Today's Astrology Forecast | August 13, 2019 - the seasons of our life, moving forward, encouraging words, the time for a course correction if we aren't liking where we are headed, smart moves

Yesterday got away from me - weekly coming tonight!

For today, the Moon is void until 11:35AM EDT when she moves into humanitarian Aquarius moving toward her opposition to the Sun (Full Moon) on Thursday.

With the Moon in Aquarius we are nurtured by allowing ourselves a little air/distance. She will oppose Mercury (in Leo and walking degrees for the third time, so not a brand new situation) at 4:32PM EDT - our independent feelings (forward leaning and detached as they might be) in conflict with our mind/thinking/loud words or bold ideas.

At the same time Mercury is trining (brakes off) Ceres (in Sagittarius) - this is also a repeating aspect (due to Mercury's recent retrograde) from June 18th and June 29th. Leo/Sag is bold and hopeful. Now that both planets are direct it would be time to move forward. Ceres themes include seasons of life issues, issues around an important pet, nurturing, mother issues, situations where we might feel out of control. Mercury rules communication, so we could reach a decision, receive more information, have a conversation, etc - that moves things forward.

Mercury's opposition to the Aquarian Moon this afternoon could put us at odds with ourselves - our thinking/feeling out of balance or with another person. Aquarius wants cool headed logic and Leo needs a heartfelt desire.

For some people Mercury shows up as sibling situation, local community issues, writing/learning, transportation or tech issues.

Venus is building toward her meeting with the Sun - in play now - in fiery Leo. A light is shined on what we want - love, money, our resources, values, self-esteem, women, beauty. A reward could come in now (opportunity) or we get a clear view of what isn't working - we talked about this yesterday. We win or we "lose", but if we have to lose, this is exactly when we want to "lose" because we can MOST EASILY change direction at the start of a new cycle. We have had since Venus went retrograde last fall to figure out what we want - here's where we have it/get it/can see we will have it or know why we don't and still have time to CHANGE COURSE.

Stay conscious. The detached Aquarius Moon should dial things back just enough to get a better view and clear our head. We can act and think smartly.

Back with the weekly tonight. The Moon is waxing (growing) - it's a time of action.

xo all

photo by the talented psychiatrique

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