Today's Astrology Forecast | September 27, 2019 - busy, productive, overwhelmed but good progress in the end, don't go blindly crashing into new spaces, finish up

Our organized and practical Virgo Moon is UBER busy and we might be feeling this, too -

try not to let a need for perfection make you cray-cray now -

she trined Saturn at 4;49AM EDT (productivity, progress, getting stuff done), opposes a retrograde Neptune at 9:21AM EDT (clouding our thinking, maybe hard to prioritize/organize, maybe someone else or an outside situation appears to be taking us off our game/away from our plan, loss, emotional endings), squares Jupiter at 1:44AM EDT (expansion, something is over-the-top, overwhelm) trines Pluto at 3:19PM EDT and finally goes void at 11:57PM EDT off a conjunction with Mars.

The trine to Pluto in the late afternoon is grounded and productive. Good for business. Good for dealing with power situations/authority.

Venus is inconjunct (rock and hard place) Neptune. This is tricky energy and even trickier with Black Moon Lilith (the outsider female energy) sitting with Neptune. We could be attracted to aspects of other people we aren't seeing clearly. Maybe these aspects don't even exist. We somehow can't tell what is valuable or are pushing the stuff we don't want to deal with under the rug. This could trip us up.

The New Moon tomorrow is opening all of us to new relationships and changes within existing relationships!

That post is NEXT.

For today, the Moon is dark. Don't go blindly crashing into new spaces. There is no support for making a big/new decision now - so don't make one. Finish up. Clear your inbox and workbench. 

xo all

photo by the talented thailinh

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