Today's Astrology Forecast | August 9, 2019 - nourished by a sense of adventure, date night, an emotional gamble, reality check, transformed by what we hold sacred, shaping the energies of our quest

The Moon, in high-flying Sag, will hook up with a retrograde Jupiter at 7:24PM EDT

(mountains out of molehills, self-righteous feelings, feeling optimistic or maybe nourished by a Sag themes - travel, something or someone foreign, the media, our beliefs, religion, education), maybe it's time for an emotional (Moon) gamble (Jupiter),

and then trine loving and social Venus (in creative Leo) at 10:18PM EDT. The Moon is feeling good today!

Mercury is at the end of emotional Cancer - for the third time - some might be feeling the melancholy of this. The past. That home/family/real estate situation. Mothering regrets or regrets around mothering. The ball and chain we can't slip off ... just yet.

At the same time we have Venus inconjunct Saturn (rock and a hard place) and Pluto trining Vesta.

The Venus/Saturn requires us to make some kind of adjustment to what we want.

Saturn aka "the reality police" dulls our shine just a bit now. Retrograde, he is holding our feet to the fire via an old obligation/commitment/contract. Enforcing a limit/boundary/requirement. Delays.

Pluto/Vesta is an intense focus on what we hold sacred. In earthy Taurus, Vesta is bringing our attention to our resources, our money, our values or self-esteem. Pluto brings powerful change. Transformation (Pluto) of sacred cows (Vesta). Powerful (Pluto) commitments (Vesta). The brakes are off something now.

In a couple days Jupiter is going to station direct and Uranus is going to station retrograde and Mercury will be back in Leo. Something is turning around. Are we ready? probably not!

Leo is a proud and fixed sign, so we need to stay flexible. The Sun (Leo's ruler) is mirrored in our physical bodies through our heart and our solar plexis. Priority should be given to both now. Heart health - diet, exercise, opening our heart to love, compassion, empathy, moving out of our ego, being easier on ourselves and others - more loving. Our solar plexis (our gut) - diet, exercise, breath work, are we feeling empowered? can we trust our gut? or are we more often feeling bloated, "butterflies in our stomach" or "kicked in the gut" - maybe this area needs strengthening.

The midpoint of the Sun's journey through Leo (the sign he rules) is sometimes called the Lion's Gate. This annual portal opening - around 8/8 - is a time of increased consciousness about our soul mission/the ways and spaces we are intended to have confidence and courage and shine in this lifetime. Sirius (the dog star), a fixed star located at 14 degrees Cancer is associated with the Lion's Gate. The brightest star in our sky when visible, Sirius is 25 times brighter and double the size of our Sun. This is the time of year (the time of harvest/abundance - the "dog" days of August is a reference to more than the temperature) the ancient Egyptians could view Sirius rising above their pyramids and they believed there was a special maternal link between Sirius and life on Earth.

This year the North Node (our collective way forward) will conjunct Sirius from late August until late September for the first time in more than 18 years. This will support our North Node in Cancer agenda - clearing out expired maternal contracts/patterns, moving toward what feels like home/nurturing, a need to mother and be mothered, an increased ability to show vulnerability and not see this as a weakness, but instead as a crucial piece of our journey toward a more authentic state of person-hood.

We'll talk more about this as we move through it.

For today, it's Friday, the Moon is in optimistic (and sometimes preachy and bombastic) Sag and supported by Sag's ruler (Jupiter) and Venus - our two most beneficial planets. Find something to enjoy about today.

We are shaping the energies for the quest ahead of us.

Share something. Get outdoors. Embrace the magic.

Where could our life use a little more adventure?!

xo all

photo by the talented la-child

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