Biz Astrology for Tuesday August 5th - work like a captain, play like a pirate

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Venus aspects Neptune this morning which could make everyone a little thin skinned especially for people like me whose epidermis already resembles onion peel.

Our Moon in Sagittarius wants us to speak from our hearts this afternoon (which could lead to tears this evening for some).  

The moon trines Jupiter in Leo and makes for a day we can expand through playfulness and laughter.

The best universal biz advice for today would be to do what you have to do with a light heart and make it fun - but again do what you have to so. Makers could have some real progress to show for effort put forth now by week's end.

*If you are looking for a day to play hooky this week - today's energy may be your best bet. xo all

(am finishing up a course that requires me to do a daily horoscope, so will likely post it over here this week, too - although general I hope someone finds something useful)

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