BIZ Astrology for Tuesday, August 19th - saying YES to Mickey Mouse

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I had some unexpected company yesterday and never got the weekly posts I wanted to write done, so will do another general daily post for today and shoot for tomorrow for the outlooks by sign.

Today we've still got the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Gemini - some really good, playful energy here. Lots of ideas and conversations going on. A Gemini Moon does not want to make choices - she chooses everything so although she will not help us make a decision, her position with Pluto today can give us a clearer picture of the spaces we can release.

Later the Moon is Void so it will be easier for our thoughts to come together without too much emotional unbalance. Keep the ideas coming, our whole soul is supporting our intentions now. We don't have to know what we want, we just have to know how we want to feel and all of us have had enough contrast in our lives to know that.

We just had Jupiter and Venus make a big conjunction. We've got Venus square Vesta so we are fundamentally ready to make a big change now.  It is time to understand what doors are opening - everyone has multiple opportunities with this energy.

Yesterday I wrote about putting off decisions if we can now, for situations that are fuzzy - this still applies. It is OK to green light (or red light) stuff we have clarity on. If we are grounded enough to see clearly what is and isn't working, we always have support for choosing our own happiness.

Venus is going to square Mars and Saturn over the next week - so some restriction and doubt could come in for us, possibly some creative blocks and hurdles for makers and artists. Any tendencies we already have in our emotional make up to speedball from joy to despair in 2.2 seconds will show up for us to get a handle on. Our emotions are here to give us clarity on what will really make us happy. We can't stuff them unless we want them to show up later as dis-ease or dysfunction.

We need to keep our bodies moving now to shift this energy out. Get outdoors and walk.

We still have Neptune opposing Mercury - so we could continue to be a bit unfocused. If we are able to focus on what makes us happy - the stuff our heart wants - with all the mixed cosmic weather, we will pass this test.

Life wants to give us Disneyland, why are we settling for a trip to Pittsburgh?

(no offense to Pittsburgh, but I need Mickey)


lynn bowes said...

Ah yes. Very clear to me now. I came home from Macys' with a bag of stuff, telling the saleslady I'd take it all. I couldn't make a decision so I brought it all home. Jeez Louise. When does I say I can take some back?

Catherine Ivins said...

Ooh you just reminded me I need to pay my Macy's bill. I think Macy's has one of those flexible forever return policies - of course with receipt which I never seem to have - so you are probably covered whenever sanity returns (probably right around the time the sun goes into Virgo next week) - it's hard to hoodwink a Virgo - yes I said hoodwink - I can't believe spell check isn't stopping me. I think it's one of my favorite words. Are you anywhere near Ferguson?

lynn bowes said...

Nope, just north of Lincoln, Nebraska. Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis. Those folks got some issues but i do remember curfews in Kansas City (where I grew up) back in the mid-60s. Crazy time.

I am that Virgo who is hard to hoodwink but I think that has ore to do with Virgos trusting their first impression and not changing their minds from that easily. If that sentence makes sense. Sanity will return but if it returns next week, that will be past my three day limit for returns. Gotta make those decisions tomorrow!

And headed to Columbus, Ohio, for a niece's wedding next weekend, ten days from now. Hence all of the clothes and shoes that are here for a visit. They can't stay.

I love Macy's. Actually loved Marshall Field's more but that ship sailed. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Sorry Lynn- yes, I knew Nebraska - why did my brain go to Missouri ... xo