BIZ Astrology for Thursday, September 11th - ambitious activity

We have a grounded Sun/Saturn sextile today and an action Aries Moon that goes void. Not a great day to start something brand new, but an excellent day for ambitious activity - let's get some $hit done today (and tomorrow) folks!

We might get the feeling that it is now or never; that stuff has to happen NOW. This isn't really true, but we can use this AGITATION to make stuff happen. This is an excellent day to get our creative efforts out there. Concrete stuff is happening. Take a deep breath. Details are wrapping up. Decisions are being made.

This is passionate energy so the stuff that calls to our heart will be easy to NOTICE now. If we don't feel like doing it today, we probably never will ....

(yes, I am feeling the need to CAPITALIZE - don't hate me)

We might over focus now- so let's keep our eye on the big picture. We have Mars moving into Sagittarius in a couple days and that is going to be AMAZINGLY GOOD!

The fly in the ointment -

(why is there always a fly in the damn ointment - why can't we ever remember to put the cap on the damn ointment before the fly gets in there)

Mercury has an inconjunct aspect to Chiron for the next couple days - so even though we are trying to say the right thing we might say the wrong thing or maybe there will just not be a right thing to say - someone is not going to be happy with what we say or maybe we are the one getting upset.

This is the space between the rock and the hard place. We might feel forced to respond before we are ready to answer. There will be some kind of wrap up to this thing next Tuesday, but for now with Mercury in Libra it is best to communicate with collaboration, diplomacy, tact and hospitality.

On Sunday, Mercury will enter his shadow (he will be retrograde most of October) and start asking us "Are you sure? Is this what you really want? Is this where you really fit? Do you still fly with this flock?". Mercury is in Libra - so this will be about our partnerships and relationships. Saturn will make us commit to these partnerships and tribes during the eclipses in October.

Today is a great day to step things up and cement something solid - this will be in the area of our work, health, small pets, organization and routine.

And we have that Virgo Sun shining a light on all the ways we are not organized. Stuffing it in the closet just doesn't work now.

Tonight the Moon moves into Taurus - so it's a great night to ... well, I'll just leave it at that. This is a business blog after all (if you squint and stand at twenty paces). xo all

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