Astrology Forecast for Creatives | week of August 19, 2019 - VIRGO!, coming back to Earth, get to work, get healthy, get organized, it doesn't have to be perfect but it does have to be done well, no corner cutting, one step at a time

SUNDAY - Mars into Virgo
WEDNESDAY - Venus into Virgo, Mercury trine Jupiter, Mercury inconjunct Saturn
FRIDAY -Sun into Virgo
SATURDAY - Venus conjunct Mars, both inconjunct Chiron

On SUNDAY, Mars exits fiery Leo for grounded and practical Virgo. Our movement forward is best done in a Virgo manner. This means practical, precise steps focused on what is right in front of us.

Mars in Virgo can be excellent for productivity (by the time of the Pisces Full Moon on September 14th we are not going to believe how much we have accomplished and THEN  we can rest!) and it can also run entirely off course with perfectionism.

The good things about Mars in Virgo is our ability to organize, to be productive, to focus on the details and what needs doing right now; the next step. Since Virgo is a service sign, the actions we take that help us will most naturally help other people. Mars in Virgo can really clean up the mess and improve the situation. The wheat is separated from the chaff - yes maybe rather ruthlessly, this is Mars we are talking about. But in the end we are left with the wheat or whatever it is we need to grow the wheat. Either way the superfluous sh*t is gone.

On the other hand if we let fiery Mars get out of control in pious Virgo territory we could have a bigger mess on our hands even though everything looks all clean and sparkly. Mars can get very pissed off here if everything doesn't meet his exacting standards of perfection. So let's not go there. We could find ourselves taking action toward some quite impossible something or other. If everything has to fall precisely into place for something to work out - well, Mars in Virgo is the man for the job - on the other hand he doesn't see the big picture - just the details right in front of him - and can toil rather tirelessly with not much to show

(of course this 'not much to show' thing isn't taking into account the muscles we are building and experience for next time, let's not discount it, sometimes without the things that don't work out we would never get to the things that do).

If we find ourselves, or someone else, demanding an impossible to meet goal or impossibly high standards of perfection we will know we have veered off course here. Mars has run amok.

Mostly Mars in Virgo is an excellent transit for reality based progress and with Virgo trining that Cappy pile-up - things should really move forward.

The stuff we have been sitting on and didn't know which way to go with will become clearer day by day as we move through the rest of this month and into mid-September.

On TUESDAY, Venus follows her man Mars into Virgo (they meet on Saturday, so we are really starting to move toward a time when what we want and what we do to get what we want are working together BIG time).

Our Virgo house get a visit from the lovely Venus. Virgo Suns and Ascendants get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. Our natal Virgo houses get more attractive, too.

Venus rules our love, money, self-esteem, values, relationships, women, beauty, our resources, attracting what we want - all areas are subjected to Virgo's keen focus and attention to detail now.

We will be analyzing what we want and what we have. We will be analyzing our relationships. Venus in Virgo works.

The problems will stand out. We won't be able to miss them. And since what we focus on grows, sometimes things get worse before they get better during this transit. But this is excellent energy to fix what needs fixing and accept (or eliminate) what just isn't fixable. Venus in Virgo is about loving the details of something, enjoying the work, appreciating the craftsmanship and complexity of something or someone or some situation - Virgo can't miss those, and choosing not to dwell on them.

Relationships are challenging right now anyway. Mega. The male/female dynamics playing out and re-balancing themselves in the collective are playing out in our own homes/lives, too. This isn't a man/woman thing, it's impacting ALL our relationships.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury trines lucky Jupiter. This is good news. Optimistic conversations and expansive ideas and thinking. At the same time she/he is inconjuncting Saturn, so we need to stay realistic (Virgo will help) the rules/limits/responsibilities/or thing that is ending is STILL part of the conversation - and that's OK.

There is something better out there and we KNOW it.

On FRIDAY, the Sun moves into Virgo - now we have three of the four inner planets in Virgo. We are all burning Virgo fuel. Virgos and Virgo risings are on fire. Stuff is getting done. Virgo rules our daily activities, our work, our health, our pets - we are focused on our routine/on cleaning up the mess/on getting our lives organized. Any space in our life where we get to decide what stays and what goes is a good space to be working in now. Think closets and inboxes. And then use that trine to Jupiter  (remember Mercury RULES Virgo) and think EVEN BIGGER.

On SATURDAY, Venus meets Mars - what we want and what we have to do to get it are working together now. This is good news - a new Mars/Venus cycle in grounded "let's build this thing" Virgo - where stuff actually gets done! Here is where putting one foot in front of the other and doing the RIGHT thing will move us on a new path toward what we want!

Since they are both inconjunct (rock and hard place) to hurting/healing Chiron - maybe something isn't quite fixable/do-able exactly as we want it. Let's not get so focused on getting it perfect we never get it off the ground or finished.

This is an excellent week to get healthy. To get organized. To get alot done. Next week's stellium in Virgo during a New Moon is really going to help us take practical action and it's going to support and be supported by all the Capricorn stuff the next couple years is circling around.

Make a list. Take things one at a time. Don't get distracted by overwhelm or perfectionism. Just let one step follow another. Get up early. Get it done.

Mars, Venus and the Sun will all trine (brakes off) the Galactic Center (seat of creation/center of our Milky Way Galaxy) at the end of last week/beginning of this week as they exit Leo. These are "lightbulb" moments/breakthroughs (after all the wth are we going to do - we get it!) that put us on our path to our highest good/our natural spotlight/what our heart wants.

Before Saturn moves direct in the middle of September we want to have our ducks in a row! This week and especially after the New Moon next week are primo duck-lining-up times.

Back with the dailies where we look at the Moon and some big-picture stuff.

xo all

photo by the talented quadratiges

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lynn bowes said...

Ahhhhhh, my sign. This really is a time to make things work, detail planning, lay the groundwork for the products to flourish, stay the course.