BIZ Astrology for Tuesday August 12th - Venus joins the parade in Leo / Princess POWER

michelle baron studio print

If the Sun were the king and the Moon were the queen, the princess of the sky would certainly be Venus. After the sun and moon she shines brighter than everything else (and is the closest planet to Earth).

When we are moved by something (poetry, music, art) - we are touching this part of ourselves. A natal chart with a prominent Venus (she rules Libra and Taurus and our 7th house of partnership) may not make us a great artist or musical genius (although it might), but it will surely give us appreciation for these things.

An artistic eye, a musical ear or a poetic heart (the ability to show appreciation) is just as valuable to a vibrant world and evolving planet as the ability to create these things.

If we deny Venus in ourselves or our business or deny ourselves or our business of Venusian qualities we miss out on much more than the ability to don a paper crown and prance around the room like a magical princess - although I would not underestimate the power of prancing either! LET'S PRANCE!

Venus joins the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in fiery, active, generous Leo today.

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO BE THINKING ABOUT - How can I bring out my inner gift so it can be appreciated? What beauty am I appreciating? What moves me? How can I be seen? 

This is an action day, so let's take some action to make our work more visible. Venus will provide a kind of irresistible allure for us now.

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