drink, go back to sleep, to channel my inner Jersey girl "fugget about it". Jupiter says MORE, leap, "I'll have some of what's she's having".  

Squares are tension/stress - something is exaggerated. Too good to be true maybe or we take something too far. Overwhelming. Over-indulgent. Over-something.

Maybe our faith is tested now via a disappointment.

This is not a good time to be overly optimistic. Don't bet the farm. Don't lend money you want to ever see again. Avoid drugs/alcohol/gambling.

If one more thing (remember this is a repeating aspect so won't be something totally new) is going to hit us this week, this will be when it does.

After these guys begin to unwind more and more clarity and access to all the gold nuggets promised by Jupiter in Sagittarius will start to come in!

Keep in mind that Jupiter in Sag is all about having faith. The gift of having faith isn't that we get the thing we want. The gift is the changes that come to us through the act of HAVING FAITH.

What's that Course in Miracles quote - "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." Something like that. Please don't make me google. 

Since this is the third of three - clarity could come in now. Release.

On SUNDAY - Mercury (in Libra) moves into square with Saturn and the Nodes.

Serious conversations. Challenging information. Sobering news.

Possibly around work vs family (or our Cappy vs Cancer natal themes).

Mercury in Libra wants kind words and cooperation and for everybody to just get along and this won't be easy. There are rules, limits, boundaries. Responsibilities. Difficult conversations with authority. We've got air now, so let's think before we speak. Watch what we are agreeing/committing to now because we WILL be held accountable for it. Maybe we are not liking what we are hearing. Maybe the answer is no. Our thinking could be negative or depressive. With the Nodes of Fate triggered this normally fast and fleeting aspect gains greater importance, so pay attention.

We'll talk about all of this as we move through the week and factor in the very important lunar energies!

xo all

Heads up the Moon goes void around noon Monday EDT until Tuesday morning, so no sleeping in on Monday - get it done early!

photo by the talented quadratiges

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