Today's Astrology Forecast | August 5, 2019 - creativity and cooperation, pressure and tension, dealing with what needs to be dealt with

The Moon in Libra is uber busy. By 9:30AM EDT she has sextiled Venus, Jupiter and the Sun (lots of creativity and collaboration).

If this month's waxing sextile between the Leo Sun and the Libra Moon were a conversation it would go something like "Here, you take the bigger piece", "No! I wouldn't dream of it. You take it!".

If there is anything we need/want to get done with other people early in the day - let's do it! 

The Moon squares Saturn at 10:46AM EDT (tension with authority, time pressures, limits, stress around goals and career, maybe we don't feel heard, we don't feel seen)

then squares Pluto (power struggles, abuse of power, we don't feel safe, pressures that feel like life and death, endings, purging) at 8:50PM EDT

and finally sextiles Mars at 10:26PM EDT (the instinct to take action, the boys and girls are getting along, taking action to get what we want).

Hopefully this pressure in the middle of the day is just us getting alot of stuff done, so we can relax tonight!

The Sun/Moon contact should have the most oomph (waxing sextile) - since it continues our New Moon in Leo story-line - here's the part where the other people come in and they've brought cookies and cold brews and they laugh at our jokes and share their wifi.

xo all

photo by the amazing aufzehengehen

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