BIZ Astrology for Tuesday, September 9th - after the storm

after the storm print by elly mckay

That Pisces full Moon continues until tonight - emotions could be and have been intense. Today is like the fog after a big rainstorm.

Pisces is a water sign so anything that makes us cry now is something to look at. The full moon always shows us what we are holding onto. There is a gift in letting go. Know that any emotional endings now are perfectly timed.

The Hindu Goddess Kali is the Goddess of Autumn and rules endings and beginnings. She represents Mother Nature and is an archetype of Scorpio - she helps things that are ready to die. Call on her if we need strength - she is an ass-kicker and gets things done.

The Moon moves into Aries tonight and things get back on track. If your natal Moon is in Aries (moon's position when you were born) this is a perfect night for some fun play - a sporting event, a bike ride with your stopwatch, a poker game, any kind of competitive play that has no meaning.

If you know someone with an Aries Moon who never gets to play aggressively it is safe to assume he (or she) is very, very angry.

This is more true for men than women. By being born a woman the elements of water and earth are in our physical bodies although this is not always automatic and can require an action to activate it - something like raising a child, tending a garden or growing a business.

Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune today so our projects and relationships are fluid and malleable. We have to balance the fantasy and reality here. Let's not get sidetracked. Things might not be fully developed - we may have a feeling that something has to be done right now that isn't quite ripe. Sit on it until at least tomorrow.

Mercury in Libra forms a challenging position to Pluto that could make us obsess a bit, sending us into an insecure space when it comes time to say what we need to say. Pluto wants us to get to the bottom line. Mercury wants accuracy. Libra wants diplomacy. There's also some secrecy aspects to this placement. Uranus opposing Mercury could upset even the best intended plans.

There's a cosmic adrenal exhaustion warning now - we need to get enough sleep, we need to eat whole healthy foods, we need to move our bodies away from the computer or work bench - we can't stay motivated when we are struggling with burnout and depression. If we have to step back, we can always step back, no one is keeping score - we can be human-kind or the human-race now, I guess - it's up to us.

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