BIZ Astrology for Friday, September 5th - changing where we are by loving what we do (not necessarily doing what we love)

We start the day with the Moon in steady, get the job done, Capricorn. Then she goes void just before lunch (EST) giving us a few hours to work through stuff already in motion. A void moon is a time to hold off on actions where we have high expectations - stuff tends to be unrealistic, stuff tends to be more fluid and hard to nail down.

There is a quincunx (150 degree aspect) this morning between Jupiter and Pluto. A quincunx requires us to make adjustments, which is maybe why the word sounds like a chiropractic term to me.

Maybe our chosen path (and yes, whatever path we are on was chosen by us, maybe consciously, maybe subconsciously or intuitively from the gazillions of little choices we have made over time) is not compatible with our best avenue for growth; maybe it doesn't best create the space for us to give what we are here to give.

The energies that are influencing us now allow us to feel the parts of ourselves that are out of alignment. People did not used to be made so uncomfortable by their lives. It used to be a person sitting in an unsatisfactory space, like a bad job or a bad relationship, was not caused the same amount of pain by that condition that we feel today.  

We have this agitation now - this major potential teasing us forward. 

The last time we had the current Pluto/Uranus square cycle (2012-2015) was during the great depression

(and the Gold Rush, which feels exactly like the internet to me - lots of money to be made, but not everyone will make money. How many people actually made money from mining gold vs selling mining equipment to people mining gold? I will have to research this. This feels like the internet to me, too - of course everyone had an ambitious adventure to tell their grandchildren).

When Pluto and Uranus were conjunct during the 1960's we set off a revolution. That revolution seeded much of what is happening now. The problem then was we were all still oriented toward pushing against what we didn't want which only empowers what we don't want!

Now by creating what we do want and pushing for that - real change can happen. This is not a linear journey though and we have Saturn in the mix making us work for it.

Work doesn't have to look like it used to though. When we work with our heart, work changes.

We've had Jupiter adjusting to Neptune (for the first time in our lives) since mid August and today we have Jupiter in Leo adjusting to Pluto. This creates some shifting sand with our creative work, children and relationships. There is money, authority figures and power involved. In the outer world this could show up as child abuse or child sex slavery in the news over the days and weeks ahead.

The immediate news for today is Venus enters Virgo - we have 25 days to get our asses organized! Venus is considered in 'her fall' in Virgo. She doesn't like it here. Venus wants the high heels that make her legs look long and beautiful, not the practical flats that Virgo knows won't make her feet hurt at the end of the day. It takes collaboration now. We can have form and function, but we need to work for it.

If we can not nitpick our way through the month and make ourselves and everyone else nuts, we can get a hell of a lot done now. Focus on organization and production this month.

This is the time when our ancestors brought in the harvest - we need to work now, too.

The Moon drops into Aquarius tonight and hangs out for much of the weekend. This will give us the chance to see things in new and unusual ways. Do something different this weekend! Make our body form new connections to what is familiar. This is a weekend to see where the magic can take us and where we are blocking that. This Aquarius Moon will make some hard squares this weekend - so don't get too critical. When Virgo is not critical, no one is more compassionate - let's use that energy now. Our new tribe is coming - hang on. xo all

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