BIZ Astrology for Monday, August 18th - decisions, decisions and kindness always counts

bad decisions make great stories bracelet - recycled cork
This morning we have Venus joined with Jupiter and this is a great conjunction leftover from last night - feels breezy like summer ENJOY IT for as long as you can.

We also have practical, hard working Saturn quintile clear headed Mercury for some clear thinking that can get stuff moving.

Later in the day Mercury opposes dreamy Neptune moving us away from focus into a less clearly defined state of mind. By now we are all used to living with a certain amount of uncertainty, right?!

Creative people who can channel the mind's wanderings into imaginative production will have the upper hand now.

We are living through some challenging times. We have Mars conjunct Saturn then later in the day our Moon quincunxes Pluto and Mars. Most people are working hard and some have been under some harsh aspects for a long time. Be respectful of this. If this is you, be kind to yourself and give yourself a break - if this is someone else in your life give them a break.

Everyone has been pulled from their pot, roots dangling - I don't know anyone who can stay grounded for more than a few hours. It's not you. It's the way things are now. Don't fight it - just move through it.

Many people are challenged by decisions now.

Sometimes when we can't make a decision there is a buried issue we do not want to face, something we need to deal with first. Sometimes we are waiting for others to - pass their judgement (so time and energy is wasted preparing to have to support our decision to others) or give their approval (our choosing to explain ourselves allows others to mind our business instead of their own and we should not be wanting to teach anyone that).

In most instances though, it is simply a matter of timing; all parts of the picture have not come into view and a decision made now would be premature.

Decision making is challenging when the ground is shifting like this anyway and we have Neptune (the planet of imagination and illusion) in Pisces (the sign of imagination and illusion) hitting lots of places in people's charts she has never been in our lifetimes.

Neptune is an outer planet so her real goal is big picture planetary changes - in our personal life she shows up to ask us, "what part of my life needs more intuition and less logic?" and its polarity "where am I most vulnerable to mistaking fears and dreams for reality?".

We all face some Neptune aided doubts and delusions now, so if you are undecided and it is possible for you to step back for a bit and put a decision on hold until next week at least, do so.

Tomorrow, or tonight,  I am going to post a little forecast for each sign for the week, if you know the time you were born and can find your rising sign the forecast could be most accurate (you can use your sun sign, too). xo all


Hopemore Studio said...

Your post makes me chuckle...I think I've spent more than half my life with imagination and's why I get nothing done.

Catherine Ivins said...

me, too Angie - I remember seeing Walter Mitty and thinking "doesn't everybody do this?" xo