Full Moon in Aquarius 2014 - banding together as individuals

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On Sunday, August 10th, we have a full moon (2nd of 3 super moons of the summer) in the freedom loving sign of Aquarius (my sun sign).

This is a culmination of January's Aquarius new moon.

If you remember back to April's Cardinal Grand Cross that shifted our center into the new paradigm of the Aries/Libra polarity (balancing self and other, male and female, work and home) we can see how this moon fits into our ongoing process.

Aquarius is a rational, detached and objective sign. The sign of equality and community. Aquarius does not like compromise, but Aquarius loves collaboration - Aquarius wants everybody to win.

Aquarius is the sign of genius - the sign of the revolutionary, the scientist (yes, often of the madder variety - I count myself among these) and the exile.

As one of my favorite astrology teachers, Steven Forrest says (I am paraphrasing from memory from one of his teachings here).

"Eve (no doubt an Aquarian) was tempted by the serpent

<--- (the glyph for Aquarius - this pair of wavy lines often mistaken for ocean waves - are actually two serpents and represent knowledge)

to eat from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. She did and got her and her hubs tossed from the Garden of Eden. In that single act of Aquarius rebellion, our current history's first modern woman gave birth to something far more valuable than safety - she gave birth to freedom."

If you are an Aquarius sun sign (how we process life), Aquarius moon (how we feel your way through life) or Aquarius ascendant (how we appear to other people) and especially if it is 13-23 degrees Aquarius (or the other air signs Gemini or Libra are within 13-23 degrees in your natal chart) you will feel the effects of this full moon the most. Most likely within the Aries/Libra polarity of balancing self and other, relationships and work.

With Aquarius we cannot compromise to fit in. We cannot pretend to be something we are not even when being ourselves might hurt those around us. Aquarius detachment isn't about being heartless (although the polarity sign of Aquarius is of course the big hearted - and sometimes equally big ego - of Leo) - but she knows to value safety before freedom will surely be the death of her.

At Sunday's full moon - something from late January/ early February will wrap itself up (check what house Aquarius resides in your natal chart), this could be about finding partners that share our vision, how can we collaborate and benefit everyone? Get outdoors and walk in this full moon. 

Full moons are a powerful time for giving thanks - if we are noticing what we appreciate and noticing what we are grateful for, we can't be noticing (ie putting our attention on) what we don't want or what we don't have. The full moon always shows us what story we are holding onto

Feel your moments this weekend and you will know if you are holding onto a story that heals or a story that hurts. xo all

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