Today's Astrology Forecast | August 16, 2019 - shocking words, disruptive information, a silver lining, dissolving tension, just shrugging the whole thing off, talk to new people, read new information, write down your ideas for later

The Moon moved into Pisces at 11:49PM EDT last night making us especially imaginative, intuitive and sensitive for the next couple days. She sextiles change-maker Uranus at 1:11PM EDT (sounds wonderfully kismet, right?) - sextiles create opportunities that are more 'situation-oriented'. They don't push us into a corner to get our attention the way squares do - the coax us. The degree to which we are willing to participate with the energies will determine the extent of its benefit.

Sudden (Uranus) intuition (Pisces Moon). Comfort (Moon) with chaos (Uranus).

There are as many ways this energy can play out as people on our planet - think of it as your Pisces house (what's the theme?) receiving change from your Taurus house (what's the theme). In my chart this is a partner/partnership situation (7th house) creating change/disruption in my 5th house (creative projects, children, recreation). Moon transits are FAST though and today's other aspect is a bit more nerve-jangling.

We also have Mercury (still in loud and proud Leo) squaring (tension/frustration) that same change-making Uranus (in Taurus - our money, resources, values, self-esteem). Mercury is coming off that supportive trine to Chiron (healing/triggering language).

Mercury squares Uranus at 1:06PM EDT and then we have the lunar sextile to Uranus just five minutes later - so if this is impacting our chart, maybe we get the shocking/frustrating news/information and then see/feel the opportunity! Or maybe that "go with the flow" Pisces Moon just shrugs the whole thing off!

This is a wild card mental energy. Good for thinking outside the box, but our thinking could be all over the place, too. It might be challenging (that square) to know (Mercury) what we value (Uranus in Taurus). Uranus is retrograde, so this won't be a totally new situation. Surprising information could come in now. Something could even be made public (that Mercury in Leo).

Fresh information could suddenly pop things into place.

For some people Mercury aspects often bring up sibling situations, issues involving their local community or transportation/tech issues.

We (and other people) will want to be heard - Mercury in Leo, in this chaotic/disruptive interaction - and this will somehow clash with whatever is changing. Let's try not to make a crazy scene we will regret later, but it can be hard to tell where the crazy ends and the genius begins now, so this might be easier said than done.

Maybe a better day for contemplation (absorbing those genius/cray cray, future-leaning downloads) than a day for action which could quickly turn into re-action. 

The Moon should keep the square from becoming too much, but any square to Mercury amps up the potential for an argument.

Talk to different people. Expose yourself to new ideas. Write down your thoughts.

xo all

Note - times are unlikely to be exact as we feel things as energies are ramping up and unwinding sometimes more acutely - I would still use that 1:11PM EDT portal to clear our heads and see what comes in!

photo by the talented Pati Makowska

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