Today's Astrology Forecast | August 31, 2019 - triggered by words, the dangers of unsolicited advice, sitting with the information, some things aren't fixable, chill out

The Moon in Virgo's final aspect was a trine to Pluto at 4:46AM EDT (nice, solid manifestation energy). The Moon will be Void all day until she enters social Libra at 7:08PM EDT. I hope everyone will have some time to chill out today - all these planets in Virgo can be exhausting!

Mercury inconjuncts Chiron at 4 degrees Virgo/Aries. We talked about this in the New Moon post, but the exact aspect is today. Practical language or information (that Mercury in Virgo) triggers an old wound around our courage/ability to take care of ourselves/go it alone/our ability to initiate/our passion.

Not the best time to offer unsolicited advice.

Not the best time to try to "fix" something, probably with words, that isn't fixable.

This is the fly in the ointment of the New Moon chart playing out over the next month. Inconjuncts are the rock and the hard place and Chiron is already about the stuff we "just have to learn to live with".

We might have to respond to something that we can't make 100% better or stand up for ourselves or do something on our own now that isn't totally comfortable. We might be starting/working with something that isn't exactly the way we hoped it would be.

We can't find the right words because there aren't any. 

Or maybe the bottom line reality of our situation is shown to us via information/a conversation/ a sibling or transportation issue - and it hurts. Why weren't we braver when we needed to be? Why weren't we faster off the starting block? Why isn't anyone helping us? How did we get into this mess in the first place?

Keep in mind this moment - the Moon is Void off a trine to transformative Pluto. How do we want this thing to turn out? How do we want to feel? Let's use all this Virgo to make a plan (while we sit by the pool drinking our iced coffee, I hope).

Remember what the Moon has done in the last 24 hours the other planets are going to do over the next few weeks. If your Friday was especially stressful this might be the time (especially Sunday when Venus and the Moon are interacting with sober Saturn) to come up with a serious and practical game plan for September.

xo all

photo by the amazing sirbion

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