Today's Astrology Forecast | August 20, 2019 - if at first we don't succeed ....

Our Aries Moon squares powerful Pluto early this morning EDT

(anger, power plays, tension or frustration with authority, focused tunnel-vision type efforting)

then moves into her monthly Waxing Trine with the Sun - this month Aries/Leo - a few hours later. This one will be more to our liking - our actions/passions maybe involving a creative project/children/romance/recreation move along more smoothly.

It looks like those early struggles/focus pays off later in the day!

The Moon goes Void shortly after midnight EDT off a lovely trine to Venus and then moves into Venus-ruled Taurus (the sign of the Moon's exaltation) at 12:37AM EDT where we will find ourselves seeking nourishment through mother nature, our money and resources, the human touch that feels like love and connecting with what is around us for the next couple days.

The Moon is in "let's get moving" Aries. The Sun and Venus are about to pull up stakes and exit big-hearted and fun-loving Leo. Mercury is moving toward her inconjunct with Saturn and trine to Jupiter - lots of choices, but one giant sticking point, too. Venus is moving toward Mars (note they won't join forces in fiery and passionate Leo, but in more earthy and practical Virgo - that says alot).

Big picture - we are shedding the stuff that no longer serves us living a truly authentic life. Jupiter is in Sag testing our faith and Saturn is in Capricorn holding our feet to the fire. The karmic chickens are coming home to roost. Slightly smaller picture - we are heading into Virgo season, a time for "check ups" - our health, habits, work, service, pets, to-do lists. When Saturn moves forward next month, the stuff we are doing now - not cutting any corners, being responsible, taking care of what we missed - is going to pay off for us.

Today's motto - keep trying. Move this thing forward. And have some fun - Leo season (sniffle) is nearly over ....

xo all

photo by the amazing oprisco

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