BIZ Astrology for Tuesday August 26th - responsibility and self love

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We still have the wonderful New Moon in Virgo (mutable earth - steady change) until tonight so use this space to set those intentions - see yesterday's post.

This is the best time of the entire year for universal, energetic support to set intentions and put new processes into place for Virgo matters:

Work attitudes, health, habits, employment, employees, tenants, servants, co-workers, pets, dependents, service given to others, routine matters, clothes, hygiene, aunts, uncles, unconscious mind, high school years, apprenticeships, food, small animals, solar plexus, bowels, productivity, nutrition, tools, analysis, coping with stress, chores, duties, your feelings about employment, work output, self improvement, dedication, devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, discipline, celibacy, bread, magic, harvest, criteria and our skills.

Let's DO THIS! Tomorrow the Moon is void (between signs) so take some action today.

The Moon conjuncts Mercury - so we get a little clarity today, but there could still be some stress around how to proceed. On Friday the Sun will oppose dreamy Neptune and the blindfolds will come off. Let's postpone big decisions until next week if we are undecided.

We have Venus square Saturn and Mars so this could show up as delays and frustrations in our creative life (also romance and money) - this is really about showing us where we need to put in the work (we may not want to hear this if we want to play these last weeks of summer - I hear you!).

Saturn is an aspect of the father/authority figure - the 2nd largest planet; the planet of contraction (Jupiter, the largest planet, is the planet of expansion so we always expand a little more than we contract). Saturn is about boundaries, responsibilities, karma, commitments, self-control - the stuff that defines (meaning = outlines) us.

He sets the rules. This is the aspect where if we quit, we quit (and sometimes we need to quit). This is the aspect that supports those who are not afraid (or too lazy or distracted - shakes fist at Neptune) to put in the work and the time and take responsibility for what we put out there without any guarantees about the outcome.

If we aren't sure what we should be doing and we think we need to be sure before we put in the work this is the universe giving us a little smack upside our head. This is not the way life on planet Earth works. We are living through a transition. A transition that we asked for. Transitions aren't the wobbly spaces between two stable places anymore - the places we work through to get to the other side - the entire space is the transition - there is no other side.

This is not because there isn't a rainbow at the end of our choices, but because the space of making choices is what we are here for - we didn't come for the rainbow!

Venus slamming into this bad-ass boys' club brick wall today shows us if we need some outer source (even our partners) to make us feel good, it's going to be a long day/week. Thin skinned people better grab a sweater, too.

Trust that lots of things are coming together for us - patience (and patience isn't about waiting), adjustments, responsibility is needed now. Virgo is like a cosmic Martha Stewart - she wants it done right and at the end of the day this will be a good thing.

xo all


Hopemore Studio said...

Just a quick comment on yesterday and today's post. I am all Leo, my daughter is all Virgo. She is also exactly what I needed in my life. She reminds me everyday how to be better. At 11 (almost 12) she wants to be a part of this creative journey and she nudges me a long in the kindest of ways. How does one get to be so lucky?

Catherine Ivins said...

Motherhood is a magical journey for sure Angie- you two no doubt intended to take this journey together! So beautiful! xo