BIZ Astrology for Friday August 15th - yes, it's Friday .. and it's summer .. but there's still work to be done

judy clement wall - focus print

Around lunchtime today Mercury (intellect, communication) moves into earthy get-to-work Virgo (where he will hang out for the next couple weeks) and the Moon moves into earthy Taurus, so any fuzzy thinking will give way to clarity and Mars sextile to Jupiter will give us the energy and motivation to get stuff done.

Mercury energy asks the question "what are we a voice for?"

This is powerful stuff. 

We honor Mercury when we speak our truth, when we think through our thoughts before we say our words, when we say more and talk less.

We dishonor Mercury when we are glib or hot-headed or rude, when we believe that talking about something is the same as doing it; when we say what we think someone wants to hear when it isn't what we really believe.

The "stuff" to get done will probably include paperwork, health stuff, pet stuff, talks about people we might work with, stuff around children, decisions, meetings, sales, writing - the pace will pick up.

Neptune has a nice trine to Vesta this weekend making it a great time for positive changes to our homes and work spaces. Our outer world reflects our inner world and just like inner work must show up in our outer world - the same holds true in reverse. By warming up our outer world, our inner flame must respond to meet it. Think graciousness and spaciousness now.

Some of my favorite feng shui workspace tips I have been given include:

1. Have a clear view of the entrance from our work table/desk - this allows us to see outside opportunities

2. Put symbols of future goals above our eye level - I like to keep a plant on top of a bookshelf to represent growth to me

3. Have organic materials in our workspace - wood, ceramic, wicker, crystals - this will make us feel supported

4. Draw attention to our achievements - frame awards, articles, diplomas - hanging them on the left side of the room is good, also have a light that reflects upward to increase our visibility (lighting  a red candle at our desk each day can help with this, too - ceremony is always good, life supports intention).

On Saturday our Taurus Moon will be opposite Mars and Saturn so situations will come up that allow us to look at 'what is really important to us' so we can focus on that. There is some ending stuff going on, too. The Moon is void of course for most of Sunday, but still feels like a good day for creative projects to me. Next week stuff heats up, so get some rest and have some fun this weekend, too!

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