Today's Astrology Forecast | August 19, 2019 - showy displays of connection, two hands are better than one, nourished by action, beginner's luck, that brick wall, seeing the way forward

The Moon moved into fiery Aries last night, so now we are emotionally nurtured through what we are starting, our actions, physical movement, our passion, our courage, our initiatives, through the company of men - for the next couple days.

She will trine Mercury at 11:41AM EDT (this is new understandings, a light on new information, be brave/say what is on your mind) and square Saturn - the brick wall - at 5:55PM EDT (frustration./tension between the old and the new, the rules and what we want to start, probably not a totally new situation) and finally just three minutes later she trines Jupiter (expansion/optimism gets us past the frustration, focus on something new, we are pushing through that resistance). We could be very persuasive. Have some beginner's luck.

We (or other people) could anger easily or get frustrated easily or give up easily with the Aries Moon squaring Saturn. Saturn wants his say and will have it. But Jupiter is direct and Saturn is still retrograde. There is something new here when we get past this block. The blue skies are up THERE.

Now the Moon is in her 3rd quarter (waning) so for best results we are finishing something up, releasing, letting go of things in preparation for next week's New Moon.

Venus (finishing up in Leo) is going to trine Pallas (finishing up in Libra) and then hook up with partnership-focused Juno. This is VERY GOOD relationship energy. In fiery Leo, she brings the fire/enthusiasm/passion to Pallas's balanced and diplomatic strategies - then meets Juno for a solid agreement. We can do more TOGETHER now. Alliances/contracts are made public.

For BIG PICTURE stuff - there is also a semi-square (building challenge) between Jupiter and Saturn, both strong in their home signs, but only one, Jupiter, is direct. This is the last aspect they will make before they meet in Capricorn at the end of 2020.

This is us, looking toward that bigger/bolder story (Jupiter), but Saturn is still holding our feet to the fire with this old commitment/old rules/maybe something we don't have that is limiting our future/maybe the thing that needs to end.

I see this as the necessary energy that keeps us from going too far-too fast, prevents us from jumping from the frying pan into the fire. From getting the opportunity and then blowing it because we don't know what we are doing or don't have enough resources to keep it going. We have to trust a greater power's divine timing with this situation. We need time to get our ducks in a row.

While Saturn is still retrograde (one more month) we have to do what needs to be done. Don't let dad get home and find the house trashed and the dog starving in the backyard. We have to keep things above-board - walking a straight line/playing by the rules. We have to live up to our commitments/responsibilities. We don't have to kill ourselves with this. Some commitments need to go. We have done enough. Which is which? Follow your heart. Find your way home.

What do we need for this bigger/bolder life? More money? How are we spending our money? More knowledge/credentials? How do you get that? Figure out what you need to do. Then get on with doing it. That is your job.

xo all

photo by the talented bittersweetvenom

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