BIZ Astrology for Thursday August 14th - Who Says Only Men Are From MARS Anyway

17th and Oak / Rocky Balboa Typography

Our Moon is still in action Aries and we've got Mars, in Scorpio for the last couple weeks, sextiling (60 degrees apart) Pluto. This is another day where the energy is robust and favors action. BUT maybe think about Rocky Balboa's decisive punches and grounded feet with this one - we want to be strong, focused and precise now. 

Today we have our independent Aries Moon lining up with independent (and rebellious) Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion and revolution and is in Aries from March 2011 through May 2018 (all Aries rising signs, Aries Suns and Aries Moons will find themselves questioning authority and find it necessary to move through life without social approval at some point during these years - who cares what everyone else thinks, not an Aries these days) - no planet is more unpredictable.

We could get some unexpected news. We could pick a battle that really costs us. Of course, if we are grounded we could get a real breakthrough. There is an aspect between Jupiter and Neptune today that could affect our ability to see clearly (it could also expand our creativity makers and artists!), so although decisive action is still favored today - if we find ourselves rocking the boat too much we will get wet, maybe quite wet.

Neptune kind of weakens the barrier between consciousness and unconsciousness - between ego and soul he makes us more vulnerable to illusion, but also enlightenment. With Jupiter's expansive powers making him more powerful - he could bring us mystical visions and a more compassionate heart now or weaken us with delusions. Anyone feeling a need to firm up some resolve with a 12-step meeting today, find one.

Also Venus is parallal to one of the 8 Uranian planets (discovered by German astrologers during the early 20th century) called Admetos. Admetos has come to represent something that is un-moveable, steady as a rock or something that has run its course. This could bring an ending to something creative or some kind of obstacle within a partnership. If something we thought was going one way suddenly does a 180 on us, we will just think of our argonaut Admetos and know we are on our own quest to find the Golden Fleece after all. We are always safe and supported.

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO BE THINKING ABOUT - Who are our people - where is our tribe? People say we are a combination of the 5 people we spend the most time with. New people will be coming into our lives soon - probably very soon - maybe this has already started. Feeling grateful for the ways the universe supports us will draw more universal support to us. Never be afraid to ask for support. We can never ask for too much.

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