Today's Astrology Forecast | September 6, 2019 - empowerment, applying our efforts to something that will last, support from authority, sticking to the facts, avoiding overwhelm

There is alot going on today  Our Sag Moon goes into a LONG void starting at 12:03PM EDT (until Saturday morning) off a square to Venus (she also squared Neptune while slept). The Sun trines Saturn. Venus trines Pluto. Mercury squares Jupiter.

Venus trining Pluto is showing us the value of power. Money/women, merged resources/influence. A smooth transformation. What do you want? How much control? You might just get it, so be sure you really want it. Pluto doesn't play.

That square to our emotional and optimistic Moon makes for some tension/frustration though (even getting what we want might not feel so good) and reinforces Mercury's square to Jupiter -

we don't want to over-promise/exaggerate now.

With both planets strong and direct in their home signs we could feel overwhelmed.

It's Virgo season we are sticking to the facts/what we know. Let's not get all worked up because we can't see 100 steps ahead - with Mercury in Virgo, we are meant to be dealing with what we have on our plate RIGHT NOW. All this Virgo assures us this is more than enough!

The Virgo's Sun trine (brakes off) to a retrograde Saturn (authority, goals, karma) is a time when hard work/service to others can be rewarded. We get what we have earned. Here is support from authority (for that Virgo agenda). Structure. The ability to create something lasting. Mentorship.

Focus. Apply your efforts to something worth doing/having. Stay in the moment.

- xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Drepina

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