BIZ Astrology for Wednesday August 13th - Forward Motion on YOUR Journey

studio 3 ten print by Suzanne Millius
The Moon moves into action Aries this morning

(after being void of course since last night - if you have overslept a bit, forgive yourself - void of course is the period of time from the moon's exit from one sign and her entrance into another - it's a slightly fuzzy period when it might seem that whatever we do or say is the wrong thing - luckily most of us pretty much slept through it this month).

This Aries Moon is trining

(an aspect formed when planets are three signs apart or approx 120 degrees - it's a point of ease and harmony, some might say luck)

Venus and Jupiter sitting in Leo so we are likely to get some clarity that we can take action on now. Aries is life force energy, the first astrological sign. There is nothing - then there is Aries. Aries does not guarantee victory (we don't get that kind of ironclad contract), but he does guarantee movement if we take up his challenge to be courageous.

Later today Venus will square Ceres and we may be reminded somehow this journey is OURS - this might take the form of a clash between family values and our own personal dreams. Know this is just life's way of bringing us back to our own center - what do we want now?

Mercury's movement this afternoon may require us to look at and take action on things that aren't working for us anymore - 80% of our business income comes from 20% of our business - how can we focus on the 20% - what gets to stay, what gets kicked to the curb. A small business's biggest asset may be our ability to pivot on a dime.

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO BE - getting clarity and offers or ideas about what to do now to get what we want.  Moon’s trine to Venus and Jupiter is a beautiful universal HELL YEAH (plus it's shark week)! But remember Aries is still the first sign, the kick off energy at the beginning of the race (and crisis sometimes follows Aries like a shadow) - there is still work ahead for us. And that's OK - we are here for the quest after all.

Today is a day for forward motion - it doesn't have to be a big giant leap - baby steps are totally allowed - but it does have to be NEW and it does have to require COURAGE - whatever we have on our plate that meets that criteria is where our attention can be rewarded now.


Megan Page said...

Wow! This is good! I just found you yesterday but I've enjoyed everything I've read. Before reading today's post I actually wrote out some plans/intentions and decided on what would be the best thing I should focus on today and today's astrology totally lines up with what my intentions were! Thanks. :)

Jennifer Johansson said...

Just what I needed to hear today Cat! Thank you for your continual inspiration.

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks girls! xo to both of you