BIZ Astrology for Wednesday, September 10th - creative action

collage by spiresburn

We have an independent and dynamic Aries Moon pushing us forward today (with Aries we always have to take a second look and make sure we are not pushing into a wall - the Aries ram's gotta ram after all) and in a big old T-Square. Uranus is creating excitement. Opposing Mercury in Libra is creating indecision. Mercury squaring Pluto is asking us to embrace new ideas. 

Things could still look better than they actually are. Mistakes can happen. Attractive Venus opposing kindhearted Neptune today may draw sob stories - we want to be practicing high levels of compassion now, but not be foolish or self-sacrificing.

Since Venus rules the 2nd house of everything money can buy and everything money can't - hold onto our wallet and our values today (that smooth talking guy at the bar needs to go home alone, that broke-ass girlfriend can get a job, those boots you can't afford anyway will not fit right).

This is a good day for solid forward motion - an Aries moon makes us brave, a Virgo sun makes us detail oriented. If we are building our life on the solid ground of what we really want (this can be tricky, so take this part seriously), we cannot lose. We can always fail, but we cannot lose.

We have the grounded Virgo Sun sextiling Saturn in Scorpio (this won't happen again for decades) so our passions are really growing legs now. Creative people are thinking bigger and taking action. This is manifesting energy. That same Neptune / Venus opposition can create real beauty in the world now.

Some people may feel next month's eclipse this week with something important eclipsing out of our life. It's time (this doesn't make it any easier or hurt any less, I know). xo all

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