BIZ Astrology for Wednesday August 27th - details, adjustments, release, peace

Today the Moon goes void in Virgo before entering Libra around dinnertime.

Void Moons are not a great time to start something new but they are a wonderful time to put the details into place and practice. Routines will make us feel nurtured and safe now.

Artists know that small details are never really small details.

This is an excellent day to attend to practical stuff. Clean our studio. Organize our paperwork. Eat right and light. Move our body.

We've got Venus in Leo wanting us to experience what we love - she is just moving off that tense square asking us what really makes us happy - when the Moon moves into Libra tonight and relationship spaces in our lives will take center stage.

With the Sun and Neptune starting to make an opposition many people will be feeling a spiritual calling now - with a Virgo Sun this could show up as health or work practices. What are we here to give?

There may be a feeling of unresolved wanting regarding a creative project, relationship, children, fun vs work or financial stuff today so if we feel some tension in those areas just know this is really a timing issue. Other things have to fall into place. This can frustrate us or make us push harder. Today feels like a day for the easier road. Give it time.

Jupiter in Leo is beginning to make a square to Saturn - these are the big boys of the zodiac so there are lots of opportunities coming our way. We will have to choose though. We can't have it all. This aspect is still a little bit in the future for most of us, but it's something to think about. We are grounded in Virgo now, what does our heart want?

Later this week I am going to put up a Neptune in Pisces post - we have this dreamy outer planet in dreamy Pisces from 2011 thru 2025. This is incredibly creative and powerful manifesting energy - magical makers listen up! It can also leave us ungrounded and without boundaries. Now that we are a couple years in and can see (through the haze) where all this might be going for us personally it feels like a good time to talk about it. Knowing the sun and ascendant signs from your natal chart will be helpful.

xo all

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