Today's Astrology Forecast | September 10, 2019 - something unexpected, a need for liberation, one step at a time, balancing work and rest, shifting cycles

The Aquarius Moon's only aspect today is a 5:57AM EDT square to co-ruler Uranus.

Hubs woke up from a nightmare.

I was cheating on him with a guy named John - which John? We know alot of Johns. 

"Jon Hamm?", I asked.
"You know. The guy from Mad Men?"
"What, NO!" (he says this a little too loudly, irritating me)

He thought his head would explode trying to remember.

(luckily, last I saw him, eyeing me suspiciously from the open front door on his way out of the house, his head was still attached to his neck)

Unpredictable emotions, feeling nurtured by something new. A yearning for freedom. With an all-day Void Moon yesterday and another one tomorrow (courtesy of so many planets bundled together now and if you feel all alone in whatever you have going on this is one of the reasons!) - if something needs to be launched or sent out into the world early this week and we need something to come of it - this would be the day.

Just keep in mind erratic Uranus's need to make even a straight line into something else. Maybe a smiley face, maybe a fire-breathing dragon, maybe even Jon Hamm.

The Sun opposes Neptune - we talked about this yesterday (and if you felt this yesterday, today should be more stable/decisive for you). Confusion. Something dissolves. Wet weather. A feeling of being all wet/washed up.

Know we are building toward next week's exact Jupiter/Neptune square AFTER which this long term, repeating transit will start to unwind. With elusive and foggy Neptune out of Jupiter's cross-hairs - the overwhelm dissolves, the treasure will be visible, justice can prevail, our good luck will stop disappearing! 

For now we have to contend with things being up in the air - we don't know what we don't know/can't see what we can't see. Things in the mirror are closer than they appear (so let's stop looking there!).

Focused action this week - that Mars/Saturn trine. We are doing the step by step thing focused on a long term strategy. Doing it right. Quality. Make it stable.

Don't sit around waiting for Neptune to move off Jupiter (for someone to get theirs, for you to get yours) - we have to take the action THIS WEEK to be in the right place when the fog lifts. This is Virgo season, so NOT about big, splashy moves just do the next practical, solid thing.

Mars is moving into square with Jupiter - more options, more to do, maybe more overwhelm. Mercury is FLYING through Virgo.

That Neptune opposition can be good energy for forgiveness work, healing, letting go of burdensome bullsh*t we collected through our own porous boundaries. Or at least a light is tossed on this stuff from outside influences.

Hold on very, very loosely.

Neptune/Sun is good energy to make art, dance, get some extra rest, meditate, pray. Just know if you take a break now those pesky details will still be there when you get back ... will probably be best to balance work and relaxation now.

After today (and some will feel this forward movement today) the Sun will be out of his opposition to Neptune and moving toward his smooth trine with powerful Pluto - HERE WE GO!!

When Saturn stations direct on the 18th the timelines diverge - that path in the woods we chose becomes irreversible - there is no turning back. We are probably past this point of no return already, but maybe not. We are either releasing an old cycle or stuck in the loop to repeat it. Multiple aspects indicate karmic turning points this month and next and into 2020.

Do we want to do this all over again?

Back with the Full Moon post - which will pull together this week's energies.

xo all

photo by the talented fly10

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