Today's Astrology Forecast | September 23, 2019 - the equinox, giving and getting, coming into balance, taking stock, a season of relationship challenges and opportunities

The Moon in "mama-bear" emotional and home/real estate/security focused Cancer is very active.

She opposed Saturn and squared Mercury while we slept (EDT) - I think that Mercury square woke me up for the day! Ugh! She moves on to trine Neptune at 6:55AM EDT (our dreams moving us forward), then opposes, a still retrograde Pluto, at 1:21 PM EDT (old power struggles, home/family/taking care of ourselves vs work in the world, the inner vs the outer, authority issues) and finally goes void off a sextile to Mars at 6:05PM EDT (opportunities through practical action).

The Sun moved into Libra at 3:50AM EDT (wait, maybe that's what woke me up, which doesn't seem fair happening in my 12th house of sleep (!) or maybe it was the pup noisily clawing at the corner of the washing machine chasing a tasty dust bunny).

The Autumn equinox. The day and night are briefly balanced. We can come into balance, too, over the next few weeks. In my part of the world we move from summer into fall (and head toward winter) - the season between life and death.

We take stock of our harvest - what do we have, what do we need, what do we need to do to get what we need, what do we need to do differently. Time can feel like it is running out along with the light. We prepare for the winter ahead. We move into an air sign (here's another head cold warning - do whatever it is you do to head that off) and things could feel a bit off-kilter and ungrounded for a couple days.

Libra is the sign of beauty and partnership and balance.

We give and we get.

With all of us burning Libra fuel for the next few weeks any ways this is out of balance in our lives could show up for us - an inability to make a decision could cause us a problem, bending too much to other people could cause us a problem, pouring pink paint on problems and pretending they don't exist could cause the problem to bleed through our crappy paint job in bigger and messier ways.

Taking stock at the time of the harvest could mean literal things - how much money do we have? how much time? energy? how much got done during Virgo season (note Mars is still in Virgo, so we keep at the practical, step-by-step stuff, but here is where we might get a little help)? what do we possess and what possesses us? how balanced are our relationships? who has our back? and how many backs are we supporting?

Some important takeaways for the next six months as we look at the equinox chart include - the Sun's opposition now to Chiron in Aries. The wounds we are projecting onto other people. There could be some uncomfortable periods of self-assertion needed and/or times when we are confronted with a need to be more cooperative/diplomatic.

The Libra Sun is now also squaring that Cappy pile-up (Saturn, South Node - obligations, responsibilities, limits, authority and Pluto - deconstruction, transformation) and the North Node in Cancer (our most authentic way forward, self-care, vulnerability).

Our days in Libra won't be without their challenges.

We will try to keep in mind challenge = opportunity (also our North Node in Cancer's requirement that we take care of ourselves).

A big plus right now is the Jupiter/Neptune square that has made it hard to know what is really real (what is worth keeping/doing and what needs to go, what is too good to be true, when we are over-promising or others are exaggerating, etc) since January is now in our rear-view mirror, growing further and further distant starting today as our CLARITY returns.

Between now and when Saturn gets to Aquarius in March (a sign he co-rules with Uranus) - expect the words personal accountability to take on a whole new meaning in your life. Our bottom line structure has/is shifting and we will all be adjusting to that.

Today is the mid-point of the astrological year that started in April.

So much has changed.

This week will require both 'hard to come by' cooperative/diplomatic efforts and some shifting around roadblocks.

xo all

photo by the talented LaylaRouge

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