Today's Astrology Forecast | August 12, 2019 - get to work, what have we manifested, pregnant with creative potential, an intense night

Today's Moon is in ambitious Capricorn (work, career, responsibilities), Mercury is freshly minted back in Leo (children, romance, creativity, recreation, following our heart) and Jupiter is direct (in his home sign - travel, legal issues, foreign issues, our beliefs, wedding, media, religion) - no sleeping in!

We can get alot done today.

A good day to deal with authority/step into our own. Clarify goals, be productive, creative.

The Moon meets a retrograde Saturn at 5:53AM EDT (endings, reality check), sextiles a retrograde Neptune at 11:58am EDT (opportunities to use our imagination, spirituality, healing) and finally goes void until late tomorrow morning off a most-likely uncomfortably intense connection with a retrograde Pluto at 6:11PM EDT.

The waxing Cappy Moon also makes a couple important inconjuncts (rocks and hard places) - the Moon and Venus and the Moon and the Sun (both in Leo). This is about us remembering our responsibilities - and with that Cappy Moon, both answering to and meeting a retrograde Saturn today - probably old responsibilities - reality check time.

We move toward Venus's meeting with the Sun mid week when a light is shined on a fresh Venusian opportunity (love, money, beauty, women, self-esteem) and we start a new eight year Sun/Venus cycle in bold and creative Leo. We are pregnant with creative potential.

As Venus meets the Sun the situations we find ourselves in now are showing us the ways our past investments of love/resources/time/money have manifested

Do we like what we are seeing? 

Rewards can come to light this week as well as disappointments. 

If we seem to be holding the short end of the stick - there is good news for us, too - because a NEW cycle is kicking off and now we know what doesn't work!

How long it took us to figure this out is just how long it took us to figure this out. We are infinite. The Moon in Capricorn can be cold without alot of soft places to fall. Everything, EVERYTHING is a transit (ie transitory, in flux) - keep this in mind if things feel overwhelming now.

This powerful retrograde energy in Cappy this summer is determined to part us from the stuff that has outgrown its usefulness. Old emotional blocks. For some people this will be the ingrained patriarchy stuff around hard work and commitments. What old commitments are no longer working? How are we depleting ourselves? As the Moon moves into detached Aquarius tomorrow morning - time to step back and take a breath.

For today - TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. We are moving forward. 

Get it done before 6:11PM EDT. Expect an intense evening.

The weekly got delayed by Sunday's amazing weather. It will be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

xo all

photo by the amazing alltelleringet

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