Today's Astrology Forecast | August 8, 2019 - attracting what we want, an opportunity comes back around, that thing you thought about and didn't do maybe needs a second look, how lucky can we get, follow up, wanting something that wants us right back, buy a lottery ticket

Our Scorpio Moon goes void at 10:58AM EDT off a trine with Mercury. She flies into Sagittarius at 4:35PM EDT (so void for most of the work-day, most likely nothing will come of any kerfuffles that come up, not the time to launch something you want 'something to come of') where she hooks up with Jupiter at 7:24PM EDT (!) and finally trines Venus at 10:19PM EDT (!).

This is the day Venus (in Leo) trines a retrograde Jupiter at 4:27PM EDT - just what the Sun did yesterday, except Venus's inconjunct with Saturn (fly in the ointment) isn't exact until tomorrow.

For TODAY - we have the Moon (in Sagittarius so answering to Jupiter) conjuncting Jupiter and trining Venus AND Venus (in Leo, so answering to the Sun, who did this two-step yesterday) trining Jupiter. Mars is also sextile Pallas in Libra, so we get some air.

With Jupiter retrograde this could be an old opportunity that comes back around, some gold we missed the first time through (Jupiter will station direct on Sunday, so this could kick off closer to that time). This could also be something we previously thought about/heard about, but didn't act on.

Smart action (Mars/Pallas) expands our reach. Gets us more. This is all easy energy. We just need to grab on to what is offered to us. Take some action. We don't have to push and pull. A little spit and elbow grease is all it will take.

There is always the possibility, if we are un-grounded or ignore all boundaries, to take something too far because there isn't anything stopping these energies. Watch for over-spending. Jupiter is still squaring Neptune so alot of stuff is still hidden.

Watch that we aren't (with Venus approaching the inconjunct to Saturn and the South Node) trying to hold onto something that is over/dead. We DO have to keep taking care of old business for a while longer though - there will be a cleaner break-up point in a few months. A more final point. We aren't rushing out the door and leaving our mess behind. Staying the course will pay off come October.

But NOW is a time of very important choices.

If we don't love something we used to love THIS IS THE TIME to make changes. Venus in Leo is the Queen. She is trining - brakes off - Jupiter (the King) today. She is going to met the Sun on the 14th and kick off a whole new Venus cycle in Leo - what our heart wants, getting what we want, what we want wanting us right back. We are on the road to that. The reason there isn't much air in the skies these days is we aren't supposed to be in our heads now. What does our heart want?

Venus rules love, our relationships, our money, our resources, beauty, women, our values and self-esteem.

Life wants to give us love and money! Get out and about now. Talk to people. Take some action on what you want. If you don't know what you want, you probably know what you don't want - withdraw your attention from that. Have some fun. Be kind. With luck (Jupiter) meeting our money (Venus) - buy a lottery ticket. Even if we don't win, we win, because we have stated our desire of greater financial abundance and EASE. Go out with friends. What are the themes of your Leo and Sag houses? The time just after 4:35PM EDT could be especially potent.

xo all

photo by the talented thillyLiv

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